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Pennsylvania: Reasons for Hope.


Tom Wolf, the newly elected Governor of Pennsylvania, may turn out to be true friend of public education. In a landscape crowded with foes of public education, like Scott Walker, John Kasich, Doug Ducey, Rick Scott, and Andrew Cuoo, this is quite a distinction for Governor Wolf.

After years of devastating cuts by Governor Tom Corbett, Wolf has vowed to fund public schools. He appointed a one-time rival, John Hanger, as secretary of policy and planning (Hanger is strongly pro-public schools).

Governor Wolf recently visited a public school in Philadelphia. At a time when so many governors have sworn their fealty to charter schools, it is refreshing to read about a governor who recognizes public responsibility for public schools.

John Hanger told the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the Wolf administration would focus on public education and economic development in its spending plan.

Governor Tom Wolf could build a national reputation if he reverses the school privatization and defusing of public schools that Corbett encouraged.


President Barack Obama, center, meets with newly elected governors in the oval office.USA-Flag-Wallpaper-01***

Breaking News: Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Replaces Chair of Philly School Reform Commission.


SRC Chariman Bill Green

According to news reports, Governor Tom Wolf will replace Bill Green, chairman of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, with fellow member of the commission, Marjorie Neff.

Governor Wolf had asked the Commission not to approve any new charter schools because of the city’s dire financial situation, but it approved five new charters at the beckoning of Dr. William Hite Jr. Neff was the only commissioner to oppose all five charters. She is a former principal of a district high school.

Green says he will challenge his removal in court.


William Hite Jr – Superitendent of Schools was previously in Prince George’s County School District of which he left the county schools in disarray.chdb-map