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Petition to County Executive Baker for trash removal Currently Underway!

Full trash bins in Prince George’s County

The petition which has already attracted over  5,481 supporters reads in part:

The decision to reduce trash pickup to once a week is having a negative effect in our community.  The smell of rotting garbage, neighborhood filled with overflowing trash receptacles, and the attraction of animal life is not what we the taxpaying citizens of Prince George’s County want or deserve.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen services and incentives for business such as National Harbor increase, while the services for our families such as leaf collections, school repairs, and now trash pickups have been cut back, without even having us be a part of the decision making process.  It’s time to have our voices be heard by the County Executive, and the Prince Georges County Council.  Not just at election time.

Sign up here >>> https://www.change.org/p/county-executive-rushern-l-baker-iii-we-want-trash-collection-in-prince-george-s-county-md-to-return-to-a-twice-a-week-schedule

Wusa 9 and NBC 4 previously covered the trash mess in Prince George’s County  as shown here and here.


County Executive Rushern Baker III is presiding a county with major trash problems this year.


Full trash bins in Prince George’s County



ALERT: Prince George’s Says SafeTrack Isn’t Its Problem


In less than 2 weeks, WMATA will shut down Metrorail service across the Anacostia River on the Orange, Blue, and Silver Lines for 16 days, as part of its SafeTrack repair program. This will impact tens of thousands of commuters in Prince George’s County, who will still need to get to their jobs in downtown Washington and northern Virginia. Instead of adequately planning for this impending transit disaster, County Executive Rushern Baker and the Department of Public Works & Transportation have decided to tell riders to fend for themselves. This decision reflects a stunning failure of leadership and crisis management on the part of the county government.

For more information, please read blog article on the subject.



Rushern Baker, P.G. County executive, didn’t get the memo


Mr.Rushern Baker III


By Deborah Simmons

The late Huey Long, a progressive and Democrat, knew well that “all politics is local” before the phrase became popular in the 1930s.

Long, who made a name for himself during the heyday of newspapers and radio, was good at it, too.

There’s no Kingfish grabbing voters’ attention this election season, although there are two Democrats, Bernard Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who use close impersonations of the progressive who crisscrossed Louisiana to rub the noses of the privileged class into the rural and muddied homesteads of the poor and disenfranchised. Long pushed his agenda all to way to Washington and a U.S. Senate seat.

Quality of life and other domestic issues were Long’s specialty, and he hammered them all year long — not just when he was vote-seeking. To the chagrin of many, such issues aren’t even on the Democratic Party’s front burner. So, here’s a head’s-up.

Locally, voters and taxpayers in Prince George’s County gave Rushern Baker a crimson-red X for failing the blizzard test, which left homeowners snowed in for days on end. Teachers and schoolchildren were severely affected.

The county executive, a black Democrat, got another red mark after school and police officials learned a former public school employee and volunteer named Deonte Carraway had been sexually abusing and videotaping children in Glenarden, a majority black town in majority black Prince George’s. At least 17 children were victimized, and some of the crimes happened on school and county government property. To date, three lawsuits draw the bull’s-eye on Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Mr. Baker and the school system get another red X, this time because a school bus was nabbed managing a pimp who was pimping a teenage girl.

The bust happened in Montgomery County, where school bus driver Raleigh McClam, 36, and Saivon Sharpe, 22, were charged with abusing and trafficking a 16-year-old. Mr. Sharpe also faces a firearm charge. Mr. McClam was released on $100,000 bond.

That he’s out and about puts considerable weight on Mr. Baker’s already heavy shoulders.

Here’s the gist of the sex-trafficking scheme: Mr. Sharpe asked the girl if she wanted to make money. He had sex with her. Mr. McClam put ads in the escort section of a classified ads website. The two men rented two hotel rooms in Montgomery County. The girl collected money for sex.

That Mr. Baker has three substantial marks for mishandling affairs that directly impact children and their well being does not bode well for his political future.

