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Rushern Baker loses Question J – Bid to prolong corrupt tenure Backfires.

Rushern Baker - Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

Rushern Baker – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

Prince George’s voters returned Democratic county executive Rushern L. Baker III to office Tuesday, along with all of the party’s nominees for council seats. Baker’s return to office was partly because he was unopposed after our initial support which kept many competitors away thinking Mr. Baker was an ethical leader.

But a proposal on the Prince George’s ballot to allow the county executive and council members to serve a maximum of three terms instead of two lost narrowly, 51 percent to 49 percent,  keeping the county the only locality in the region with such a limit because of the political corruption involving Baker and his company.

Many Thanks to our supporters who visited our blogs and went to the polling stations across the county to vote “NO” to this unethical practice advanced by Mr. Rushern Baker III. The idea that it takes a lot of time to learn the job is bogus. What takes a long time to learn is how to perpetuate yourself into office and long-term corruption to set it in.. How about cutting the salary by 50% after the first term and another 25% after the second term, then we could see how anxious they are to run for reelection. Eight years in office is quite long enough; we are sure there are plenty of other people in a county as diverse as ours who could serve wonderfully on the Council and as county Executive.

In nonpartisan school board seats for Prince George’s County, Lupi Grady unseated incumbent Peggy Higgins while Carolyn Boston and Soyna Williams easily won reelection. A third incumbent, Amber Waller, was deadlocked with challenger Dinora Hernandez early Wednesday by the time of going to the press.

According to Washington Post, Baker said that he was disappointed, but that he saw the result not as a reflection of voters’ opinions of him but of their misgivings about elected officials in general. Baker then added, “If you ask the very same voters, [the numbers] will show I’m extremely popular,” he said. However, Reform Sasscer Movement disagrees with that view. If it was not for our efforts together with other community organizations who fought for Mr. Baker to run unopposed, he will not be the County Executive today.

In the Prince George’s school board race, community engagement was also a resonating theme, along with raising academic achievement, retaining quality teachers and meeting the school system’s infrastructure needs. Mismanagement of public funds and unending corruption spearheaded by Mr. Baker and his close friends is another issue affecting the Prince George’s County today. In fact, Mr. Baker’s greed in advancing Question J which he lost soundly might have been the reason why Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown lost the Governorship in the first place. On this note, Mr. Baker owes the democratic party an explanation and he should be impeached for running a self centered campaign after interfering with some members of Democratic central committee during “recession” according to one member who sought to remain anonymous. She explained that some members might have been “bribed” to make bad deals the way they did, hence diving the party right in the middle across the state.

The other question which we did not receive our desired results was question H. Question H,  dwelt with a request that the county only be required to have at least one newspaper of record. Instead of the current rule of having at least three papers of record, the county would also use county-maintained electronic media for such items.

While this may seem minor, it’s actually a big deal. Legal information needs to be easily accessible by the community and, unfortunately, computers are not yet readily available to all residents. One only needs to look at the struggle libraries have encountered as job-seekers compete with students for free computer time. In any case, we plan to challenge this issue with the court system in the future because of the way this issue was handled by Mr. Baker.

All in all, Prince George’s voters determination to defeat Question J in the ballot was received with much satisfaction by Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County. We know for sure that we put up a brave fight on this issue for the betterment of the Prince George’s County. Mr. Baker will be leaving office in Four years if not sooner!  The proposal to limit County Council members and the county executive to three terms in office rather than two was a major disaster for Mr. Baker and his political family from the very beginning.

Enjoy political purgatory Mr. Rushern Baker III – you’ve just voted yourself  INTO HELL. The residents of Prince George’s County finally had enough and spoke out against you. Good for Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland.

To us in the Reform movement, the defeat of Question J in particular is good news for the Future of the county…A luta continua!


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