Billy Townsend: A Handy Guide to the Latest Education Scandal in Florida – Similar to PGCPS

Blogger Billy Townsend (Public Enemy #1) here summarizes the latest Florida education scandal.

Similar scandals and related public corruption are going on right here in Prince George’s County, Maryland in plain sight. Prince George’s County scandal is much more comprehensive than Florida Model education scandal, from top-to-bottom. It reveals and culminates a 10-year reign of wicked, uninspiring cynicism and misuse of children, teachers, and communities by people like Dr Charlene Dukes who retired Amid Corruption Allegations And Self Dealings and her even more powerful patrons in her shenanigan conspirator Dr. William Hite Jr and covered up by facilitator agents of Union Crime and Public Corruption in Maryland. (Corrupt education empire).

Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years! Since the exposure of her illegal activities, she has engaged in cover up as despot and unfair to the communities. It’s hard to reconcile an Administration that says it is doing everything in its power to keep us safe with the routine punishing and silencing of those who reveal risks to our safety. How does PGCPS silence its employees? By employing abusive tactics designed to cover up incompetence and risk.


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