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The #RedForEd Movement is national – Show solidarity and support!! 

40461453_2318703858169580_8296576136566013952_n.jpgThe #RedForEd movement is national!
Our struggles, while unique, are national!
The need for action is national!

Join educators and community members across the nation in a National #RedForEd Day this Tuesday (September 4th, 2018)! The ask is simple: no matter where you are, put on a red shirt and show your support for educators and education!

Across the nation, struggles for students, educators, and their communities continue. In Washington, educators are engaged in a strike, Los Angeles is currently moving toward a potential strike, and in Arizona the courts just removed our education funding initiative. And in states as diverse as Virginia and Alaska, #RedForEd movements are developing as the battles in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and many other states continue.

It’s time to stand up and show our solidarity and support!