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Panicked Rushern Baker III-Embry campaign in total disarray – Major fallout currently underway!


Elizabeth Embry (pictured) at College Park Marriott in Maryland on Tuesday, June 5th during a poorly attended fundraiser for Rushern Baker campaign. Ms. Emry is very worried of rival team of Ben Jealous according to her mother.

Rushern Baker-Embry’s campaign is increasingly falling into disarray as the Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III braces for a major loss in Maryland primary on June 26th, that could set him on course for an uncertain future and permanent political retirement.

Since March, the campaign run by Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III — is running a lackluster primary campaign, analysts say. He has struggled to raise money and has relatively little cash on hand a month before the primary, according to reports filed in May.

Campaigns are a team sport, and Mr. Baker doesn’t have that mentality,” one high-level Baker operative said at College Park Marriott in Maryland on Tuesday, June 5th during a poorly attended fundraiser. “That’s why they’re missing a lot of these opportunities that are passing them by. [Baker] might not be a great quarterback, but every quarterback still needs a strong offensive line which is missing in this team.” a lady sitting on the sidelines bewildered by the expected loss told this reporter.

Baker’s canvas campaign manager flatly rejected the idea that the campaign is in disarray or suffering from low morale but the mother to Elizabeth Embry wearing a red dress was very very worried and kept talking about how Ben Jealous campaign team has taken over Baltimore to their dismay. Elizabeth Embry lives in Baltimore which might be a major factor the Baker campaign picked her.

According to what this reporter observed in college Park, the Rushern Baker campaign is steadily dying off and it’s a matter of time before Baker throws in the towel.Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 4.26.53 PM

Baker’s lauded school chief was mired in corruption, overpaid his own staff while stiffing teachers, and allowed a grade fixing scandal. Maxwell resigned in disgrace, marring Baker’s proudest achievement.

Embry also happens to be the father of Elizabeth Embry, Rushern Baker’s running mate. And Baker has admitted that he relied on Robert Embry’s counsel early in his career.

So now in addition to questions about his oversight of education, questions about corruption in his county, and weathering attacks in the Democratic primary, one of the members of Baker’s inner-circle is now promoting tax increases in the state’s largest paper.

Hardly a good day for the purported front runner in a jumbled, messy, race full of underachievers. Hopefully for his sake, Baker is starting to realize that it isn’t going to get any better from here. The presence of so few people in a much publicized fundraiser was an indicator of a crumbling campaign. Very little money was raised and in many cases the cashiers hired for the event stayed idle.

The food was nothing but hamburgers without cheese and hot dogs.

It’s no accident that this series of events has coincided with Martin O’Malley’s post-Governor-ship bump: Whenever Rushern Baker III is down in the polls, he starts to act up and lash out. But this time it does seem to be different. Unable to justify Baker’s attacks on Ben Jealous of the working families or their party’s leadership, higher-profile Democrats are starting to break with Baker. And Baker’s campaign itself seems like it’s starting to crack. A covert operation found out the Rushern Baker Embry is clearly in major trouble and the boat is taking water as Ben Jealous carries the torch as a flag bearer of Maryland Democratic party in 2018 governorship race.

Here are some pictures taken at the College Park Marriott in Maryland on Tuesday, June 5th event which clearly shows kicks of a dying horse towards June 26th, 2018 democratic primary in Maryland. Rushern Baker’s Campaign is clearly in disarray based on real observations.