Prince George’s is term-limited, which means a third consecutive term isn’t in the cards for him. Mr. Baker could ponder a congressional run, a gubernatorial bid or another seat in the state legislature from whence he came — which seems unlikely.

No, Mr. Baker is a marked man. He’s a marked man not because he’s black. He’s a marked man not because he is a Democrat. He’s not even a marked man because he sucked up to the Hillary crowd. In fact, Mr. Baker endorsed former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, whose campaign for president petered out.

Mr. Baker is a marked man because he forgot that “all politics is local.”

He now needs to scramble to figure out the dollar and cents regarding all three X’s, and how he plans to take care of his family after he leaves office.

Perhaps Mr. Baker will emerge victorious by proxy in the Maryland Senate race since he turned his back on Rep. Donna Edwards and endorsed Rep. Chris Van Hollen to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski. We’ll find out when voters hit the polls on April 26.

In the meantime, Mr. Baker needs to crisscross the county and get stakeholders’ take on his Democratic way of doing business. Bringing big business to P.G. is great, but taking care of local politics means far more to families than a casino at National Harbor.

Their children deserve more — especially stringent background checks of adults hired to engage with them.

Pimps as school bus drivers? Pedophiles and sex abusers as volunteers?


Via  Deborah Simmons – Washington Times

Deborah can be reached at dsimmons@washingtontimes.com.



Bitter budget battle in Prince George’s ends with Rushern Baker waving a white flag. He surrenders finally.


By Arelis R. Hernández June 19 at 5:25 PM
Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) announced Friday that he will accept the 2016 operating budget approved by the County Council and not challenge it in court, bringing an end to the most bitter battle he has waged with the council since taking office.

In a statement, Baker said he decided to put the interests of county residents “ahead of a lengthy and divisive legal process” surrounding a section of county law that he and the council interpreted differently.

The litigation would have fostered “uncertainty and disharmony,” the statement said.

The council rejected Baker’s proposal for a 15-percent hike in the property tax rate to generate more funds for public schools. Baker then vetoed parts of the budget passed by the council, demanding a tax rate hike of 11.45 percent. But the council overrode that veto and stuck with a 4-percent property tax rate hike — the first in Prince George’s in more than three decades — and a 1.5-cent increase in the park and planning tax.

Baker went on a countywide tour this spring to drum up support for his proposal to raise taxes dramatically to generate $133 million for public schools. He argued that better schools would boost home prices, attract new families and businesses and improve the county’s regional competitiveness.

But he failed to convince residents or win cooperation from lawmakers. The council passed an alternative budget that cut most of the Baker’s new initiatives and eliminated proposed furloughs and layoffs.

Baker then said that the county was barred by law from adjusting his proposed budget by more than 1 percent — a contention that council members said was ludicrous.

In his statement, Baker said the controversy over school funding was evidence that “we are very passionate about this place we call home.”

via Washington Post


Baker endorses Van Hollen while majority of Council endorses Edwards.

Rep. Donna Edwards

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-4)


Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-8)

County Executive Rushern Baker III and the County Council may find themselves at odds once again.

Baker announced last Wednesday he has endorsed Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-8) for the U.S. Senate in the upcoming 2016 election, but some members of the County Council have chosen to go a different route and elected to endorse Donna Edwards (D-4).

Baker said he chose to endorse Van Hollen rather than Edwards, a Prince George’s County representative and native, because of their experience working together in the state legislature. The two have a history of working together, he said, and “rolling up [their] sleeves” on difficult issues.

“That’s the type of relationship I’ve had with Senator (Barbara) Mikulski. I know that Chris, going over to the Senate, will do that,” Baker said. “It was an easy decision in this respect. I don’t just know him as a name or as a congressman—I know him personally and I know the working relationship.”

However, all members of the Prince George’s County Council except for Councilman Todd Turner and Councilwoman Deni Taveras announced their support for Edwards at Prince George’s County Community College Wednesday.

