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Prince George’s schools’ test scores drop.


Source: Washington Post analysis of Maryland School Assessment scores for 2013. Scores reflect combined results for reading and math.. The Washington Post. Published on July 23, 2013, 12:20 p.m.

As the New Board of Education for Prince George’s County reorganizes itself and is determined to bring the necessary changes, we must realize that there is no silver bullet. However, as we articulated before, real improvements in a school system like PGCPS take time and hard work.  As we said before, miraculous sudden improvements in student achievement was likely the result of outright fraud or a rigged evaluation system designed to produce desired results. This notion has been proved right today by news articles in Gazette and Washington Post.

Prince George’s County elementary school mathematics and reading scores are down compared to last year, ending a suspicious “positive four-year streak” driven by what appears to be fraud on state tests, and officials say next year may not be much better. (Read more)

On this note, we must demand changes starting with PGCPS HQ (Sasscer) and not cosmetics changes. We ask our new Board and our CEO to go boldly for administrative reforms that relate to the nuts and bolts of our school system and how it is run. Buses must be made to run on time and we must get rid of administrative waste, and sort through questionable contracts beginning with Thatcher Law firm which is the epicenter of corruption and the legal department. We must change contracting procedures and demand more for our kids instead of high suspension rate we have seen in the past. Above all, we must use appropriate technologies to gain efficiencies as well as, demand effective and timely school-to-parent communications. This is the first and most necessary element for enabling parental involvement as articulated by our sister Blogs in the past.

Finally, we must treat teachers and other staff members as professionals. Listen to them and provide them opportunities to influence how schools are run. We must refrain from arbitrary compensation schemes that will make teachers accountable for conditions they have no control over.  On this note, we must revisit how budget is controlled by Principals without much oversight which is like “Christmas in April.” This does not mean you don’t demand accountability and high performance. However, transparency and accountability initiatives passed into law must be implemented fully. We expect County Executive Rushern Baker, Board Chairman Dr. Segun C. Eubanks and our New Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kevin Maxwell to be a partner, not a punitive leader who are out to get teachers and other staff members. Let us make PGCPS a place that values innovation and professionalism—an attractive place for good teachers and other professionals to work for the good of the county.



Where is the Outrage in PGCPS?


There is something sadly skewed with Prince George’s county community’s moral priorities.

We are sure many of you have been following the growing uproar in our blogs which have advocated for several changes in our school system in the last two years.

So many Prince George’s County administrators at Sasscer Administration Building and elsewhere could not possibly get away with such abuse unless many others were complicit in turning a blind eye in various illegal activities,  including sexual abuse of innocent kids. Why do PGCPS leaders tolerate the presence of colleagues who sexually abuse innocent staff, young children and vulnerable adults? Why do people in the pews not rise up and demand that their leaders be held accountable? Where’s the outrage?

Why don’t people at The School District of Philadelphia in Philadelphia demand the resignation of Dr. William Hite Jr, who admittedly kept quiet about staff members involved in sexual related activity and abuse of kids?

Why doesn’t staff at Sasscer Administration Building demand the resignation of Dr. Alvin L. Crawley, about whom there is significant evidence that he knew of a host of problems including sexual abuse of children when he arrived in September 2012? Where’s the outrage?

Where is the outrage when an 8 year old girl is sexually abused and taken advantage of in an environment which is supposed to be safe and conducive for learning?

Where is the outrage when a 13-year-old girl who died four years ago after she was struck by a car while trying to catch a school bus?

Where is the outrage in the wake of the slaying of seven students this school year alone?

Why do so many people act as though staff- sex abuse cover-ups and other criminal activities are no big deal?

We commend the vigilant teacher and the Principal at Glenn Dale Elementary school. Hopefully at the schools PGCPS could implement in the beginning of the school year teachers and students behavior appropriate and inappropriate interactions. And steps they should take if these rules have been violated.

“Politicians, parents, Churches, TV/Radio personalities etc, should respond with righteous outrage and anger at such crimes against innocent staff, children abused by leaders they trust in these schools and offices,” But where is that outrage?

