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Superintendent finalists Poll.

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As residents of Prince George’s county and state of Maryland, We support any effort that will improve our school system. Dr. Hite’s comments about the positive relationship between the Philadelphia mayor’s office and the schools system speaks volumes about why oversight by the county executive is needed. The county isn’t doing an adequate job of educating our children, as evidenced by the less than stellar results of Prince George’s county students when compared to other local jurisdictions. It is a shame that some members of the school board do not have professional backgrounds in education and lack bachelor’s degrees. Let us not forget the Dr. Andre Hornsby fiasco as well and others in the last year.  We support County Executive Mr. Rushen Baker, who wants more organization within the school system. Extending him limited oversight could prove beneficial to the school system, but more importantly, the students.  There has to be checks and balances for everything.  An Inspector General will negate the potential of corruption and waste.  Despite the weaknesses demonstrated by the public school system, charter schools are not the solution.   As a movement, we are going to be right here to make Mr. Baker accountable.  Should Mr. Baker stray from the path of progress, we will make lots of noise.  It is his job as the county executive to sink or swim with his own proposals. Can things get any worse than they already are?

SOMETHING definitely needs to be done and anything is better than the current situation. We hope the County Executive working closely with the Governor and the General assembly succeeds.

No school system anywhere in America succeeds without a close working relationship of parents to the schools. Until that commitment is met by the parents of the students in Prince Georges county, nothing Baker will do can change things for the better. The current Board of Education needs to get busy and mobilize residents and create innovation by making parents want to be part of the education process. This is one reason why we chose the Airforce one as a symbol of the parents advancement and not decline.   When the school system entrusts the responsibility of managing both the budget and considerable financial resources to those that aren’t experienced in such tasks, scandals and/or negligence are going to continue happening all the time and the only lawyer in the group will continue to get rich through it all.

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