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PGCPSMESS: Weekend Roundup and a Request to sign the Petition to Governor Larry Hogan. “We must ensure that justice is done.”

31820052_2018954994800150_6344379415950000128_n.jpgAccording to the information received and  another posted in social media by a social studies teacher Dale Brennan,…”For several weeks now, Prince George’s County Public Sschools (PGCPS) Laurel High School teachers have been on the road in front of the school. They have been standing with signs to make people aware of what they are fighting for… “we have even been joined by parents and students. When it’s our contractual time, we all walk in as a group … Our challenge is for all other PGCEA members to do the same at their school … if they can do it in places like OK, WVA and Arizona we can too!”, Mr. Dale Brennan wrote on facebook.

Prince George’s County is a huge county, and has a long and troubled history to boot. Many of the teachers in the movement have doubts that any one superintendent can turn around the school system into the dream everyone wants without substantial collaboration between civic leaders and school personnel – and it will not happen overnight. There are reports some administrators with ties to Sasscer administrative building are involved in shenanigans while using teachers for their own selfish motives.

Laurel High School has been in the news for serious misconduct which includes an illicit affair  involving Deborah Hayes Toppins and Principal Dwayne Jones which has been ongoing for many years. The fracas has caused major issues for PGCPS and for Laurel community at large for sometimes due lack of oversight. The illicit affair at Laurel High School is the worst kept secret at Laurel.

Among teachers on the outside, Prince George’s County has one of the worst reputations to work in unless one could get into the better schools (there are some). Perhaps someone could do an independent survey with the teachers to see what they think needs to happen. There have been serious misconduct committed and which is still ongoing in some schools with roots to the School Principals themselves.

Dr. William Hite’s “executive layer” is still around in the same places and includes Principals who are seasoned violators of the law!!!!

Prince George’s County Voters need the whole group who followed Dr. Kevin Maxwell to PGCPS or rather this school system to resign also.

With the cloud over Maxwell’s Office there should be a “Clean Sweep” especially Dr. Monique Whittington Davis. She is among the senior Executive staff who  just received an unearned Raise and everyone who covered up for Maxwell.  Based on willful violation of the law, Educational Voters will not and are not likely to  support Rushern Baker III candidacy for governorship or any other elective office because he did not support them.

PGCPS will be “successful” and staff will continue to work as hard as always. Many of them are glad to know that our Votes will soon be counted for the people they select to work in our Community. Thanks to the Three (3) BOE members who brought the Dr. Kevin Maxwell cover ups to the Community and the whistle-blowers who made the reports to them. This would would not have happened without the support and help of various stake holders to save the community.

An External Investigation and the Petition 

Unfortunately problems of ineptitude and corruption predated Dr. Maxwell’s tenure as CEO and will continue for many years to come unless some major changes occur. Nepotism must be eradicated and competent professionals need to be hired, so the cover-ups can finally end. There are too many people in positions of power who would rather protect their own friends, relatives, sorority sisters, etc. instead of working in the best interests of our students, staff  and the community. Until that change happens, there will be no significant improvements in the management of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) and the corruption will continue.

One way to quash the misconduct and the violations of law in Maryland and in Prince George’s County in particular is a request for an external investigation to review major cases.  With over 900 teachers on administrative leave  without a hearing, this can be anybody down the road if this becomes a trend in Maryland. It will also send a very bad message to the rest of the word. What is the good of having a hearing after more than ten years as the wrong doer continues the shenanigans?

Furthermore, many students who were molested and others whose $6.5 million was taken away because of misconduct deserve our attention.  Now is the time for them to deserve an external investigation into how exactly allowed this system to fail them. Sadly much of the political debate has become a game of he said she said, but this matter is too serious to be hampered by bureaucracy and further negligence. While the board leadership has been doing everything in its power to block even an external investigation into the matter previously—already stifling board votes on the issue twice—-we need your help to get the answers you deserve and the solutions our students, staff and families need.

With leadership more interested in salvaging the way things look than fixing the way they are, the only way we are going to get that external investigation to review a wide range of issues is if the public demands it. Please sign the petition below and send it out to your networks—help us get to 1,000 signatures and show that we will not be silenced, and, most importantly, we will not let those victimized students, teachers, support staff and families to be victimized either.

Everyone should sign the petition including all candidates running for a political office in Maryland and in Prince George’s County in particular. This is one way to show commitment to the residents that you are serious in representing Prince George’s County in Annapolis, Upper Marlboro, Washington DC and elsewhere.

To the Board members, teachers, staff, students and families of Prince George’s County,  time to act is now. Failure to have these issues reviewed now as you have been advancing, will have major impact to many of you personally and for many years to come.  The Prince George’s County school board’s leadership chose image over action; preservation over prevention.

Let’s sign the petition below and let the chips fall where they may. If nothing is found, then the investigators will simply close the files.

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>>>Sign the Petition here  and here<<