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Bad leadership! Prince George’s Co. faces $75 million civil rights lawsuit and more

William “Billy” Murphy Jr., Malcolm P. Ruff and the family of Demonte Ward-Blake outside Wayne K. Curry Administrative Building in Largo, Md., on Feb. 21. (Keith Alexander/The Washington Post)

By Keith L. Alexander: The family of a man who was left paralyzed in 2019 after a Prince George’s County police officer allegedly slammed the man to the ground during a traffic stop has filed a $75 million federal civil rights lawsuit against the county.

About two dozen family members and supporters of Demonte Ward-Blake, including his mother and aunts, joined Baltimore-based attorneys William “Billy” Murphy Jr. and Malcolm P. Ruff in announcing the court action Monday at a news conference.

The lawsuit, which also names former Prince George’s County police corporal Bryant W. Strong as a co-defendant, alleges Strong used excessive force on Oct. 17, 2019, when he slammed Ward-Blake to the ground after pulling the 24-year-old over for driving a car with expired tags. Ward-Blake’s girlfriend and her 6-year-old daughter arrived later at the scene.

Officials said Ward-Blake became agitated during the traffic stop and tried to flee as officers removed him from the car and handcuffed him. That move, officials said, prompted Strong to pull him to the ground. Ward-Blake hit his head on the ground, his attorneys said, breaking vertebrae in his neck and spine and leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

Murphy called the lawsuit an “indictment of the racist, unlawful and unchecked pattern of practice of excessive force of the Prince George’s police.” Ruff added that “addressing police misconduct” was a key initiative for the firm. “We will never back down from this core mission in the face of this type of flagrant police violence directed at Black and Brown people,” Ruff said.

A spokesman for Prince George’s County Police Department referred calls to the county. Gina Ford, a spokeswoman for the county, declined to comment.

Murphy is no stranger to federal lawsuits involving police officers. In 2015, Murphy secured a $6.4 million settlement with the city of Baltimore after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in police custody. Gray’s death set off days of civil uprising across the city.

Murphy also represented the family of 43-year-old William Green, who was shot six times with his hands cuffed behind his back in the front seat of a police cruiser by then-Prince George’s Cpl. Michael A. Owen Jr. Owen was charged with second-degree murder in Green’s death and his case is scheduled to go to trial next year.

In 2020, the county agreed to pay $20 million to Green’s family, which at the time was one of the nation’s largest single settlements involving someone killed by law enforcement.

In the Ward-Blake case, a grand jury last year indicted Strong on charges of second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. Strong is scheduled to go on trial in May.

In their 40-page filing, Ward-Blake’s attorneys argued their client was unarmed at the time of the arrest and alleged the officers did not seek immediate medical attention for Ward-Blake after he was injured. The complaint also included a photo of Ward-Blake lying in a hospital bed with a neck brace and tubes to his throat and mouth.

“This image of Plaintiff Demonte Ward-Blake as he lay in shock trauma on a respirator, is the tragically foreseeable outcome of a failed and biased system of policing in Prince George’s County, to which County leaders turned a blind eye. Plaintiff Demonte Ward-Blake paid the ultimate price for their unacceptable apathy,” the attorneys wrote in the complaint.

Ward-Blake, who was using a wheelchair, died in 2021 at the age of 26 after injuries he sustained in a shooting in District Heights in November 2020. Ward-Blake was shot three times in his abdomen, according to police reports. A second person with Ward-Blake was shot in the jaw and upper torso.

The lawsuit alleges in a wrongful-death complaint that Ward-Blake’s paralysis contributed to his death, leaving him unable to flee the shooting or protect himself and that his body was already in a weakened condition as a result of his spinal injuries sustained during the traffic stop.

Murphy and Ruff allege that Strong had been the subject of multiple excessive force investigations by the department before his interaction with Ward-Blake but that supervisors within the department did not take appropriate action. The attorneys said Strong was cited in an internal review, known as the Michael Graham report, that was made public in 2020. The report cited Strong as one of the officers that received numerous excessive force complaints within the department between 2016 and 2019.

