Pr. George’s School Board Chair Hangs on for Now as Public Corruption advances

The Prince George’s County Public Schools headquarters in Upper Marlboro.

Upper Marlboro, Md: (Reform Sasscer) – A petition that sought to remove the head of the Prince George’s County Board of Education has been dismissed, though it is expected to be re-filed soon.

Six members of the county school board, along with some county residents, had filed the request to remove Board Chair Juanita D. Miller with the State Board of Education in July 2021, after tensions on the board reached a high due to high level public corruption advanced by current CEO Dr. Goldson.

In an order sent to school officials on Wednesday, State Board of Education President Clarence C. Crawford wrote that the request had been dismissed because it wasn’t properly filed.

State law requires a petition for removal to include a detailed affidavit with specific details describing actions that could constitute a ground for removal from office. The petition filed by the board and community members did not include an affidavit, so was required by state law to be dismissed, Crawford wrote.

The petition was dismissed without prejudice, which means it can be re-filed. On Wednesday, the complainants said they were planning to re-file the petition soon.

The standard for removing school board members is high, requiring petitions to prove misconduct in office, immorality, incompetence, willful neglect of duty, or failure to attend meetings.

In the petition, board members said Miller had a continual pattern of making unilateral decisions on behalf of the board and that her behavior interfered with the board’s ability to function.

“I trust that our Board will now move forward with more collegiality and student driven issues in carrying out our fiduciary responsibilities,” Miller said in a brief emailed statement to the press on Wednesday.

Progressive members elected to the school board and Miller, who was appointed to her position by County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks (D), have repeatedly clashed during Miller’s tenure due to public corruption which is ongoing fiasco.

A task force empaneled to explore potential changes in the structure of the school board has tentatively recommended doing away with the board’s four appointed members.

‘Enough is enough’

Members of the General Assembly and other county leaders as recently as last year said, they were fed up with the school board’s clashes and the never-ending battles between Miller and the elected members. (She once referred to her younger colleagues in an interview as “the children.”)

They say privately that they regard the board as a whole to be an embarrassment for Prince George’s county and a poor example for students.

Although there is talk of yet another change to the board’s structure (currently, four members are appointed and nine are elected, along with one student member), there is no guarantee that the General Assembly will approve any proposal that is put forward due to public corruption behind the scenes. Any changes that are adopted would likely take months or years to implement due to conflicts of interests involving some of the elected officials in the county.

To resolve the bad blood in the short term, several county leaders had concluded last year that outside help was warranted but it is not enough due to the CEO Dr. Monica Goldson driving the very corruption herself.

“Enough is enough,” one member of the legislative delegation said recently.

Alsobrooks has met with individual members multiple times. But, in an interview with the press last year, she said she lacks the power to force the warring factions to settle their differences and behave professionally. Since that time, a former Board member Mr. Edward Burroughs III from District 8 has since resigned and elected to become a new council member.

Some of the public corruption highlighted was part of the ethics committee’s allegation that board members voted to expand a “$500,000 Construction Contract” with the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) without disclosing campaign contributions that some members received from the organization.

The agreement was cast as an attempt to steer contracts to union-approved firms and there are many other violations which are being covered up. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

History will remember some of these corrupt leaders in a FOOTNOTE, as one of those citizenry who TRANSFORMED from a progressive activists to a MISERABLE PUPPETS for a tyrannical regime.

Their EPITAH will read: “Here Lies a man or woman who had the opportunity to be great but chose his or her BELLY.

Like the colleagues with whom she has feuded in recent past, Miller appeared weary of the whole thing.

“This is not what I signed up for,” she told the press recently.

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Dr. Monica Goldson is the most scandal-ridden politician CEO in PGCPS history. This is her soft underbelly. Those who’ve joined her and others protecting her shenanigan have many corrupt skeletons in their cupboards. We will expose ALL in the coming weeks. They are going to wish they never joined politics. Watch this space. As a CEO for PGCPS, she was selected through public corruption and has never spoken publicly about the out of control fights and public corruption sweeping quietly through the school system as a corrupt leader. She is also not responsive to parents needs and many are being blackballed within the system affecting parents, teachers and students due to retaliation.
The Prince George’s County Public Schools headquarters in Upper Marlboro.


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