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Welcome 2016


As We have said before, Writing on the last day of the year obviously opens up choices. One can either look back to the year just ending, or look forward to the agenda ahead. Many thanks to God almighty for all he has done.

Writing about education is interesting, but it can also be depressing. Sometimes it feels like being a hamster on one of those wheels. So as we close out 2015, We must remember that, the present and future are always informed by the past; therefore priorities one may wish to set for 2016 will be shaped largely by the events and experiences of the preceding period.

Our biggest wish for the coming year is that we will do away with impunity. The year 2016 presents us with the best chance to face our challenges as one people—the people of Prince Georges County, state of Maryland and the world. This is because the challenges have never been clearer to a majority of our people. Insecurity, runaway corruption, decaying institutions, a wanting legal infrastructure, economy whose growth is seen in the stock market and corporate profits but not in the lives of our people and safeguarding the constitution are some of the most immediate challenges we will have to address. There is good news in the growing number of citizens who believe that the Prince George’s  county is heading in the wrong direction and the chosen few are milking the system to the detriment of many. It means we have no option but to change course in 2016.

Here we are not talking just about the impunity that places those in positions of leadership above the law and gives them licence to rob, loot, rape and plunder our national and county coffers.

We have in mind a more insidious culture of impunity that afflicts not just the political leaders, but the general citizenry as well.

We are all guilty of impunity, or aiding and abetting impunity by remaining silent about the crimes all around us.

As motorists, we speed, jump traffic lights, and overtake dangerously.

We accept that motorbike, taxis, Buses etc can operate in violation of all traffic laws.

We turn a blind eye to drunk-driving and make noise when police try to enforce the law.

And we buy immunity for our silent when we allow a culture of impunity to continue, pillaging leaders on the mere basis that we elected them.

As we move towards unto the future, let us give diplomacy, strategy and dialogue priority over rhetoric and tough talk that has defined our relationship with our traditional friends in recent years. Its our hope that in 2016, we can operate on an understanding that we all mean well for the county, State, country and the world, that we can disagree without being disagreeable, that we can listen to each other and talk to each other rather than at each other. Let us be vigilant for our counties, states, countries and the world, stand up for our rights and defend the Constitution. Let’s exercise care, protect and save lives over this New Year period. Happy New Year, everyone.

Welcome 2016!

Empty Road To Upcoming 2016 At Sunset

Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun to upcoming 2016 and leaving behind old 2015.