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Hearing Cancelled due to Organized Scheme in Maryland.


Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh

Today, June 21st, 2017, a hearing scheduled for 10am in Baltimore City Circuit Court was cancelled at the last minute due to organized scheme and white collar violations after Josephat Mua demanded for investigations. (See  Josephat Mua Et Al Vs California Casualty Indemnity Exchange Et Al – 24C16002625). This comes after more than fourteen law firms were paid off in a bribery scheme which continues to run here in Maryland to the detriment of the public. Several Maryland officials including Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh are involved in this scheme and we are requesting the public to call the office of the governor and the U.S Justice Department to request for Federal investigations.


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

On May 16th, 2017, Josephat Mua wrote a letter to governor Larry Hogan requesting his office or any other neural office on ethics to initiate a special counsel to investigate allegations of staff misconduct in the matter of Maryland Former Chief of Court of Special Appeals for Maryland Hon. Peter B. Krauser and any other party tied to him. Prince George’s County officials led by Mr. Baker are involved in discrimination, retaliation and public corruption which appears to be supported by the Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. There are many issues of concern currently at play in Maryland and the Attorney General has ignored potential corruption in Montgomery County, Maryland on issues such as The Paul S Sarbanes Transit Center lawsuit settlement, The Westbard Development Plan SaveWestbard, Voter Roll irregularities in Montgomery County, and the outrageous travel expenses of The Montgomery College President.
Here in Prince George’s County, there is widespread of fraud within the Prince George’s County public Schools in several levels which have been shared with the courts. We have heard zero from our State’s Attorney General on these issues, however, instead, the Maryland Attorney General (AG) is deciding to sue President Donald J. Trump on claims he has accepted millions in payments from foreign Governments? When will AG Frosh start acting like an Attorney General for the State of Maryland, and follow the law? Why is AG and others interfering with both Federal and state courts? Why did the AG initiate a case against the U.S President shortly after we demanded for an appointment of the Special Counsel to investigate violations in Maryland?
It appears today’s hearing in Baltimore City Circuit Court was cancelled in order to give Mr. Rushern Baker III space to run for a higher public office as a governor of Maryland after causing significant violations in a scheme in which lawyers representing employees and other personnel have been paid off.
Call your elected officials now and the media. Let us demand a transparent and thorough investigation.
More to come.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Rushern Baker III are involved in serious misconduct while in office. We must demand an open and thorough investigation.