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Disaster! Here is Why Governor Larry Hogan should go home ASAP on November 6 at 8am.


Gov Larry Hogan is seen here with his friend former new jersey Governor Chris Christie.Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey knew that three of his top officials were involved in a plan to shut down lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge as it was happening and that the closings were intended to punish a local mayor for declining to support him.

When you are choosing who to vote for in the Governorship race in Maryland, consider that Governor Larry Hogan appointed Robert Moffit to the Maryland Health Commission. Moffit is an advocate for removing the protections for access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions which were put in place in the Affordable Care Act.

We in Maryland can’t afford to let Hogan and Moffit take away our access to health care. On November 6 general election, Vote like your access to health care depends on it, because it does. If you can’t afford to lose your health care coverage, you need to vote for Ben Jealous.

There are many reasons why Maryland citizens should vote for Ben Jealous. One reason being that, Governor Larry Hogan has lately been making false Statements while misleading the general public. The truth is that, Hogan came at a time when corruption was high and which continues to date in Maryland. He promised to change Maryland for the better. However, instead of fixing the issues, he appeared to have covered up shenanigans involving former Governor Martin O’Malley, Hogan’s friends and others in current and previous administrations in what appears to be quid pro quo and in exchange for backing Hogan for a second term.

This strategy will backfire badly for Governor Larry Hogan as the public discovers the truth which involves bribing of judges in Maryland and elsewhere to dismiss cases touching on Martin O’Malley, Hogan and their administrations. This explains reasons why the Democratic Party machine in Maryland is backing Hogan behind the scenes as part of developing scandal. The question should be asked, how many pieces of silver did each judge receive and Governor Hogan himself?

In addition, Larry Hogan recently released tax returns showing that, he’s made about $2.4 million in corporate earnings while governor in a blind trust managed by his brother. According to a review of financial disclosure forms, his corporate holdings include stakes in commercial real estate deals as well as residential and retail developments around Maryland. Larry Hogan’s businesses are still being operated by his closest relatives, they are cloaked in secrecy, and they raise many questions about the decisions he makes as governor,” says Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews who was interviewed by the Baltimore sun recently.

Martin O’Malley had a long term vision for MARC. He wanted to build a badly needed new rail tunnel in Baltimore, add two stations on the Penn Line at Bayview and JHU Downtown, and connect the Penn Line with VRE and SEPTA. He even explored the feasibility of providing MARC service to Southern Maryland by using existing rail infrastructure. But now thanks to Larry Hogan’s and Pete Rahn’s mismanagement of MARC (which we think was intentional given their hatred of mass transit), commuters are lucky if they get home from work a half hour late.

This 1950s mentality of building more freeways must be stopped. Tell your friends that Larry Hogan is #NotAModerate and wants to turn Maryland into an asphalt wasteland like Houston.

Please, don’t forget what former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did in the garden state during his last term including Bridge gate scandal which saw minorities suffer greatly in New Jersey. The same will happen in Maryland if you let Hogan win. We are not going to disrupt the Machine by being nice. So to put it succinctly Larry Hogan should go home.  Vote Ben Jealous (Democrat) for Maryland Governor and Vote Craig Wolf (Republican) as the next Maryland Attorney General to drastically alter or destroy the structure of the illegal schemes supported by the machine. Watch this space………

God fearing leadership will never do illegal things and will strive for the truth to help protect God’s children! #DisruptTheMachine and #DisruptThecorruption.

More to come!


Robert Moffit serves on the Maryland Health Care Commission as an appointee of Gov. Larry Hogan. Moffit is an advocate for removing the protections for access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions which were put in place in the Affordable Care Act.