Alsobrooks files to run for reelection as Prince George’s County Executive

County Executive Alsobrooks pictured at the Prince George’s County Board of Elections office where she was issued her official certificate of candidacy.

Largo, Maryland: (Reform Sasscer) – Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks filed for re-election on Wednesday February 9th, 2022 to lead the Prince George’s county, Maryland a second time.

Her paperwork for re-election was done the day after we highlighted in this blog on February 8, 2022 that, she was violating the law willfully after thousands of dollars in excess contributions for her campaign review showed.

Her run is themed “Further Together,” which her campaign said comes from an African proverb she always quotes — “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The message is aimed in part at tamping down those citizens who had an assumption that Alsobrooks was about to withdraw and not seek reelection given her waning popularity and other potential hopefuls.

Her focus, according to a news release, will be to “build on the strides that she has made in education, COVID-19 response, improving government services, making our communities safer, and expanding access to quality health care.”

There was chatter last year that Alsobrooks would make run for Maryland governor, but she dismissed those claims after major fiasco became public. The debacle involved Board of education members after they were set up and questionable ethical issues advanced under duress and intertwined with power struggle to dim their lights within the school Board.

Alsobrooks has been county executive since 2018. The Democratic politician is the first Black woman to serve as the County Executive of Prince George’s County. Prior to winning the election, she served as a State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County from January 3, 2011 to December 3, 2018. She was an Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s county, 1997-2002 and worked under former County Executive Jack Johnson’s tutelage who was engaged in illicit affair with her under questionable standards.

However, a scandal involving County Executive is surely what makes the headlines. Besides the fame and fortune, the former County Executive Jack Jackson era was associated with illicit affairs and other violations that led to various controversies some of which are ongoing.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks lately as a lawyer has engaged in questionable violations of law and should know better. In recently submitted recommendations of the Prince George’s County Education task force to the Maryland legislature, there are problems which needs to be corrected.

First, instead of returning full control over the superintendent to the Board, as every other school board in the state has, Alsobrooks should have recommended a legislation to “redefine” the board’s powers. The current redefinition as submitted would leave in place all (or nearly all) the unilateral powers of the CEO under current law, effectively preventing oversight of the superintendent by the board hence advancing public corruption which is currently in progress under CEO Monica Goldson “Goldson”. This must be removed entirely.

Second, the Education task force made no recommendation regarding the filling of board vacancies. Under current law, vacancies are filled by the County Executive. The task force advanced by close working friends either overlooked this or decided to leave it in place to dupe the public in order to continue their shenanigan willfully and under color of law. If the school board is to be fully returned to the people of Prince George’s county, an amendment is needed to return to prior law and fill vacancies by special election and not appointments done by County Executive Alsobrooks who has been advancing violations.

Third, there is need for Union accountability in the Prince George’s county especially for the Union Executives. There has been too much misconduct swept under the rug. The Unions and the union executives have too much power and have been abusing it. 90% of elected officials in Maryland have union backing and can’t make them accountable due to conflicts of interests. They should not be above the law.

Even among those in close touch with Alsobrooks’ innermost circle, interpretations about her intentions vary. One Democrat involved in campaigns said they couldn’t think of a single person they had spoken to in the last month who thought she was going run again to be a real one due to all the ongoing willful violations.

People who are on the candidates’ list for Prince George’s County Executive as of Thursday include Democrats Lawyer Moisette Tonya Sweat, Angela Alsobrooks, Leigh Bodden, Billy W. Bridges and Sherman R. Hardy.

Prince George’s County’s primary election is scheduled slated to take place in June 2022.

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