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Prince George’s schools CFO, wife resign.

after state’s finding of fraud over lost ring.

Colby R. White

The chief financial officer for the Prince George’s County school system and his wife, who works for the school district as an internal auditor, resigned Monday, just days after school officials learned that Maryland state investigators had found them responsible for insurance fraud.

Board of Education Chairman Segun Eubanks and schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell said in a joint statement that the resignations of Colby R. White and his wife, Keisha, were accepted and are effective immediately.

Colby and Keisha White did not respond to requests for comment.

Both had been placed on administrative leave with pay Friday after Maxwell learned that the Maryland Insurance Administration ordered them to pay $6,000 for filing a false insurance claim for a lost wedding ring.

According to an order filed by the state insurance administration in August, White filed two claims for his wife’s 1.5-carat ring with two different insurance companies within a five-month span.

Insurance investigators for Erie Insurance Exchange found that White’s claim last September for a lost ring was the second one he had filed. Traveler’s Indemnity Insurance paid White $16,313 to settle a claim he filed in April 2013. >>> Read more Washington Post




Once again, What surprises most of us is that, now Monica Goldson, the queen of questionable activities, ethnics, and back door deals who also lacks the skills to do anything successful in the system, will be CFO and COO all rolled into one. One of the issues we brought to the attention of the current regime when they took over the school system was the role of Ms. Monica Goldson. Her role in safe guarding the treasury at Prince George’s county is very suspect. If that’s not the fox guarding the hen house. We don’t know what it is.

Above all, Dr. Maxwell’s response is bizarre to this whole saga and that one of Dr. Simposon Marcus EDd. He is well aware that one of his school principal was found guilty of discrimination. But because she is politically connected to corrupt Dr.Charlene Dukes who happens to be Maryland state Board of Education President and also the President of Prince George’s county community college this behavior is supposed to be ok? They have the right to appeal the decision, but he should realize that there are multiple suites alleging the same thing against the same principal. Certainly if there was evidence that his team didn’t present during the Everhart case why settle a subsequent case?

This is becoming more bizarre everyday and every night! It is pretty apparent that the right thing to do would have been to conduct your own proper investigation prior to going to court. Many of us have 1st hand experience that PGCPS, PG Co. do not really investigate reverse discrimination cases. EEOC complaints are just glanced at and the victims fired without warning. Up until now, no really high publicized discrimination case against PGCPS has come to the forefront but We can tell you these kinds of cases have been accumulating for very many years now. The train has just left the station. Let us see what happens in the next one month as a result of this cover up!

Way to go Mr. Rushern Baker! It just gets better with you at the helm. Maxwell has brought a whole new element of banditry with him and we pray they will all be exposed one day by others.

Many of us are wondering if there is a cloud over Dr. Kevin Maxwell and his Administration! Above all, We better watch his Deputy too a politically connected friend through her husband to Mr. Rushern Baker! CFO Colby White and his wife files a claim about a stupid diamond ring. To think they were so dishonest and liars to have filed that “same” claim earlier. What people will do for money? How can these people be brought to PGCPS and expect Students to be honest.

Now look at how quickly both of them were placed on Administrative Leave for fraud with “pay”. Is that looking out for the public? What happened to Simpson-Marcus? The last time we checked She was still walking around Largo High while Staff, Students, Parents, and the Community are looking at how well protected and bold she has become. Given, the fact that she has declined to step down, or even sought to transfer to another school District together with ASASP President Mr. Dwayne Jones, tells me she is a failure as an educator and as a leader, and that she cares far more for herself and her career than for the children in her charge. Monica Goldson, Simpson-Marcus and others involved in this questionable activity are not the type of leaders we would want to see influencing our children in the critical high school years.

It’s amazing how much money these two made. Yet, the Teachers who make the Schools look good barely get a decent salary or even enough material for the classrooms. You will be surprised how many PGCPS Teachers have to work a second job or other jobs just to make ends meet.



                        Fox guarding chicken house.