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Holding Elected leaders accountable and holding their feet to the fire.

Former Prince George’s County Executive Mr. Rushen Baker now running for Maryland Governorship facilitated major public corruption in Maryland which is ongoing.

Largo, Md. (Reform Sasscer): To liberate a society from repression, exploitation and subjugation, we must use verifiable FACTS and historical and scientific DATA-not VOODOO, or MYTHS. Tyranny thrives in ignorance, secrecy and silence. Confront charlatans, despots and their surrogates with UNVARNISHED TRUTH.

The main problem facing Prince George’s County and Maryland in general is public corruption. In Prince George’s county, corruption and BAD GOVERNANCE has become pervasive. Theft of public resources, human rights abuses and other forms of repression are BY-PRODUCTS of bad governance. To make Maryland and Prince George’s county prosperous, united and tranquil, we must rid ourselves of DESPOTS and KLEPTOCRATS. We must make elected leaders accountable and hold their feet to the fire.

Beginning this week, we are going to make a series of exposé and the role some key lawmakers in Maryland have played to create chaos and cover ups in the county and the county schools.

The drama begun earlier but reached a major point during 2013 Maryland general assembly session in the last days of the session to advance corruption and cover ups rather than fix the issues. All states have laws against bribing public officials in order to weed out public corruption. There are also federal laws against bribery. … Most bribery laws target the giver of the bribe, but it is also illegal for a public official to accept or solicit anything of value in exchange for a particular action.

For Marylanders and Prince George’s County residents in particular to forgive Despot Rushern Baker, and co-perpetrators of crimes against humanity, they must PUBLICLY apologize and be tried and punished to the full extent of the law. A society built on crime, violence and conmanship will never be united and prosperous.

Stay tuned here as we explore the issues in a series and the players tied to the problems who appear unconcerned. The issues they caused starting with the interferences of the courts have had major consequences throughout the region. This is one reason the author of this blogger sought audience with the Speaker of the Maryland general assembly last week, without much success. We will share a separately post on that, in the coming days.

Jolene Ivey – District 5 County Council Member appear unconcerned with the issues. She was a key player to introduce HB1107 LAW in the Maryland General Assembly.
Del. Dereck Davis, pictured, of Prince George’s County and the acting Maryland Treasurer introduced HB1107 LAW.