Murphy and Ward-Blake family members criticized county officials and encouraged individuals to register to vote — not only to replace elected officials who have failed to address police brutality issues but also to ensure jury pools, drawn from voter rolls, are diverse.

Murphy accused the Prince George’s government of not protecting the rights of its citizens, but stopped shot of criticizing County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks (D) who he said has done the “right thing” by addressing police brutality within the department. But he added that more work needs to be done.

The attorneys and Ward-Blake’s family repeatedly proclaimed the number 653, which they said was the number of days Ward-Blake lived while using a wheelchair.

“We’re here for a Black life that mattered,” Murphy said. “Demonte Ward-Blake’s life mattered. The Black and Brown lives of Prince George’s residents who have been repeatedly victimized by police officers here in this county for decades now, their lives matter. ”

Via Washington Post and WTOP


Maryland Lawmakers Elect Prince George’s County Del. Dereck Davis State Treasurer

Del. Dereck Davis, at right, marks his secret ballot in the General Assembly’s election for state treasurer on Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (Reform Sasscer) — Maryland lawmakers elected Del. Dereck Davis on Thursday to be the state’s treasurer.

The General Assembly held the vote at the end of its four-day special session on redistricting to redraw the state’s congressional map.

Davis, a Prince George’s County Democrat, has been a member of the Maryland House of Delegates since 1995 and has served as chairman of the House Economic Matters Committee.

While we as authors of this blog have our reservations about Del. Dereck Davis candidacy as Maryland treasurer, we have to respect the decision of the lawmakers. Even though there are issues and violation of rights, we can work those as time progresses in Prince George’s County and in Maryland as a whole. If Dereck Davis and his friends do not resolve our grievances, God almighty will take care of our issues on our behalf. There is a greater power out there! We will continue to work hard in everything we do. Our humble opinion is that, the Maryland State Treasurer role should be elected by the voters statewide and not by close connected friends who can easily be swayed with money. At this point, no one knows where Delegate Dereck Davis stands on improving the Beltway in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties and other issues. Maryland voters must raise up and demand changes to the old status quo and request for their voices to be heard on this important position directly in the ballot.

The essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in an election. However, constitutional democracy in our time requires majority rule with minority rights. Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, expressed this concept of democracy in 1801 in his First Inaugural Address. He said,

All . . . will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect and to violate would be oppression.

In every genuine democracy today, majority rule is both endorsed and limited by the supreme law of the constitution, which protects the rights of individuals. Tyranny by minority over the majority is barred, but so is tyranny of the majority against minorities.

There are reports by fellow lawmakers that, he would have made a truly great speaker of the Maryland General Assembly. That is one reason why he got the offer to be state treasurer so he would no longer be a threat to be Maryland speaker Adrienne Jones. The speaker was very scared by Dericks influence in Maryland and had to find a golden parachute for him. We will keep our folks informed as time progresses.

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Delegate Dereck Davis on his selection as the next Maryland State Treasurer,” said Gov. Larry Hogan in a statement. “Throughout his nearly 27 years in the House of Delegates, Dereck has served the people of Prince George’s County, and our entire state, with integrity and distinction.”

“Dereck and I have always had a great relationship. I look forward to welcoming him to the Board of Public Works, and working with him to continue changing Maryland for the better,” the governor said.

The treasurer holds one of three seats on the state’s Board of Public Works, along with the governor and comptroller.

The treasurer also leads several key state boards and financial planning committees, including the Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems.

Davis was elected to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of longtime Treasurer Nancy Kopp.

 Maryland House of Delegates chamber after Del. Dereck E. Davis (D-Prince George’s) was elected as Maryland’s next state treasurer.
state senators cast their secret ballots in the Senate chamber, and then Senate Secretary Nicole Xander carried the ballots across the hall to the House of Delegates, with a small contingent of lawmakers and senate staffers.


Edward Burroughs submits resignation from PGCPS school board after pressure.

