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Dallas Dance Under Investigation


The state prosecutor is investigating former Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance, a source told the press on Friday.

The investigation started earlier this year. According to the source, the investigation is looking at Dance’s publicized relationship with a company called Supes Academy, specifically allegations of possible bribery scheme.

The consulting firm was involved in a kickback scandal with Chicago Public Schools that led to prison sentences for the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and a former co-owner of Supes Academy.

In 2014, an ethics panel for the Baltimore County School Board found Dance violated rules when he took a side job as a consultant with Supes Academy while he was superintendent of schools.

The Maryland state prosecutor said he cannot confirm or deny the investigation.

Dance served as Baltimore County schools superintendent for five years and resigned in April, with a very short notice of 60 days saying it was the right time for him and his family to move on.

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