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PGCPS Crossland High School Parents Say Student Violence is Out of Control


This is the Principal of Crossland, Michael Gilchrist

Warning: The links contain videos and pictures which are grisly and very distressing… For the faint hearted do not open.

By: Reform Sasscer staff

Oxon Hill  – Parents and employees at Crossland Public High School in Prince George’s County  (PGCPS) say that, “fights between students have gotten so out of control that even motorists, students, staff and teachers are at risk”. This comes after a new inexperienced Principal was assigned to the school this year.  Many parents say that, he shows up late often and he does not dress appropriately. Many students do not respect him based on the reports received from concerned parents.

A parent and an employee shared several cell phone videos of student fights, including one that shows students fighting on top of a moving car. No one tried to break up a brawl. Many students appear to be engaged in a serious melee in all directions as others cry for help in a busy street with moving cars.  When the videos were shared with the principal, Board members and others in authority to help, nothing was done. They directed the President of alumni association to remove the clip of the major brawl down from the social media. Parents are frustrated as the Principal was said to have remarked that, “once the students are out of the school grounds, there is nothing he could do.” However, there are reported fights on the school grounds at Crossland High School and other surrounding  schools. This is a county wide problem which is being covered up to the detriment of many families in Prince George’s county.

The frustration with many parents is that, whenever they go to the police or to juvenile services at the court house in Upper Marlboro, they are expected to have the names, the addresses, and a few other details about the harassers. The only people who can facilitate this data is the people in authority like the Principal.

The source asked to remain anonymous, fearing that students who engaged in wild fights may retaliate. They said students have even threatened teachers and other students with violence.

“They know that they kind of have the power of the school and that the teachers, the principal, the Board members, or the system can’t do anything,” the source said. “They’ll constantly say, ‘You can’t tell me what to do’ or ‘You can’t tell me this.’ Or, they’ll curse you, cuss at you and then now, it’s gotten to the point where they’ve been physical with several of the students and staff members.”

Members of the public and drivers who drive or live nearby Crossland High School are scared for their lives as shown in the video.

Students have created a social media page dedicated exclusively to Crossland High School fights. The account’s biography encourages students to submit videos.

Video footage shows that fights break out both inside and outside the school. The videos show students punching, kicking, dragging and pulling each other’s hair. One student literally jumped on top of a moving car to get away from murder as he was literally scared for his life before being brought down by several students in major punches to his face.

School administrators say they are taking steps to stop the violence but the parents are doubtful. The Principal has failed to facilitate in identifying major players involved in a major brawl recently and the parents are very worried. Principal  has not yet met with staff concerning this major fiasco ongoing in the county.

Prince George’s County Public School’s spokesman had not responded by the time of going to the press. However, parents would like the school officials to go beyond discipline and provide students with opportunities for mediation. They also want a co-principal who can assist the current Principal to mature into leadership as his background is in teaching at Elementary school. High schools have a different culture and students have different temperament.

“We can’t just stop at discipline, that’s not going to solve the problem,” said one parent who did not want to be identified. “Nothing has happened with the bullying form. My son does know the other kid that was targeting him by face and that he’s a 10th grader. I have spoken with Mr.Burroughs who’s a board member. He just sent an email with the videos to the principal and cc’d some board members and requested the principal to call me. Him along with the principal requested for the alumni association president to take down the video and told him he was promoting violence and bringing a lot of backlash to the school.”

Many Principals in the county do not know how to handle the fights going on in the schools. The current administration led by Monica Goldson seems to be actively trying to conceal the illegal activities so that they can secure a longer term to manage the school system through cover up and corruption which has been for many years. A new leader who is not tied to the local networks is required to help shape and salvage the sinking ship.


Prince George’s County Juvenile Services within the Prince George’s County Court House can assist parents if their child is being targeted.


99.9% of student misbehavior can be linked to unmet needs. Look for motivation and intent to understand the solution.