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Calls for PGCPS executive’s resignation following secret pay raises


CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell

By Hawa Konte

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks wants CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell removed from the county’s school system, according to a press release from her office.

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Her announcement comes after WUSA9 first broke the story detailing secret pay raises to a number of central office workers in Prince George’s County, while teachers got nothing.

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Alsobrooks, who is a county executive candidate, released the following statement Thursday:

“While most jurisdictions are preparing to celebrate the accomplishments of children, parents and teachers, we find ourselves once again discussing issues that take the focus away from our children.

I believe that we cannot get back to focusing children, educators and families and what they need from us to achieve successes we know are within their reach, until Dr. Maxwell is removed as CEO of our school system. So, I am calling on County Executive Baker to ask for Dr. Maxwell’s resignation.

Mr. Baker and I have worked very well together over the last seven years, tackling many challenges we faced. This includes bringing the resources and salaries in the State’s Attorney’s Office on par with surrounding jurisdictions and something I am very proud of, reducing violent crime by 50 percent.

But this is one issue that we disagree on and I believe it must be done so we can get back to talking about the sacred obligation we have to educate our children and restore dignity and pride in our school system.”

Donna Edwards, a Prince George’s County executive candidate, responded in a tweet saying:

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