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Principal, teacher who engaged in a major brawl in front of PGCPS students on leave.


Principal Georgette Gregory  has been placed on paid administrative leave. She is accused of an assault, hurling expletives, and yelling at a teacher in the school grounds at Ardmore Elementary School

SPRINGDALE, Md. – A principal Georgette Gregory and a teacher at a Prince George’s County Ardmore elementary school have been placed on leave after engaging in a major brawl on school grounds in front of students, according to a Prince George’s County School Spokesperson John White. This blog was first to report the altercation after parents called complaining of major distraught at Ardmore School grounds.

Prince George’s County police and an ambulance were called to Ardmore Elementary School on June 12. Police said they were called to the scene for a disorderly teacher, but no arrests were made. Authorities were told school security would handle the case.

The principal, Georgette Gregory, was put on leave immediately, White said. This is the district’s protocol when investigating incidents.

According to teachers who have worked in the school, this is not the first time for Principal Gregory.  Marsha W. Logan wrote to our blog that: “I am a former teacher of Ardmore Elementary. I left the school because of the bullying and shenanigans of the current principal, Ms. Georgette Gregory. She probably should have been fired years ago, however she had friends and higher ups in the system to always bail her out of the numerous atrocities she committed over the years.”

After this blog broke the story, almost a week later, the district sent a letter home to parents. The letter outlines an altercation but did not indicate that the principal was involved. It was signed by the assistant principal without a date.

The school district would not confirm that this was a physical altercation. According to the district, the incident is still under investigation. We do not know if anyone was hurt. We also do not know if any criminal charges were filed.

Multiple elementary school students witnessed the incident. Parents were not notified until a week later, when the local press including this blog began asking questions about the incident. According to the district, parents were not notified until the district saw surveillance camera that showed students in the vicinity of the incident.

The following letter was sent home to parents:


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