Even now, has anything changed? Have any of those who covered up and kept quiet in the past about the abuse been held accountable? We appreciate the passage of HB 1107 to make proper changes in PGCPS but it might be too little too late for some.

And what about the epicenter of the corruption in PGCPS led by labor relations Director and previous chief legal counsel? Is anyone outraged at the fact that their long-time attorney threatened to sue abused victims even when the abuse was readily substantiated? It certainly doesn’t appear that way, even as these individuals are being caught red handed stealing. Where is the outrage?

The current Prince George’s County Board of Education Chair Verjeana M. Jacobs, has known about these problems for more than six years now and has continued to keep quiet in conspiracy with the corrupt Unions. She was apparently content leaving countless other children and staff at risk. Yet, she is still the Board of Education Chairperson before HB 1107 goes into effect on June 1, 2013. Where’s the outrage?

Where is the outrage when the Director of communications in PGCPS creates false reports to maintain the status quo of the ailing PG County school system in cohort with the current Board chair while abusing the County Executive? (See PGCPSLies) Where’s the outrage?

And what about the fact that a man with a substantiated report of having sexually molested a child was still driving a School Bus, after the fact the school leaders knew of his problems in PGCPS. This is after several leaders had been informed at Sasscer Administrative Building. Those men and women are still in leadership positions including Ms. Monica Goldson the current Chief Operating Officer. Is there any accountability for the willing blindness of PGCPS leaders who leave kids and others in harm’s way for predators? Where is the outrage?

What about the Union leadership and others smooching in the closets in PGCPS schools while refusing to take responsibility for their actions? Where is the outrage?

It is easy enough to look at the perpetrators and say therein lies the problem. But what about all the enablers? What about the many leaders who turn a blind eye like Board of Education Chairperson Verjeana M. Jacobs and allow staff molesters including Union leaders in PGCPS to move on to other schools, offices etc. where they find fresh new prey? Where is the outrage?

“What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.”

— Elie Wiesel


Superintendent finalists Poll.

croweryDr.BecoatsMr. Peter

As residents of Prince George’s county and state of Maryland, We support any effort that will improve our school system. Dr. Hite’s comments about the positive relationship between the Philadelphia mayor’s office and the schools system speaks volumes about why oversight by the county executive is needed. The county isn’t doing an adequate job of educating our children, as evidenced by the less than stellar results of Prince George’s county students when compared to other local jurisdictions. It is a shame that some members of the school board do not have professional backgrounds in education and lack bachelor’s degrees. Let us not forget the Dr. Andre Hornsby fiasco as well and others in the last year.  We support County Executive Mr. Rushen Baker, who wants more organization within the school system. Extending him limited oversight could prove beneficial to the school system, but more importantly, the students.  There has to be checks and balances for everything.  An Inspector General will negate the potential of corruption and waste.  Despite the weaknesses demonstrated by the public school system, charter schools are not the solution.   As a movement, we are going to be right here to make Mr. Baker accountable.  Should Mr. Baker stray from the path of progress, we will make lots of noise.  It is his job as the county executive to sink or swim with his own proposals. Can things get any worse than they already are?

SOMETHING definitely needs to be done and anything is better than the current situation. We hope the County Executive working closely with the Governor and the General assembly succeeds.

No school system anywhere in America succeeds without a close working relationship of parents to the schools. Until that commitment is met by the parents of the students in Prince Georges county, nothing Baker will do can change things for the better. The current Board of Education needs to get busy and mobilize residents and create innovation by making parents want to be part of the education process. This is one reason why we chose the Airforce one as a symbol of the parents advancement and not decline.   When the school system entrusts the responsibility of managing both the budget and considerable financial resources to those that aren’t experienced in such tasks, scandals and/or negligence are going to continue happening all the time and the only lawyer in the group will continue to get rich through it all.