Edward Burroughs III, seated at center, poses outside of the Prince George’s County administration center in November 2018 with other members of the county school board. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

By Washington Post

Prince George’s County school board member Edward Burroughs III (District 8), who nearly a month ago launched his campaign for County Council, said he resigned his seat on Monday then officially filed paperwork to run in the special election to replace Monique Anderson-Walker (D-District 8).

According to Washington post, Some residents and politicians had criticized Burroughs, who was elected to the board at 18, for campaigning while still technically on the school board. Maryland law says a school board member “may not be a candidate for a public office other than a position on the county board.” Burroughs said his interpretation of the law was that he had to resign only once he officially filed to run.

A letter from Burroughs, dated Dec. 6 and addressed to members of the board, said his resignation was effective immediately. Burroughs said in an interview that he delivered the letter to the Prince George’s Sasscer Administration Building, then went to officially file his candidacy with the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections could not immediately confirm that Burroughs had filed.

Burroughs, 29, has for years been a vocal critic of the county’s Democratic establishment on the board. The liberal bloc of members of which he is a leader last year gained a majority on the board after years in the minority, which Burroughs, an energetic campaigner, has cited as one of his accomplishments.

The special election — which will mostly be conducted by mail — will have a primary Jan. 4 and final vote Feb. 1. Other candidates who have filed to run include former County Council member Tony Knotts, Jerry Mathis, Sidney Gibson and Vernon Wade. The registration deadline is Tuesday.

Anderson-Walker, a first-term council member, resigned last month after being tapped as Peter Franchot’s running mate in the governor’s race.

School board member Belinda Queen (D-District 6) has also faced criticism for campaigning for council while on the school board.

Queen, who said she plans to run for the District 6 seat in 2022, said she also believes she is legally allowed to remain on the school board until she files paperwork that makes her run official. She added that she has consulted with the Board of Elections about the issue.

“I want to finish my commitment,” said Queen, who has until Feb. 22 to file. “I made a vow to my constituents.”

Via Washington Post


In ordinary language, especially in the media, it is often stated that politics is dynamic, referring mostly to the decisions of some leaders regarding political transfuguism as a phenomenon. There must be compelling reasons forcing it to be in feverish and incessant activity which made Mr. Burroughs to resign under pressure. We probably going to hear more as the theoretical construction and practice evolve in the next few weeks. For those who are not aware, Mr. Edward Burroughs III took advantage of the Unions representing workers in the county. However, he kept their shenanigans under the table as they oiled his campaigns over the years. This oversight damaged many employees and caused untold suffering to many Mr. Edward Burroughs III might never know in life. It was the union shenanigan which led to the current ethic violation which the PGCPS Board has refused to make public among other things. In this case, Change is good for the entire county.

In addition, Mr. Burroughs used well connected employees, some political leaders and our expose in this blog to advance his political career and only chose which parts to expose to the media. This left major scandals in the closets which did not anchor well with many in the community who knew the issues including several key issues highlighted in this blog. The worst case on his part was to mislead some employees, fellow board members and other unethical drama as highlighted elsewhere. All in all, he did somethings well and others very poorly. We forgive him as he resigns from the county school system. The rest of the young board members who remain in the PGCPS school board, must learn from his failings and adjust accordingly. It’s the young people in society who lead the change without fear or favor and can—and often do—make a serious impact on the world. Youth is the spear of the nation everywhere in the face of the earth.

As Mr. Burroughs III engages to run for county council seat in District 8, let us say a firm NO to these kinds of retrogressive thoughts and behaviors. Healthy relationships (between men and women as well between human beings of all gender, age and ethnicities) should be FOUNDED and BUILT on TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY. Not deception. When a man who has lived his life hiding his properties from his spouse dies suddenly without a will, and/or the will is fraudulently altered by another person, his children that he might have been hiding the properties for are the ones who suffer. Live your lives HONESTLY. I’m a genuine Pan-African revolutionary. I do not believe in dishonesty, deception and conmanship. I believe in the liberation of EVERYONE including that of women.

Teachers and administrators in Prince George’s county and elsewhere must stay engaged and run for various political seats if they can and hopefully make a difference in their communities.



