Vigil planned for Deceased PGCPS Suitland teacher

SUITLAND, Maryland (Reform Sasscer) — The Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Suitland Community is grieving the loss of Mrs. Alethia Wilkin.

Mrs. Wilkin was a coordinator at Suitland High School for some time and her presence was well felt.

When we gather to mourn, we tell stories about the person who died and make little speeches about them, which helps build an image of the person that you take with you: They may be gone, but this is who they were. Grief is the reaction we have in response to a death or loss. Grief can affect our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Below is a sample of some reactions from some of her friends and others who might have known her.

According to friends Kelly Kellz, Alethia was loved by her students and by those that got to work with her throughout the years. “She was an amazing woman. This one is tough. Hurts so much,”said Kelly.

My son told me about this. He is a Suitland Alumni. She was admired by her students,”said Valorie White-Jones

Wilkins was probably one of the nicest teachers I knew. She was so happy to come to Suitland, she just loved it here,” said Tom.

We never know the lives we touch… met her when Sam was in Kindergarten… he was in school with her son for 4 years… This is heartbreaking She made everyone Feel “YOU MATTER”, another parentManda Standardsaid.

 “She’s one of those teachers that expected a lot out of you. But she was there for you 100%,” said Jones who interacted with her in middle school. “If you needed help, she would do whatever she needed to do, she loved teaching, she loved her students.”

“Wilk was an inspiration to many students and faculty. She was our super woman, our shero and just a great Woman of God. I’m in such disbelief. Please remember her family. Her son is a senior at Flowers,” said Angela Michelle Gaskin

“Well I had no idea they were going to use my FB post. “Wilky”, as we called her, was more than an educator, she truly became my sister. My daughter became an educator because of her. I wanted to be feel some type of way because I wasn’t her inspiration, but I can only strive to influence as many lives as Alethia did. My heart is torn into a million little pieces…said Deidra Speight

“Seems as if she touched so many lives during her short time here on this earth. I pray that others will pour into her children the same way she did for others and may they gain peace and understanding,” said Robin Rubain

“Wilky molded me into who I am today and stood beside me even after graduating to see where I would go and who I would become. I love her dearly. I, along with so many others, are hurting behind this loss. To say I’ll miss her would be an understatement,”said Kendra Speight

Community members will gather on the Football Field inside Suitland High School to remember Mrs. Alethia Wilkin 5 p.m. Friday, February 25, 2022. Everyone is encouraged to wear school colors (Red/Black/White). Balloons are not permitted-Candles will be provided for the occasion.

May her soul rest in perfect peace and light forever.

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Late Mrs. Alethia Wilkin


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