Edwards thanked the council members for their support and said she looks forward to working with them at the Senate level.

“I am thrilled to stand with my partners on the Prince George’s County Council,” Edwards said. “Together, we have worked tirelessly to improve education, expand economic development, and stand up for our seniors. I thank them for their support, and look forward to continue working with them in the United States Senate.”

Mel Franklin, Chairman of the Prince George’s County Council, said he will stand with Edwards as works to stand in Senator Mikulski’s “trailblazing” shoes in her senate seat.

“Donna’s experiences and values have made her who she is today, a principled, progressive fighter with a unique, proven record of improving the lives of working families,” Franklin said. “That is what she has done in Prince George’s County, and that is what she will do for all Marylanders.”

Van Hollen said he is happy to have the support of Baker, as well as Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett who also attended the press conference where Baker made his announcement.

Van Hollen represents Congressional District 8, which used to include part of Prince George’s County as recently as 2013. In Congress, Van Hollen said he has done his best to give citizens the best opportunities to “live the American dream.”

>>> Read more 


Prince George’s County Council

Rushern Baker - Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

County Executive Rushern Baker III



Baker introduces new PGCPS schools chief.


Homecoming is the theme for Prince George’s County Public Schools new CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell. (Pictured above)

Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell returned to North Western high school in PGCPS where he served as principal more than a decade ago to be formally introduced Friday by Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) as the new schools chief.

“Welcome home,” said Baker, to applause. “Dr. Kevin Maxwell may not have started in the mailroom, but he did start in the classroom…he has learned every facet of school system operations in his journey, a journey which brings him back to Prince George’s County.”

Dr. Maxwell, who was lauded for his work in Prince George’s, Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties, will take the helm of Maryland’s second-largest school system after seven years leading Anne Arundel schools. (Read more Washingtonpost) (Read more Hyattsville patch)

In attendance were several senior delegation including  Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Maryland Senators, Delegates, Board of Educations members and senior county officials. Lt. Gov Brown praised Baker’s selection of Maxwell to take on the county school system. He said, “This is the right choice at the right time to lead the Prince George’s County school system to new heights.”

On his part, Dr. Maxwell said “I cannot do this by myself. I need every one of you,” he said to the crowd. “For every one of you who asks what are you going to do, I turn around and ask what are you going to do to help?” He further stated that,  “I’m here for the long haul,”. “I’ve lived here my whole life, I certainly expect to have my contract renewed in four years, and I expect to be here a good while.”

We at Reform Sasscer movement are very thrilled by the selection and look forward to supporting him and our other leaders within the county. Dr. Maxwell seems very articulate in several aspects and seem to understand what has been going on.  He brings a wealth of exeperience. Kudos to the County Executive Rushern Baker and his team!

See video of the event here

 Ceremony in Pictures

Lt. Brown -speaking

lt gov

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown praised Baker’s selection of Maxwell



County Executive Rushern Baker Introducing Dr. Maxwell

Board Chair

Board chair

Segun C. Eubanks, Ed.D. ~ BOE Chair speaking to the invitated Guests.


Mr. Christian Rhodes  ~ Education Policy Advisor at Office of the Prince George’s County Executive.


From left, Dr. Segun Eubanks, chair of the PGCPS Board of Education, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, New PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell and Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker.

NEW ss


 Prince George’s County Public Schools new CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell speaking.

Board Chair 3 Lt. Gov BROWN & OTHERS Board Chair 3 Board m Board Members Board members2 BOE -Members4 BOE County staff Curtis Lt. Gov BROWN & OTHERS Lt. Gov1 Lt. Gov-Brooks Lt.Gov Mingling- PG Mingling2 New Board Chair Rhodes Senators

County, State Leaders Welcome New Prince George’s Schools Chief in Pictures.


It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. ~ Nelson Mandela