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The Principal of William Hall Academy in PGCPS Accused of going with the Counselor INTO parents homes uninvited

D Evans III

The Principal of William Hall Academy Mr. Darrl C. Evans is accused by PGCPS Parents of going into parents homes uninvited to determine whether or not the family resides in Prince George’s County.

According to M Pam Brown a parent who published a post on facebook, “the Principal has taken to going with the Counselor INTO parents homes uninvited to determine whether or not the family lives in their homes!?! They are getting the landlords to give them access.”

What is your take on this? Is the Principal doing the right thing or just being misunderstood or going too far?

Sample some of the reactions from the facebook post, after a PGCPS parent Pam Brown narrated her story.  

Quantane L Higginbotham That’s illegal and they should be reported. 

Jamie’s Nursery This is the incident that has happened to me. The landlord violated my rights. He was not even suppose to come into the property without notifying me first. The principal wanted to verify that my family resides at our home. I felt forced to comply when the principal showed up at my door. I have given the school utility bills, my drivers licence, recent court documents stating my address, etc… He saw for himself that the place of residence was we’re we lived but he has withdrawn my children from school stating that I did not give enough evidence. One of my children are special needs he has Cerebral Palsy😥. How can this be justified? I don’t understand.

Ann Marie Coleman Not only is the principal and her counselors subject to criminal issues, those landlords are responsible for allowing illegal access. This is not going to go well.

Judy Mickens-Murray Why does it feel like our Prince George’s School System is totally out of control when it comes to parental rights? I refuse to believe this inappropriate behavior is sanctioned by Maxwell or Baker. Need to hear from them quickly on this issue.

Theresa Mitchell Dudley This sounds horrible. There is always a reason a principal asks for documentation of address. Normally it is because some mail was returned to the school undeliverable or there is no response to attempts to contact the parent. A home visit with the counselor or the PPW can take place. I have done home visits as a classroom teacher when I could not reach a parent. If there is a special needs child involved there is a great deal of mail that is sent. The landlord is required to notify you when coming. The school system does not have the same burden. You can appeal the decision of the principal with your documentation. I am very troubled that students are being put out 3/4 through the school year. There should be a better method to keep the children’s school year from being disrupted.

Jamie’s Nursery No mail has been sent or returned. I’m in the school everyday in the morning and afternoon to bring in my special needs child and to speak with the staff. I have voiced complaints as far as the services my child has not been receiving and they just wanted a way to get rid of me and my children to be done with us. I have spoken to the principle about what was going on with my landlord. My husband and I even brought the police to the school to speak with him about that being our residence. If the principle wanted to do a home visit. I was right their in the secretaries office. Why would you not ask me can I let you visit my home? There is no method or better method. This is my children’s boundary school. The address that the principle at William Hall (Mr. Evans) came to is my home he saw me open the door with my key to enter. What am I supposed to do now with my children? Homeschool them and what about my work? If I need to I will contact a lawyer, but I am trying to have this matter sorted out before I have to take that action. My landlord and the principle discussed personal things regarding my family over the phone as well as the principle accepting God knows what pictures my landlord sent. Can you tell me if this is justifiable?