Convicted murderer works at Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy said she hired a convicted murderer because he went through a re-entry court program that helps transition incarcerated individuals back into society.

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – A convicted murderer is working at the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office. Arthur Miles was a teenager when he was accused of killing a pizza delivery driver in Largo, Maryland. He spent 29 years behind bars before being released.

When FOX 5’s Sierra Fox asked Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy why she hired him, she replied that Miles went through a re-entry court program that helps transition incarcerated individuals back into society. 

Braveboy said she wants her office to lead by example and be a model of change in the justice system giving second chances.

“Mr. Miles and everyone else deserves an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a returning citizen and he and others like him have proven that redemption and restoration is real.”

FOX followed up and asked if someone with a criminal background can work for the State’s Attorney’s Office, and she replied, “It really just depends on how – whether or not the individual is in a position – meaning that they have no further relationship in our office in terms of whether or not they’re going through any type of court process.”

“So as long as they are no longer involved in an active case in our office, Prince George’s County doors are open to all individuals, residents of the county who want to contribute to our community,” Braveboy said. 

Braveboy didn’t confirm Miles’ exact position and title but says he does entry-level clerical work which could be anything from answering phones to handling records and evidence.

The Prince George’s State’s Attorney says Miles’ does not have access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and very few people do.

“I don’t even access the NCIC database. There are very few people in our office… Generally, it’s our investigators who have access to NCIC,” Braveboy explained. 

FOX asked if him being an employee with a criminal background would impede on any cases her office works on, and she said, “Absolutely not.”

Back in 1990, Miles was one of two people charged in the death of a Domino’s pizza employee. Reports reveal the victim was shot once in the chest after Miles attempted to rob him. He allegedly ordered pizza by phone to lure the delivery driver to a vacant house in Largo, Maryland.

FOX also spoke with Miles’ attorney, Robert Biddle, who says his client is qualified for his current role at the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s office because of the extensive program he went through.

“Mr. Miles was the first – to my knowledge – juvenile lifer to be evaluated to get admitted to that program and accepted to that program. And prior to him working in the State’s Attorney’s Office – he went through that entire program and did an outstanding job,” Biddle said. “He was monitored extremely carefully, so this is not a situation where someone walked out of prison and into the State’s Attorney’s Office to work there. 

“He went through a grueling, detailed, I would compare it to evaluating people to be astronauts, program to be evaluated to be released, and he was selected among many candidates.”

A tipster revealed to FOX 5 that Braveboy went to high school with the convicted murderer who now works in her office. When FOX questioned her about it, she said, “He attended the same school that I attended, however, we did not run in the same circle. So, I did not know Mr. Miles prior to his case appearing in my office as a case we would look into.”

Via Fox5 DC

See original coverage of the case here

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