Save PGCPS Community Based Classroom Alternative High School NOW!!

Upper Marlboro, Saccer Building: – Reform Sasscer – A petition has been launched to plead and reach out to the Prince George’s County Board of Education to stop the shut down of specialty alternative programs and specifically Community Based Classroom (CBC)! At risk youth need option!

It reads:   

“Community Based Classroom (CBC) alternative high school has been successfully working with at risk seniors to earn their high school diplomas since 1989. The school has graduated thousands of students that would not have received a high school diploma without this program in place. We cater to the at risk 5th and 6th year senior who failed to graduate at traditional high schools. 

The data speaks for itself! With a graduation rate of 95% and an attendance rate of 93% (school year 2019-20) it is clear that our program works! By providing highly qualified teachers to deliver engaging in person instruction our students are motivated to gain the skills they need to get their diplomas and make a plan for their futures. We are the ONLY school that offers a flexible schedule for students with children or full time jobs providing morning, afternoon and evening classes. Students only need to attend school for the classes they need to graduate. 

Prince George’s County Public Schools proposed budget for school year 2023 does away with specialty alternative programs in lieu of a North and South hub high school stating that they are providing bigger and better programs. Don’t be fooled! There is no place for our students at the new 9-12 high schools. These hub schools will NOT give them the flexibility or support needed to successfully graduate. Our students will end up in online Edgenuity classes in which they lack the motivation needed to finish classes. Thousands of at risk youth will fail to graduate high school if CBC is shut down! 

Sign our petition now to SAVE CBC!!! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! Reach out to the Prince George’s County Board of Education today to stop the shut down of specialty alternative programs and specifically Community Based Classroom (CBC)! At risk youth NEED OPTIONS!!  

“There is just no other school like CBC based in the community in Prince George’s County, Maryland for students who need another chance.  CBC really gave me a different mind set for things in the future. CBC really helped me raise up my grades higher than I ever expected them to be. So honestly, CBC would be a great decision for other students who need another chance without any reminders of their past mistakes. Not only am I graduating from high school but now I am looking at attending college.” ~Current Student Erik L.

View CBC’s website here:

Petition details:


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