Prince George’s County educators say they’ve hit breaking point amid staffing shortage

UPPER MARLBORO, M.d. (FOX 5 DC) – Prince George’s County educators and school employees say they’re understaffed and overworked, and it’s reached a breaking point.

About 200 people came out for a rally organized by the school labor unions Thursday evening ahead of the school board meeting.

“We’re overworked,” said Kendra, a Highland Park Elementary Kindergarten teacher who opted not to give her last name. “Testing, still having to cover classes, students who are coming in sick. We’re the nurses, we’re the therapists, we are everything right now.”

When asked what would help the most, she replied, “Support and understanding.”

The district says currently there are 400 teacher vacancies. Dr. Donna Christy, President of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, said staff often have to cover extra classrooms when there aren’t enough substitutes.

“They are absolutely exhausted,” Christy said. “They can’t handle the workload and they’re breaking. I’m hearing on a daily basis people ready to quit.”

READ MORE: Prince George’s County parents concerned federal government is tracking their kids on social media

The union has a list of demands including hiring more support staff and providing teachers with more planning hours. They also want to feel heard by the administration.

“Taking us seriously when we say that the workloads are too much,” Christy said.

It’s not just teachers who are feeling overworked.

“There’s a lot of individuals in the school with the bus system-they’re doing double and triple runs,” said Martin Diggs, President of ACE-AFSCME which represents support staff. “If the parents could just be patient with those individuals because those bus drivers really are the heroes of the day.”

READ MORE: Teen gunned down in Upper Marlboro as violence continues to rise in Prince George’s County

A school district spokeswoman said in a statement:

“Amid the ongoing pandemic our school system is not unlike others across the nation in that we are feeling a pinch filling critical positions, from school bus drivers to cafeteria workers to teachers. While our number of active substitute teachers remain comparable to prior years, public safety and health concerns have fewer ready to engage. We are continually working with our team to attract new talent and ensure fully staffed schools.”

Some at the rally later spoke in front of the school board.

via Fox 5 Washington DC.


For those in the working sector, organized labor unions fought for better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. The labor movement led efforts to stop child labor, give health benefits and provide aid to workers who were injured or retired.

However, ASASP Union and Maryland State Education Association for quite sometimes led by senior officers over the years has been working to derail efforts in Prince George’s county working in an organized scheme. We must say no to this shenanigans in order to help turn the county around. The power of labor unions in general rests in their two main tools of influence: restricting labor supply and increasing labor demand. … Since a higher wage rate equates to less work per dollar, unions often face problems when negotiating higher wages and instead will often focus on increasing the demand for labor.

Modern unions have shifted their focus to a number of targeted issues and work with management to protect the interests of its members in those areas.

  • Job Stability. One of the most fundamental issues for union leaders and members is long-term job stability as PGCEA is currently doing. …
  • Pension Protection. …
  • Collective Bargaining as shown by current leaders in PGCEA.

Prince George’s Co. names task force to recommend changes, study school board roiled by controversy

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks recently named a controversial task force to review the Maryland school system’s Board of Education and issue recommendations for revamping a board roiled by it’s own “controversy, petty squabbles and allegations of misconduct.”

“Over the last several decades, our Board of Education has continued to switch between an all-elected board, an all-appointed board and the current hybrid model, along with increasing in size, without achieving the intended outcome of having a Board that functions collectively with the best interests of students, teachers and our entire school system at the forefront of all they do,” Alsobrooks said in a statement Tuesday (November 9, 2021).

Alsobrooks said the purpose of the task force is to “study best practices regionally and nationally and deliver recommendations to County leadership that will guide us in creating a Board structure that facilitates collaboration and helps us continue to move our school system forward.”

The 14-member task force includes an official with the U.S. Department of Education, representatives from two teacher’s unions, the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, and the county’s chapter of the NAACP. (The full list of members is below).

The group will have its first meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., and it will be streamed online.

Alsobrooks’ office said all meetings will be virtual and open to the public, and the group is expected to provide a report with recommendations to Alsobrooks by Jan. 14.

Alsobrooks said she formed the task force “working in collaboration with the County’s State House and Senate Delegations and the County Council.”

