The Prince George’s Circuit Court of the Maryland Judiciary is hosting a virtual community conversation

Upper Marlboro: (Reform Sasscer) – Prince George’s County Courts plans to host a virtual community forum to Thursday February 24th, 2022 to discuss a variety of issues on how Guardianship, youth care, services for people in need and other topics in order to provide better services.

The forum on February 24th, 2022 are part of an assessment to identify any gaps in cases involving conservatorship, youth care, services for people in need. A statement from the Administrative Office of the Courts said. The public is invited to join the forum but must register to attend as part of zoom online application.

The forum comes at a sensitive time, when this blog exposed an array of corrupt activities based on how County Executive Angela Alsobrooks has been misusing the Prince George’s County court to exploit or manipulate the rules for certain folks tied to her including CEO Dr. Monica Goldson to the detriment of county employees among many other violations· These diabolical activities involve paying off clients lawyers and interference with court officials including judges.

These situations are devastating to the individuals and their families and authorities must do everything they can to ensure our court professionals are trained. They must also be equipped to serve and at the same time punish officials operating under color of law for selfish interests. For example,  Attorney (Mr. Mitch Batt) uses the court system to enrich himself willfully to the detriment of his clients. To achieve the diabolical agenda, corrupt lawyers led by Mr. Batt are working closely with Mrs. Shani Whisonant (PGCPS Lawyer) and others tied to the administration to game the system.

JUDICIAL CORRUPTION. All sectors of society rely on the courts to sanction corrupt officials, politicians, citizens and businesspeople, who steal resources and weaken integrity in public and private life. When the judicial system is corrupt, justice cannot be done.

Two type of Judicial corruption

The two most common types of judicial corruption are political interference and bribery. Political interference is when politicians or staff from the legislative or executive branch meddle in judicial affairs or collude with judges in fraudulent schemes.. … The second most common form of judicial corruption is bribery. Both of these are very widespread here in Prince George’s County.

More to come!

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks has been using the Prince George’s County court to exploit or manipulate the rules for a certain folks tied to her including CEO Dr. Monica Goldson

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