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Baker caught brushing off teachers grievances, when confronted, this was his crazy response. (video)

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 4.27.09 PMIn this embedded video below (listen closely) Board of Education member David Murray engaged the County Executive Rushern Baker III who is running for the governorship of Maryland to let him know that he (Mr. Murray) and several other school board members had been trying for months to meet with him and he asked him again if he could meet with them. Mr. Murray told Mr. Baker, “I want to talk about teacher raises, the budget, and getting back the Head start grant.” (The county schools under Rushern Baker III lost $6.5 million). Apparently Mr. Baker was not interested. He tells the Board member “after the election” and the Board member let him know that, that was a problem, kids come first, not his Gubernatorial campaign.

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