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Hite’s 10% pay cut reinstated in the middle of the night.


“What kind of leader would resume his regular salary while the teachers’ contract is in question and our children go without? Not the kind of leader Philadelphia’s students deserve.”Alison McDowell a district parent and member of Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools said recently concerning Dr. William Hite Jr (Pictured above).

IN FALL 2013, Superintendent William Hite Jr. announced that he was taking a 10 percent pay cut in keeping with the fiscally challenged district’s theme of “shared sacrifice.”

He said that nine top administrators also would take pay cuts. That didn’t happen, but Hite consented to a $30,000 salary reduction amid tough union negotiations, a budget shortfall and fewer resources available in schools.

It turns out that Hite’s share of the sacrifice had a shelf life of one year. His cut was restored in October under an amendment to his contract that returned his annual base pay to $300,000, according to a November 2013 document released by the district this week to the Daily News.

Many Sunshine Law advocates believe that the change to Hite’s contract violated the law, but the district says it’s on solid legal ground.

Melissa Melewsky, media law counsel with the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, said the amendment was official business and should have been handled in a public meeting.

“Creation of a contract or a change to an existing contract is ‘official action’ under the Sunshine Act, which can only take place at a public meeting and only after an opportunity for public comment,” Melewsky said. “It is required by law.”

The district says its process followed the law.

“The addendum for the contract was a voluntary reduction that he requested himself for one year,” said district spokesman Fernando Gallard.

“It is the opinion of the General Counsel of the School District of Philadelphia [Michael A. Davis] that it did not need a vote from the School Reform Commission for a voluntary reduction,” Gallard said.

Negotiations over salary are exempted from the Sunshine Law and can be discussed in executive session, Gallard said.

But public discussion should have taken place before a vote on the amendment, Melewsky and other advocates contend.

Hite signed the document Nov. 26, 2013. It also was signed by then-SRC member Wendell Pritchett and by current commissioner Feather Houstoun. Davis and a witness identified as Kathleen Gallagher also signed the amendment.

Gallard said the document was not released to the public, but added, “It is a public document.”

Terry Mutchler, executive director of the Open Records Office in Harrisburg, said: “Taxpayers are entitled to know about the actions their public officials are taking. But when you’re doing something like this, acting in secret, it adds to the decay of public trust.”

“Evidently, ‘shared sacrifice’ expires after 12 months,” said Alison McDowell, a district parent and member of Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools, an advocacy group suing the district claiming a Sunshine Law violation occurred at the SRC meeting at which members voted to nix teachers’ health benefits.

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Chief Board of Education Legal Counsel Abbey Hairston and architect of Maladministration in PGCPS District is also the personal lawyer to William Hite Jr. The saga involving Dr. William Hite Jr begun in Maryland schools after he run away from a troubled situation involving public corruption and mismanagement of public resources under the directives of Ms. Hairston above. 


This is a call for action. Call your elected officials now, the unions and the media. A proper investigation will tell us who is responsible for this calamity and, therefore, who should lose their jobs. While talking to your elected officials, request Mr. Rushern Baker III resign and to take responsibility for this mess. Demand an end to this fraud and the madness!

Unless we are collectively extremely careful, Prince George’s County and School District of Philadelphia can fail. At the heart of the current condition is fear and despondency that has gripped both Districts. Corruption is a particularly major but unquantified issue in our economic threats. We intend to address this comprehensively on the International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9.

Many local government supporters and even some officials respond to criticism from those they deem the opposition by asking for ‘solutions’. The opposition is not a think tank for the local government led by Rushern Baker III here in Prince George’s County. If the local government has ran out of ideas it should reach out to experienced Prince George’s county citizenry of integrity to help or stand down.

The People of Prince George’s county and Philadelphia school Districts deserve better.



Back to school: It’s worse than you think in Philly.


Philadelphia public schools are opening for the new school year today Monday September 9, 2013 without many of the basics any reasonable person would expect. Paper, for example. Guidance counselors. Nurses.

