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Happy Holidays from Reform Sasscer.

Dear Friends:

Reform Sasscer Team Wishes you and your loved ones, happy holidays and great success and joy in 2018.

For many years now, since the founding of Reform Sasscer Movement,  we have been an optimistic voice in suggesting that the forces of corruption can be effectively countered, indeed they will. But events in recent times have left many of us at year’s end with a less optimistic perspective in many ways.

We encourage the county citizens to be on the look out and to join forces with people of the world to create proper changes in 2018.

Very best wishes,
Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County


One of our favorite holiday tunes is the Christmas Canon, and there are a few different versions of it. This is the one we playing today… They are such talent and powerful show indeed.

Eat well and enjoy the holidays!image14