The Prince George’s County Board of Education is made up of nine elected members, four appointed members and one student member.

While officials in the county have pointed to dysfunction going back years, conflicts on the board — largely between a group of elected members and the appointed board chair Juanita Miller — came to a head earlier this year.

Six board members over the summer sought to remove Miller, who Alsobrooks appointed in January, filing a petition with the Maryland State Board of Education, accusing Miller of “misconduct in office” and “willful neglect of duty.”

Miller, for her part, alleged “serious ethics infractions” against those same board members.

Allegations against those members included that they pushed a union-friendly resolution regarding school construction projects after receiving campaign contributions from a construction workers’ union, and that they hired a lobbyist to advocate for a change to the board’s structure to remove the appointed members.

In a closed-door meeting this summer, an ethics panel made up of five private citizens called for censuring or removing the members over the purported violations.

But the board members vigorously denied them, and The Washington Post reported in August that the ethics reports were riddled with “misleading information and factual errors that undermine some of the allegations.”

In August, Miller, the board chair, was unable to get enough votes from the rest of the board to formally accept the ethics findings, essentially bringing matters to a stalemate.

The Maryland State Board of Education — which Alsobrooks urged to review the ethics reports — said it couldn’t look into them until they were accepted by the board.

The 14 members of the Prince George’s County School Board Transformation Workgroup are:

  • Bishop Kevin V. Gresham Sr., senior pastor, Greater St. John Cathedral
  • Amity Pope, Citizen Representative
  • Nakisha Yates, former PGCPS teacher, current PGCPS parent
  • Dr. Donna Christy, president, Prince George’s County Educators Association
  • Dr. Sean T. Coleman, associate professor, Bowie State University, Department of Education Studies and Leadership
  • Christian Rhodes, chief of staff, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education
  • Verjeana McCotter-Jacobs, chief Transformation Officer, National School Boards Association
  • David Harrington, president and CEO, Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Melanie Gamble, president, Prince George’s County Association of Realtors
  • Pokuaa Owusu-Acheaw, managing director of Legislative Affairs, Maryland State Education Association
  • Linda Thornton Thomas, Prince George’s County Branch, NAACP
  • Sue Livera, retired educator, Citizen Representative
  • Doris Reed, executive director of the Association of Supervisory and Administrative Personnel
  • Dr. Rosa Delia Smith, director, Prince George’s Community College at University Town Center.


The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it’s impossible for one to change their character, even if they will try very hard. The expression, sometimes also used as “a leopard can’t change its spots”, is used to explain the idea that no one can change their innate nature. The controversial officials who have been part of the problem and engaged in various misconduct in the past and ongoing coverups involving the courts cannot be trusted to make sound judgements or shoot themselves on the foot.

In this case, the county leadership made serious mistakes by appointing the following officials to be part of the committee after being part of the problem over the years.

1.) Doris Reed, executive director of the Association of Supervisory and Administrative Personnel.

2.) Verjeana McCotter-Jacobs, chief Transformation Officer, National School Boards Association. Ms. Jacobs left PGCPS due to her reckless behavior.

3.) Christian Rhodes, chief of staff, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education.

4.) Maryland State Education Association should be excluded after various misconduct involving it’s officers over the years starting with Ms. Dudley.

Call your elected officials now and the law enforcement community to say “No” to continuous public corruption in the Prince George’s county public schools. Enough is enough.

Important Period for Reforms and a Chance for New Leaders to Emerge.


Glenard S. Middleton Sr (center) has been interfering with the union grievances across Maryland. Mr. Middleton works closely with Ms. Theresa Dudley to prejudice workers while pretending there is hope. This is unacceptable in 2020 and beyond.

Largo, (Reform Sasscer) – Dear Prince George’s County residents in Maryland, 2020 will be an important year for the Reform Sasscer Movement.  We have already launched several new initiatives focusing on democratic transition while continuing to fight to expand democratic space and build international solidarity with students, teachers and democracy activists around the world.