Amid an agonizing financial and leadership crisis, the appointed School Reform Commission, which has run the district since the state took it over a dozen years ago, passed a “doomsday” budget this past summer that included cuts so drastic there was no money for schools to open this fall with funding for things such as paper, new books, athletics, arts, music, counselors, assistant principals and more. Teachers were laid off. This came after the closure of a few dozen schools.

How did this happen? The state government has financially starved the district for years, and the city’s public school system has been subjected to one reform experiment after another.

How bad is it? Superintendent William Hite made some accommodations to allow schools to open, but parents say the answer to the question is this: Worse than you think.

According to our own considered opinion, it appears Dr. William Hite et al organized a secret plan to promote charter schools as a solution to the Philadelphia public school problem, making the situation ungovernable as he did in PGCPS through the Unions and others. This way, he can advance corruption in Philadelphia public schools and rule by decree while simponing money through the back door using his conspirators. The collapse of rule of law in the Philadephia public school management under Dr. Hite is most egregious scandal in the United States. Only this time it is bigger than PGCPS MESS

We strongly feel that this is all by design to defame high salary teachers and dismiss them through a coordinated effort using newly hired staff from PGCPS. Many of these teachers and staff being fired are not part of the “good old boys club” which is patently obvious in many district-those teachers who went through the district or are married into it (or are lower in the salary scale) are given the best students and those that are not of the former are given students who need more help. Is there any recourse many have? We are convinced that the local, state and national unions will only afford one a token gesture of support to teachers in their plight for the sake of politics including in Maryland. Time will tell….

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Dr. William Hite Jr


Prince George’s Schools & Dr. Hite Sued By Principals.

The Prince George’s County Public Schools system is facing a lawsuit from the union that represents the schools’ principals and administrators. According to the published article by NBC News, The Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel, or ASASP, filed a $100 million federal class action suit against the schools and Dr. William Hite Jr  on November 2, 2012.

The Complaint centers a lot on Dr. William Hite Jr who alone replaced almost half of the principals in the Prince George’s County Public schools (PGCPS) (Read More)

Dr. William Hite Jr (pictured above)  and the whole saga.

Read~~>  asaspunion-complaint here.


Roger Thomas Esq and Matthew E. Stanski fired.


Mr. Roger Thomas Esq. (former Chief legal counsel) and Mr. Matthew E. Stanski (chief financial officer) have been fired. (Read the full story here) and (see NBC Channel 4 video here). Ms. Synthia J. Shilling also known as Synthia Kucner (Pictured below) is the cause of all these problems. Who is next? In our view, the chickens have come home to roost at Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).  It’s about time and we can only hope that this level of accountability and transparency will continue. It’s our view in the Reform Sasscer movement for Prince Georges County that anyone associated with Synthia Schilling aka Kucner or involved in criminal activity, should be released as well. Reporters and others need to dig deep into the corrupt activities and investigate claims including involvement of Ms. Monica Goldson and her co-conspirators. We promise, you will find quite a few corrupt acts that both they and partner Synthia Kuncer have been involved with!!

The recent episode is DEFINITELY a case of “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Was the payment to Ms. Synthia Shilling “hush” money or for “special services” to pay off an attorney? To better understand the questionable timing of these shenanigans, it is important to note this payment was made in August 2012. Who was the Superintendent at the time? Was it not Dr. William Hite Jr.? What was his role in all this? Will he be made to answer to these charges? Will the Philadelphia School District be made aware of his engaging in this criminal activity and poaching staff from PGCPS School District to work in Philly? This story is both  outrageous and sad. There is another part of this story that seems ripe for comment and follow up—but so far there is only silence. Once again, Has the Washington Post staff, who have investigated this den of thieves considered what role if any Dr. William Hite Jr has had with respect to the corruption at the highest levels of the PG county public school system? Philadelphia may well ask itself what role, if any, Dr. William Hite Jr had in selecting and condoning the conduct of the senior staff of the administrative body in charge of the PG School system. This seems an obvious missing element of the WAPO story.

