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Prince George’s Hospital loses funding.


UPPER MARLBORO— County officials continue to express displeasure over Governor Larry Hogan’s proposed 2016 budget after learning the Prince George’s Hospital could lose $15 million in funding.

According to County Council Chairman Mel Franklin, Hogan has backed out of a memorandum of understanding between the state, Prince George’s County and the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMS), resulting in a loss of $15 million in funding for the Prince George’s Hospital.

Franklin said the funds were intended to help keep Prince George’s Hospital operational until the Regional Medical Center is built. Per the agreement, the county would match that funding and UMS would operate the center.

However, according to Franklin, that money has been removed from the budget and will not be restored until the Regional Medical Center project gets finished. Hogan provided $30 million for the development of the Regional Medical Center in 2016, and provided funding through 2018 to ensure the project reaches completion. While remains pleased that Hogan has committed to building the Regional Medical Center, Franklin said he wants to make sure funding is restored in a supplemental budget.

“This temporary bridge funding is a necessary part of bringing the new regional medical center into being because it ensures no interruption in service while we proceed in this essential state project,” Franklin said.

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