As we start the New Year, let us learn that if anyone commits a crime against us as a people, we must never forgive him/her/them until s/he/they PUBLICLY apologize UNCONDITIONALLY, seek forgiveness and atone for his/her/their crimes. Only then will there be JUSTICE.

Crimes Dr. Monica Goldson, Angela Alsobrooks, Theresa Dudley, Alvin Thornton, Christian Rhodes, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Dr. William Hite Jr, and Dr. Lillian Lowery have committed against PG County residents for which they must publicly apologize and make restitution in 2020:

1) Election interference (both general and for the Union leaderships.)
2) Directing torture.
3) Bribing lawyers.
4) Plunder.
5) Interference in the court system by bribing judges.
6) Subversion of the Constitution.
7) Disobedience of court orders.
8.) Interference in arbitration and in turn making the unions useless.
9.) Facilitation of public corruption in the county at the expense of the county citizenry.
10.) Cover up of crimes to willfully prejudice victims.

Don’t just shout about the fights in the school system, economy, corruption and high commodity prices. Yell against the brutalization and the above violations by the despots led by Dr. Monica Goldson’s criminal goons. Life is more precious than anything else. Protect life and human dignity. Fight against tyranny.

During the struggle for freedom and substantive justice, some former patriots like Edward Burroughs III, District 8 and David Murray, District 1 will fall by the wayside and join the oppressors while new freedom fighters like Lisa Williams will emerge from their ashes. We must FOCUS on the STRUGGLE. They are willing to sponsor legislation to support Colin Rand Kaepernick an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent.  They supported Colin Rand Kaepernick’s protest of racism and injustice, but they will not support their own constituents who fights to make the county a better place.

The younger leaders whom we promoted heavily in the past, such as Edward Burroughs, who formerly led the struggle for change have suddenly gone cold and joined the despots. This is possibly due to tokens they may have received. They no longer question the obvious violations which are well known. County citizens should question them, call their offices and demand answers as to why they have dimmed their candles. On the same level, call  Mr. Glenard S. Middleton Sr, Senator Van Hollen, Senator Cardin and other leaders to demand answers as to why union corruption has been very high in areas they control across the state. Request them to address judicial corruption among other forms of corruption and to advocate for independent judiciary in Maryland.

Corruption is undermining judicial system in Maryland and the District of Columbia in cases involving the Union due to public corruption, denying citizens access to justice and the basic human right to a fair and impartial trial, sometimes even to a trial at all. Equal treatment before the law is a pillar of democratic societies. When courts are corrupted by greed or political expediency, the scales of justice are tipped, and ordinary people suffer. Judicial corruption means the voice of the innocent goes unheard, while the guilty act with impunity. A corrupt judiciary in Maryland erodes the international community’s ability to prosecute transnational crime and inhibits access to justice and redress for human rights violations. It undermines economic growth by damaging the trust of the investment community, and impedes efforts to reduce poverty. Most corruption in Maryland is directed by union officers working in conspiracy with elected officials.


Mr. Glenard S. Middleton Sr Elected International Vice President in 1986 for the Capital District (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia) is engaged in questionable violations widely. He needs to retire or resign ASAP.

Mr. Middleton Sr is the Executive Director, Maryland Council 67 and President of Maryland Public Employees, Local 44. Elected International Vice President in 1986 for the Capital District (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia). He is currently Vice President of the Maryland-DC AFL-CIO. Active in rights, community and political organizations. However, his local role has been to obstruct justice and interfere with the smooth running of local unions. He and Mr. David Helfman who is MSEA executive director controls PGCEA’s Theresa Dudley, ACE AFSCME Local 2250 and aspects of MSEA agents involved in major public corruption in Maryland. Mr. David Helfman and his staff have been facilitating the worst misconduct in Maryland using attorney Mr. Damon Felton and others tied to them in Annapolis.


David Helfman

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC or Commission), the agency charged with the interpretation and enforcement of this nation’s employment discrimination laws of the Constitution vests powers to among other things:  take steps to secure appropriate redress where human rights have been violated. Yet so-called Independent Constitutional Bodies have deliberately defanged themselves through unjustified and inexcusable fear and compromise including all of them operating in the Prince George’s County including the local court system.