While we are looking into all the corruption going on in PGCPS, We want the Washington Post to investigate the top priorities we outlined in the past. Ms. Shilling Kucner was never a good hire, and those around her knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. Now WE know that her colleagues actually tried to continue helping her, even after she had been forced to resign. Although WE are happy that they are all gone from the school system, WE have to wonder how WE keep managing to hire these kinds of people. Surely WE knew Shilling’s record of failure, because she was forced out in Anne Arundel County Public Schools before we hired her in Prince George’s County.

Finally, On November 6th, WE have the ability to win big and change the order of doing Business in Prince George’s County – Maryland. Our polls show that WE have the momentum because the issues that WE have been talking about are finally coming to light. If we, as voters and constituents, are not holding these people accountable, who will? WE must continue to push for the reform agenda which includes innovation, change and transformation in the whole PG County District. In order to overcome, WE must go door to door (canvas) and spread the word that change is needed in PGCPS. Volunteers are needed to walk the neighborhoods to register, organize, motivate and otherwise cajole voters who will decide election in November 6 2012.  (See our Top priorities here). Two weeks to the elections, stay tuned here to see our endorsements. 

We have always believed that PG County School System would be held behind and stay at the bottom of the ladder in the whole of Maryland due to its poor accounting practices and other issues of concern! This is such a disgrace! There is no reason for continuous low expectations being exhibited on this level! The teachers and students of this county are the ones who suffer the most in these kinds of conditions. Our taxes must not be appropriated to be their private slush funds, as it seems to have been for the last several years. This Madness has got to stop now. It’s time!

“Let us be the generation that makes future generations proud of what we did here”  ~ President Barack Obama ~

Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County.


Both men are pictured above with Mr. Roger Thomas in the center.

former PGCPS  Chief Human Resources Officer Ms. Synthia Shilling Aka Kucner  is pictured above.

former PGCPS  Chief Legal Counsel – Mr. Roger Thomas.


As President Barack Obama states “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Statement regarding the appointment of Dr. Alvin Crawley.

Dr. Alvin Crawley (picture above) will serve as Interim Superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools for the 2012-13 school year.

Reform Sasscer Movement welcomes the appointment of a new leader – Dr. Alvin Crawley on temporary basis as the superintendent of schools. He seems like a decent man, so we plan to give him a chance for as long as he sustains the transparency and accountability reform agenda.   However,  we must denounce those in the system loudly shouting about their tainted reform credentials. Many of them starting with some Board of Education (BOE) members have neither censured nor condemned acts of hooliganism and lawlessness as demonstrated by Synthia Shilling, Monica Goldson, Roger Thomas and William Hite Jr.

As a movement, we must reject the appointment of Ms. Monica Goldson as a Chief Operating Officer (COO).  This is a decoy which resembles siphoning of  gas out of  our fuel tanks and it’s not going to work.  In the last five years, she has been the woman behind unpopular policies of the corrupt Superintendent Dr. William Hite Jr.  Her actions, whether deliberate or not,  led to her divorce proceedings in 2009 which have now become final. Please read between the lines and connect the dots.  Ms. Monica Goldson should not be allowed to  pass judgment over any staff when she was a failure as a principal. She has low moral standards is very nasty and should go with Synthia Shilling, Dr. Hite and the rest of the corrupted people. PGCEA and other unions needs to help force out all the high-ranking administrators  bringing down the system.  The other person who should be rejected and shown the door as quickly as possible is Chief legal Counsel Mr. Roger Thomas who has been on that position for close to 20 years now. During his tenure, we have seen corruption increase under his watch and he was the person behind hiring of Synthia Shilling aka Kucner (pictured below). He was also the force behind Andre Hornsby saga, who was convicted on July 23, 2008, of honest services wire fraud, witness and evidence tampering and obstruction of justice among other issues by the FBI. (Read more).

