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Fiasco as Maryland Panel Recommends Dereck Davis for New State Treasurer

Del. Dereck Davis caused major fiasco in Maryland when he unleashing kleptocracy in Prince George’s (PG) County when he spear headed HB1107 law to change governance in PGCPS and steered his wife to be a Deputy CEO of PGCPS in charge of special education funds running into millions of dollars. PGCPS School districts lost millions of dollars in questionable circumstances, problems which continues to date.

Annapolis, Md. (Reform Sasscer) In a major shock and an embarrassment to the state of Maryland, a panel of Maryland state lawmakers voted Monday to recommend Del. Dereck Davis to become the state’s next treasurer without proper checks and balances.

The Special Joint Legislative Committee to Select the State Treasurer voted 10-0 for Davis, a Prince George’s County Democrat who has been the House Economic Matters chairman for many years.

The panel heard from four candidates who are seeking the position before voting on the recommendation. The other three candidates are Jorge Cortes, Joseph Zimmerman and John Douglass.

All four names will be submitted to the Maryland General Assembly, which is scheduled to vote on selecting a new treasurer during a special session of the legislature, which is convening next week for a special session on redistricting to create a new congressional map.

The treasurer’s office is becoming vacant with the retirement of Nancy Kopp.

Del. Dereck Davis faced mounting pressure to resign after unleashing kleptocracy in Prince George’s (PG) County when he spear headed HB1107 law to change governance in PGCPS.  (See the story here) Prince George’s County has been abuzz with allegations that officials within the Maryland delegation have engaged in racketeering, money laundering, and other criminal activities—including scheming to enrich themselves at the expense of the children of the county and the wider population.

The Maryland treasurer holds one of three seats on the state’s powerful Board of Public Works. The treasurer also leads several key state boards and financial planning committees, including the Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an unprecedented event in which we demand a transparent investigation of Del. Dereck Davis and rejection of his candidacy to be Maryland treasurer. Call your elected officials now and the law enforcement community to stop this advanced public corruption emanating from Prince George’s County and affecting the entire state of Maryland. Don’t take it lightly.