Take our survey by clicking the link below.

~~~~~>> http://pgcpsmess1.freepolls.com/cgi-bin/polls/001/poll_center.htm


Stakes are high – PG Superintendent.


Upper Marlboro  MD.

No enduring civilization – or great nation – has ever been built on lawlessness, or criminality.

“And you shall know the truth,

And the truth shall set you free.”

John 8:32

Although the process seems to have gone relatively well, it was Ms. Jacobs who spawned the winners. The sycophancy and corruption of her era are still ingrained in the political culture and are embodied by the rise of her allies from the previous election.

Against the backdrop of political intrigue, PGCPS struggles against exploitative practices by corporations some of which have no bid contract against the State law. A self-isolated middle class cruises in luxury above a sea of poverty in the west of Largo – Capitol Height, Seat Pleasant, Fairmount Heights etc .  Mitchellville MD’s bungalows and opulent hotels dazzle observer’s eye, while blinding it to the shacks, broken roads, unfinished projects, schools which are in failing shapes.

We are grateful that whoever becomes the new superintendent of PG schools is coming to office the same time as President Obama is in office for the second term. Above all they will assume power around the same time as Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church and President Xi Jinping of atheist China. Both have taken the reins of power and each will be in charge of over 1.2 billion people.

Will Dr. Alvin L. Crawley, Dr. Eric J. Becoats and Mr. Harrison A. Peters, the three candidates chosen as finalist, revive the schools, help reduce poverty, corruption, nepotism, professional misconduct,  assist the homeless youth and prioritize the interests of ordinary PG Citizens, parents who have children in the school system? We are very skeptical.

  1. Dr. Eric J. Becoats is said to have left Charlotte-Mecklenburg in 2004, after he was accused of using school system property to conduct personal business, according to a 2010 report in the (Raleigh) News & Observer. (See Washington post)
  2. Dr. Alvin L. Crawley interim superintendent has not demonstrated his vision for the system during his short tenure and several students have died during this period. He has also not addressed our top priorities and does not seem to be Technology savvy . Dr. Crawley is also tied to Dr. William Hite jr in a variety of ways after he was hand picked to succeed him in a suspicious manner.
  3. Mr. Harrison A. Peters He became a chief area officer for the Chicago Public Schools in 2010, responsible for 12 high schools serving 11,000 students. He is the only finalist who does not have a doctorate, which is not required to be a superintendent in Maryland.  

Any hesitation not to challenge the selection process of the new superintendent in PG County school system would be a betrayal of the United States constitution and everything else that PG County citizens hold dear after what we have been through.

Ms. Verjeana Jacobs and company, you are free to appoint your friends who qualify, but we ask you not to appoint sycophants. Many are singing praises to you now but they don’t mean it. You need someone who will have the courage to tell you when you are naked.  And the fortitude to remind you of your human frailties should you think you are god! You have acted like God in the last several years and conspired in variety of ways including Washington plaza fiasco in which the county lost millions of dollars. The list is endless…..

In this International Year of Water Cooperation, make us shout with joy, as Ronald Reagan [1911-2004], US 40th President said, “Never has there been a more exciting time to be alive, a time of rousing wonder and heroic achievement…” Let this be our sputnik moments and help resolve grievances throughout the PG county system. We cannot move on as a county if we have grievances simmering in our closets.

PGCPS has never enjoyed a truly proper leadership and the democratic culture in PG County is not always transparent.  It would have been nice to see a diverse set of candidates including women and other minority groups even if the number would be limited to ten. Our wish is to see more interviews and an extension for recruitment of other candidates.  The process should include Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, this way, the Board makes a proper decision which is not based on selfish and egocentric values.  A new law which we advocated for was adopted by PG delegation in Annapolis in 2013 tries to decentralize power and set up checks and balances with procurement matters within the office of the County Executive.  However, this is not enough but it is a beginning for PG county.  Also House Bill HB1107  was established this year FOR the purpose of establishing the Task Force on the Membership and Operation of Prince George’s County Board of Education; We support this bill. PGCPS Board of Education does not and it is very suspicious why they do not support it. We hope the bill passes in both chambers.  It offers a chance to roll back the entrenchment of the Dr. William Hite legacy. Only then, finally, might the county silence a motto Dr. Hite once embraced, without a trace of irony: “L’état, c’est Moi.”

Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – President Barack Obama