Beer and liquor consumption at Sasscer administrative building was another issue which led to Synthia shilling losing her job. We demand the resignation of Monica Goldson for the benefit of staff, students and parents of Prince George’s county. The time has come to move forward firmly and in the right direction. There is clearly a light at the end of the tunnel.

Without mentioning names we must say that “these fake and hypocritical reformists who use empty rhetoric to woo votes but do not care about the true taste of our county school system must be rejected on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 election. They drink wine but preach water. ” said Morris Flecher Beyene.  Just look at the bathrooms in many of these schools which are poorly cleaned? If we expect a world-class school system, we must be prepared for sacrifices.

In any case, we must say that we are very excited about the effects of our blogs. We have precipitated “tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions” and now many PG Citizens are asking the way forward after the revelations interpreted by political commentators as might a considerable impact on the Board of Education candidature of the current Board.

“It is our wish that we focus our attention as a people and as a county on the illusive but yet incomplete liberation struggle for our county system in the next year! The struggle involves liberation from unemployment, intolerance, exploitation, inequalities, corruption, racism, discrimination, professional misconduct and nepotism”.

As a movement, we are calling on voters to retire unnamed “political dinosaurs” and “merchants of impunity” who are still trying to cling to power.  Abuse of office, corruption, political trickery, and public deception orchestrated or covered up in William Hite’s office must be cleaned once and for all.

We have the necessary proof of poor leadership and “deception, duplicity, and hypocrisy” in the William Hite’s camp

This county requires a leader with the ability and will power not only to unite the people but roll out sound development agenda and rid the society of socio-economic problems it is currently faced with.

Above all, a new leader must get a clean break from the crisis which has become the “Maryland scandal” and is morally dead because of the actors involved. Dr. William Hite, Synthia Shilling, Pierre Dickson, etc. are on the run!

Synthia Shilling aka Kucner will be reporting to Anne Arundel County  Detention Center on September 7, 2012 to serve time for her bad behavior. The rest of 58 days of suspended jail time will be spent at home. She also faces one (1) year probation. She cried like a baby in the court room on August 27, 2012 when she told the judge her father passed away last week. But the tough Maryland judge did not want to hear it because she has had four drunk driving records.  Stay tuned here, we will bring you updates as time goes.

This is such an embarrassment for PG County. We have a history of hiring individuals that no one else wants to hire, and the results are devastating. Case in point: Andre Hornsby (currently serving time in prison),  County Executive Jack Jackson (also serving time in prison) and a host of other leaders who are only interested in furthering their own careers rather than the education and well-being of our students and county residents. We are disgusted for sure. It’s time to say “No” to these shenanigans and a shame the devil! No one should rest easy until the bad leadership is off the door…. Call your elected officials now and demand a regime change for the few elements connected to Dr. William Hite Jr. It’s time….

Moses Mackenzie
Policy Director
Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County.

Synthia Shilling, Dr. William Hite Jr and Monica Goldson are picture above.

PGCPS HR Chief Resigns in Disgrace.

(Synthia Shilling pictured above arguing with her husband Mr. Kucner)

By an act of God, Synthia J. Shilling who developed “evil juju sprits and bad karma” after she fired hundreds of employees without cause or under drummed up charges will not be a Human Resources Chief Officer for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) anymore. This is because of  immorality, misconduct in office, incompetency, gross insubordination, willful neglect of duty, or being convicted or found guilty of drunk driving hit and run fiasco in Anne Arundel County in May 2012. This should be a lesson to all the bad people out there who only care about themselves while endangering the lives of others.  Many thanks to the Anne Arundel County Police Department for the arrest and prosecution.  Already our priority list drawn by Reform Sasscer movement to address major needs within the county system is taking a life of its own with Dr. William Hite Jr jumping off ship before the new elected Board even takes office in December 2012.

