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Our Endorsements for 2012 Vote.

Dear Friends,

As we write this, Early voting is now officially underway and Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County – Maryland – (A democratic blue state) is proud to announce our edorsements which includes President Barack Obama.

Starting today and running through November 1, 2012, you can cast your vote at any early voting location within our county.

To find a polling location in your neighborhood, visit this website: http://www.mdearlyvote.com/

We really need you to vote. This is a very close election. We need to reelect President Barack Obama, Senator Cardin, Congresswoman Donna Edwards,  Congressman Steny Hoyer and take back our 6th Congressional District by voting for John Delaney. In particular,  We do remain cautiously optimistic that the future of America bends towards the side of increased racial tolerance. We cite bumper stickers, cartoons and protest posters that mock our president as a lion or a monkey, or lynch him in effigy. We, in reform Sasscer movement are working hard to innovate, transform and change our communities for the better.

The polls are open until 8PM tonight and from 12pm-6pm tomorrow. http://www.mdearlyvote.com/

Maryland and PG County in particular needs you.

Many Thanks,


Policy Director

Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County.

P.S. Once you vote, make sure to encourage your friends and family to vote as well. We need everyone. http://www.mdearlyvote.com/


President Barack Obama – United States of America

U.S. Senator. Benjamin Cardin

Congresswoman Donna Edwards

Congressman Steny Hoyer

John Delaney



0 Days Until Early Vote (Oct 27th) – www.MdEarlyVote.com

10 Days Until Election Day (Nov 6th)

1. Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s Ground Game: #Winning

Remember: signs don’t vote. we are getting real work done on the ground making phone calls and knocking doors.

Over the past several months, we have seen an unprecedented number of administrative changes to the core of the top leadership at Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) beginning with Dr. William Hite Jr. In most cases these changes have been welcome news and they represent a challenge to the PG District school system overall as we move forward.

Now in less than two weeks, PGCPS hopes to experience yet another change as five current Board of Education members are up for re-election and only Mr. Edward Burroughs won his primary election.

With the specter of a new Board of Education configuration, the challenges facing PGCPS have the potential to change the landscape of education in this county and become a model for the United States in the future. The Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County, is calling on PG Citizens to elect a new Board and a new Chairperson. We have had enough with the corruption within our school system and a new beginning will be a welcome recipe. We are aware that the current Chairperson has been pouring money right and left with a hope of duping the citizens of PG County in order to get another term in office. Vote for the right candidate; one who is not tainted by corruption. General Election presents us with the opportunity to elect leaders that will put this county firmly on course to become the safe, cohesive and prosperous county that we so desperately desire.

Credibility of the electoral process is key to the stability of any nation or county; therefore, We must ensure the credibility of all elements of the electoral process. In particular, any attempt to manipulate and mislead the public regarding youth cannot lead in the General Election must be strenuously resisted by all PG citizens. Time and tide waits for no man. This is it!

You have to make your voices heard through the ballot in 2012. We encourage everyone to vote early and vote for change in PG County Board of Education. If you have educational programs you believe support high academic achievement, make your voice heard. If you desire to maintain the current class sizes and stop the reduction in the teacher workforce, make your voice heard. If you have been a victim of discrimination and retaliation, make your voice heard. It is important for us all to consider the kind of leadership that our county needs and for us to play our part to get such leaders elected. We are counting on your support.

Many thanks,

Below are our endorsed candidates for 2012.


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – President Barack Obama

David Murray -School Board Candidate  District 1

Micah Watson – School Board Candidate  District 4

Raheela AhmedSchool Board Candidate  District 5

Carletta Fellows – School Board Candidate District 7

Edward Burroughs – School Board Candidate District 8


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – President Barack Obama

Thank you and Keep up the pressure!


Friends –

Thank you for your support!  We are humbled by your faith in the reform Sasscer movement to carry out your message to the Pg county voters  forward.

Now the second phase of our fight begins in earnest.  We are going to carry our message to every nook and cranny in the Pg county School District. The future of our county and our children is at stake and we look forward to discussing these issues with citizens from every Council, town, and village in Prince Georges County (Pg).  Join us in this endeavor–contact our Headquarters to find out how you can help. Email (reformpgcps@gmail.com) &  blogs.

We would also like to thank Mr. Edward Burroughs, Mr. David Murray, Ms.  Raaheela Ahmed, Ms Carletta Fellows, Mr. Micah WatsonMr. Dennis Smith,  Mr. Sandy J. Vaughns , Ms. Deidre N. Jackson and others for running a smooth campaign.  Their sincerity, honesty, and sportsmanship are commendable and made the races enjoyable. We invite them to join our campaign in our effort to give the citizens of  Pg county school  System – Board of Education members who will better represent everyone. The fight against corruption, proffessional misconduct and nepotism at Sasscer Administration Building and in the schools should be a concern to everybody especially the voters.

Once again, thank you for your vote of confidence in helping advance change, innovation and transformation in Prince George’s county public schools (Pgcps).  Together, We look forward to making sure that Ms. Verjeana Jacobs ( Board of Education Chairperson pictured below) loses her seat in November 2012.  She is and has been the epicenter of corruption in Pgcps and has failed to address the issues brought to her attention through the blogs (read more) etc.

Reform Sasscer Movement.