PGCPS Teenagers rob a man who shoots one of them, Bowie police say

Bowie, Maryland: (Reform Sasscer) – A victim of an armed robbery in Bowie, Maryland, on Tuesday took matters into his own hands, when he shot a Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) teenager in apparent self-defense during the attack, police officials said.

Bowie police said the man was approached by four male teenagers armed with handguns around 5 p.m. in the 14900 block of Health Center Drive, close to the University of Maryland Health Center. Police said the teens robbed him and then demanded his car keys.

At that point, “the victim was able to produce a handgun and fired in what we believe to be self-defense, striking one of the robbery suspects,” said John Nesky, chief of the Bowie Police Department, during a news conference Wednesday.

The victim is described as a 38-year-old man who had a registered handgun from another state.

The alleged robbers are all juveniles from PGCPS school system. The one who was shot is 17 years old, and his three counterparts are between 15 and 17, Bowie police said in a statement Wednesday.

Two of the suspected robbers ran off, including the teen who was shot, while the other two fled in a stolen car. Police were eventually able to catch up to all four.

Dane Gayle, 17, of Bladensburg, Jonathan Burgess, 16, of Upper Marlboro, and Jaden Jones, 17, of Hyattsville, have all been charged as adults. A 15-year-old male has been charged as a juvenile.

Police found the 15-year-old near the health center and Jones, who had been shot, inside the center. Nesky did not give an update on Jones’ condition but said he doesn’t believe his injuries are life-threatening.

Gayle and Burgess drove off in a car that had been stolen in Virginia. Prince George’s County police later found the car and chased it, resulting in a crash in Glen Dale around 9 p.m. Tuesday. Nesky said he did not believe there were any injuries in the crash.

Describing the suspects as “dangerous individuals,” Nesky said Bowie police are coordinating with Prince George’s County police and neighboring jurisdictions to see whether the suspects are tied to any other cases in the area.

Nesky said a confluence of factors is likely driving a recent surge in juvenile crime.

“I don’t have all the answers, but if you look at the adult population, and the rise in assaults and bad behavior and frustrations, think about dealing with that as a juvenile and lacking the maturity to process some of the things that are happening in the world today,” he said.

“If you don’t have those support systems, if you don’t have any other kind of boundaries or guardrails in the system, you’re going to get these kinds of actions, I think,” Nesky said.

Police are investigating the incident to see if it is related to similar incidents in the region.

He also said communications between other jurisdictions have been “vibrant and constant.”

At least 10 juveniles were killed last year in Prince George’s County, Maryland which was the worst year for teen violence in the county since 2008.

County Executive Alsobrooks engaged in crimes herself has recently implored the community to come together to “disrupt the cycle of violence that is growing again.”

According to Alsobrooks, for example, there have been 162 carjackings in Prince George’s County. She acknowledged on or around January 11th that, juveniles are responsible for 96 of them.

“And so this tells us a lot about where we’re headed. And we must do something right now to disrupt it,” Alsobrooks said.

Dr. Monica Goldson a CEO for PGCPS who was selected through public corruption has never spoken publicly about the out of control fights and public corruption sweeping quietly through the school system. These willful violations include closing down schools ready for real estate option, paying off lawyers, siphoning money off to friends and family etc. Prince George’s county citizens must raise up and demand answers without delay. These out of control fights and other purposeful disregard are not fair to county residents, their families and United States.

More and more violent behavior from students these days, the students need help and they are NOT getting it! More needs to be done to safe lives. To be effective, violence prevention programs require community-wide collaborative efforts led by school system leader that include students, families, teachers, administrators, staff, social and mental health professionals, law enforcement, emergency response personnel, security professionals, school board members, parents and the businesses. The school system leader takes an active role to effect change and not hide in the closet and wish these problems away. Dr. Monica Goldson “Goldson” has failed to provide proper leadership style for sometime! It’s time to advance changes without fear.

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Dr. Monica Goldson is the most scandal-ridden politician CEO in PGCPS history. This is her soft underbelly. Those who’ve joined her and others protecting her shenanigan have many corrupt skeletons in their cupboards. We will expose ALL in the coming weeks. They are going to wish they never joined politics. Watch this space. As a CEO for PGCPS, she was selected through public corruption and has never spoken publicly about the out of control fights and public corruption sweeping quietly through the school system as a corrupt leader. She is also not responsive to parents needs and many are being blackballed within the system affecting parents, teachers and students due to retaliation.

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