Synthia J. Shilling aka Synthia J. Kucner, Human Resources Chief Officer for Prince George’s County school system (PGCPS) gave notice of her intent to resign to outgoing corrupt Superintendent William Hite on August 1, 2012. Hite knew she had already caught a charge when he hired her and had a virtually unflagging obligation to intervene but failed to protect the PGCPS students, staff and the Community. According to the Washington Post, Shilling was pulled over by Maryland State trooper four years ago for a traffic stop. Shilling was given probation before judgment and fined more than $400 for second-degree assault on a Maryland state trooper at that time. According to police reports, Shilling kicked the state trooper in the face and bloodied his lips after a 2008 traffic stop in Anne Arundel County. She also received probation before judgment for driving while impaired at the time of the incident. Here is the rundown of the incident: A PGCPSMESS for sure! While the state trooper placed Ms. Kucner in the police car, she “pulled her right leg up with her knee near her chest and then kicked, striking the left side of my face” the state trooper wrote.  “The heel of her foot made contact with my upper and lower lip causing both of them to split.” Kucner’s blood alcohol level was 0.16, or twice the legal limit, six hours later at the detention center, according to the report. All the above information come from the Washington Post article, not us. (Read more). What we will say is that it sounds like this one CLEARLY is a drunk, an angry drunk who likes to pee on herself.  We are pretty sure most of us would not end up on probation after assaulting a state trooper as well as being left in a $172K job. Is the talent pool in HR so bereft of people that this was the best PGCPS could do? According to the police report, Ms. Synthia Kucner Aka Shilling started to cry after she was caught making false reports by the police. (See entire police report here~~> Synthia Shilling Kucner Drunk HR Chief). We tried to block the private personal information in the report.

Synthia J. Shilling, is currently scheduled to go to trial Aug. 27 2012 in Anne Arundel County District Court for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, according to court documents. She is charged with the following six (6) incidents;


Witnesses on the scene of the accident identified Ms. Synthia J. Shilling aka Synthia J. Kucner  as the driver of a white Chrysler Town and Country minivan bearing Maryland registration which had earlier struck a sign at a high speed while she was on drugs. According to police, “I also immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath and person” wrote the police officer.

What’s done in the dark always comes to light. There are so many chiefs and not enough Indians. You’re so fine you blow your own minds. The cutest thing we have ever seen is a baby’s but with cellulite. The saddest thing we have ever read always comes from this county. Prince George’s county (professional gangsters) at your service. “You have to love PG in general. We are a county full of criminals and thugs who elect and appoint criminals, thugs, racists and the inept”, Said one concerned parent in Prince George’s County recently.

All we can say is that, we are glad all these things are coming out in the open slowly but surely in PGCPS right now. It’s very sad to be subject to this capricious system of corruption with a mix of alcohol consumption during the day! In the meantime, everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room, which is the poor behavior and attitudes of too many senior staff members (especially at the Sasscer Administrative building some of whom are close relatives of senior staff), which negatively affecting the achievement of the students in the whole school system.

“Out of control corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct by senior PGCPS staff led by superintendent William Hite who cannot decide priorities combined with an avalanche of misleading rhetoric statements by current PGCPS leadership and violation of various statutes has stifled school system business to the point where improvements, proper investment and proper hiring practices have all but disappeared. We need help from all our elected officials, law enforcement community etc to use their real world experience to free up the hard-working people of Prince George’s County from the implemented barriers that have stalled our educational recovery. Clearly, it’s time to make a change.”

We find it amazing that a superintendent William Hite whose district was fined over five million dollars for being a “willful violator” of our labor laws is going to become the head of Philadelphia School System. As he goes, one of his top administrators is going on trial for committing criminal acts and another is facing a divorce for infidelity during business hours. The children of Prince Gorge’s County are not doing well academically. Looking at its educational leaders we can see why the students are failing. This is what we have been saying all along while calling for reforms, innovation and transformations in PGCPS.  Hopefully God will help the students in Philadelphia. They need a moral leader to run their schools and they are getting a man who is running from a troubled situation, from a system that seems to be morally dead. Good luck!

Philadelphia better take note because William Hite Jr. is coming over and is their problem right now. It’s time!

Moses Mackenzie
Policy Director
Reform Sasscer Movement for PG County

We believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well.

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