Patriots: Here is a simple formula for defeating all the despots, organized cabals, plutocrats, cartel dynasties, thieves and land grabbers of our closed schools and the parks:

1) Dominate all SPHERES especially the social media.

2) Disrupt and DECONSTRUCT them 24/7.

3) Mobilize and protest peacefully.

Don’t allow anyone to discourage, distract, compromise or sabotage you or our liberation and freedom struggle. The organized cabals and so-called dynastic families such as the Dr. Monica Goldson, Theresa Dudley, Alvin Thornton, Christian Rhodes, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Dr. William Hite Jr, and Dr. Lillian Lowery, Rushern Baker III, Angela Alsobrooks and Jack Johnson Families have messed up Prince George’s County and plundered our resources for many years. Say #Enough!

Don’t attack Lisa Williams. The struggle for liberation is not a wedding ceremony or a religious ritual. The struggle requires fearlessness. It is important for new leaders to emerge and run competitively against the current leaders who are in bed with despots. Teachers and government workers must stand up and fight for what is right – and run for elections themselves. By giving people a choice, we make democracy stronger.

Fellow citizens: You don’t need permission to organize and mobilize yourselves. You don’t need permission to speak or express yourself. You have the RIGHT to speak, move and gather peacefully as enshrined in the United States Constitution. Celebrate and protect all your rights and freedoms. At the moment, it is unacceptable for children in PGCPS to be left standing on the street for exorbitant amounts of time because PG County leaders have not spent the time or funds to ensure they have enough bus drivers to get students to school.

Most parents work and schools start around the same time most parents have to be at work. For parents who leave prior to the school start time, their children are left to wait on the street in the rain and the cold for buses that may or may not show up. This treatment is disrespectful, dangerous and uncouth. The Prince George’s county, the Prince George’s County Public Schools and the individual schools need to do something about this. When parents go into the schools to complain about the fact that a bus didn’t show up, they tell them to call transportation. Transportation takes their information and you never hear back from them. Please sign the petition here and call all your elected officials now. Tell them corruption in Prince George’s County led by despot Dr. Monica Goldson and minions is unacceptable, out of control and must be addressed.

True revolutionaries will not and cannot reject new genuine recruits. All we want is to END TYRANNY and DEFEAT TYRANTS here in Prince George’s County. It should not matter how we defeat them. Prince George’s County residents want GENUINE SUBSTANTIVE justice. It’s time to say NO to the shenanigans.

Currently, several Maryland leaders have been charged with illegal activity, this time for federal wire fraud and bribery totaling nearly $34,000!

This is yet another example of elected and appointed officials thinking they are above the law!

We are getting ready to build our war chest now so we can hit the ground running in 2020, recruiting and encouraging quality candidates and letting voters know how the Maryland corruption operate!


Look at the current track record of illegal activity in Maryland at the moment, all within the last year:

Last week, Cheryl Glenn was charged with federal wire fraud and bribery

In November, Catherine Pugh, plead guilty to fraud

In October, Tawanna Gaines was charged with federal wire fraud

Voters deserve to know what these crooked elected officials have been up to all year!

With your future contribution and support for this blog, we will add you to our list of supporters who are standing against the elected officials’ and culture of corruption in Maryland. Together we are going to start a center of innovation and to help bring a culture of civility around the world and save the bees from extinction around the world.

There has been a long list of corrupt elected officials breaking laws and pleading guilty – almost like they’re making their own dirty dozen!

Call your local elected representatives and state officials. Demand answers ASAP on PGCPS willful misconduct led by Dr. Monica Goldson, Angela Alsobrooks, Theresa Dudley, Alvin Thornton, Christian Rhodes, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Dr. William Hite Jr, and Dr. Lillian Lowery. Tell them that, the public corruption currently in progress in Prince George’s County  and in Maryland must end ASAP! Demand corrective actions immediately.

Together, we will hold all elected officials feet to the fire on illegal activities and win back seats for good leaders in our Old Line State!

With the partnership of the many democrats we work with, we look forward to these endeavors and many others. But most of all, we wish you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful new year 2020.


The Reform Sasscer Movement Secretariat Team

Patriots: Organize and Mobilize! #Resist #PrinceGeorge’sProud #VotethemOut #DrMonicaGoldsonResign #Happy2020 #RevolutionNow #DespotsMustFall #Aluta #Continua! Viva!


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years. #DespotsMustFall


County-Executive-Angela-Alsobrooks covered up public corruption and promoted Dr. Goldson to be PGCPS CEO when she knew about corruption she was engaged in. #DespotsMustFall


Theresa Dudley (PGCEA) and Doris Reed (ASASP) are major drivers of the current public corruption in Prince George’s County. If they cannot press the administration to address the issues known to them, they must resign their roles.


Senator Paul Pinsky who became a member of the Maryland Senate in 1994 surely could do more to fight racism and help reform Education in Maryland without prejudicing anyone. Looking out the other way as staff and other workers in Maryland are prejudiced is not the answer!


Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested #DespotsMustFall


Charlene Dukes to Retire Amid Corruption Allegations And Self Dealings.


Dr. Charlene Dukes, endorsed wrongful terminations after she was awarded about $10 million to start a charter school within the Prince George’s County community college by Dr. William Hite Jr as part of quid pro quo.#DespotsMustFall

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) Dr. Charlene Dukes President of Prince George’s County Community College is retiring ahead after her public corruption syndicate was exposed by this blog recently, Reform Sasscer Movement blog has confirmed.

Dukes submitted her retirement plans and issued a press release letter Wednesday to the Board of Trustees office and the community. The retirement will become official in June 2020, according to the information received and a senior aide familiar with the Duke’s decision.

Duke, became the institution’s eighth and first female president on July 1, 2007, is expected to be sued for public corruption anytime this year for conspiracy and other related charges in the United States. Dukes’ abrupt departure will spur a special  initiation of a national search for the ninth president of the College. Duke has been President for community college since 2007.

Duke has been accused of misusing the office of the community college to benefit her friends and family and interconnected offices including abuse of office ever since she was the President of the Maryland State Board of Education.  Dr. Charlene Dukes, tenure as the Maryland State Board of Education facilitated public corruption which is ongoing and endorsed wrongful terminations after she was awarded about $10 million to start a charter school within the Prince George’s County community college when hearing concerning PGCPS corruption was in progress.

These malicious activity was part of quid pro quo due to a reward to her by conspirator Dr. William Hite Jr among others. A Motion to recuse her due to many conflicts of interests requesting her to step aside was presented to her and she refused in 2012.

In addition to these allegations, there are numerous violations which involves the unions in Prince George’s County and other counts tied to her and corrupt legal officials in Maryland. There is evidence that Dr. Thornton’s role is driven by dirty politics in order cover up misconduct within the Prince George’s county public schools and in Maryland. Long before County Executive Alsobrooks made the announcement for Mr. Thornton to be the new PGCPS new Board Chair, this troubling revelation was already known. Dr. Thornton has links to the President of Prince George’s County Community College, Dr. Charlene Dukes.

One of the most pivotal moments in the unearthing of her shenanigans actually, is when Dr. Hite and Dr. Dukes engaged in a scheme and awarded 10 million dollars to start a charter school in Prince George’s County Community College to “assist students with double diploma”, in the latest twist in the ongoing public corruption.


Dr. William Hite (seen here) and Dr. Dukes engaged in a scheme and awarded 10 million dollars to start a charter school in Prince George’s County Community College to “assist students with double diploma”#DespotsMustFall

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Below is the full news release Published: October 30, 2019

After serving as president of Prince George’s Community College for 13 years, Dr. Charlene M. Dukes announced her retirement effective June 30, 2020.

A champion of teaching, learning, and student success, Dr. Dukes guided the realignment of organizational structures and program offerings to create connections between and among the three key components of the 2019-20 Strategic Plan: student success, regional impact, and organizational excellence.

President Dukes will leave an everlasting legacy at Prince George’s Community College.

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Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested #DespotsMustFall