PGCPS Single Parent, County Advocate, and Global Influencer, demands equality.

Shaunesi DeBerry, former PG County Parent, former PGC-NAACP 2nd VP, and Global Influencer decided to create a petition for the teachers and admin.

Bowie town center, (Reform Sasscer); A PGCPS Single Parent, County Advocate, and Global Influencer, Shaunesi demands equality for the safety of the PGCPS Teachers and Administrators as COVID-19 continues to grow rapid through the county and globally.

On Sunday December 20, 2021, Governor Hogan explained on CNN his disagreement with Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) going virtual due to the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases. However, on December 21, 2021, Governor Hogan Contracted COVID-19. He has stated his symptoms are mild. However, Yvonne Brown longtime PGCPS English Teacher, Parkdale High School educator was unavailable for a statement, She lost her life to COVID-19.

 Shaunesi DeBerry, previously Prince George’s County Parent, former PGC-NAACP 2nd VP, and Global Influencer decided to create a petition for the teachers and admin in the county.

Ms. DeBerry, a single mother of two former PGCPS honor students has been heavy in helping the PGCPS school system connect the missing links between Parents, Teachers and Students states that:

“I’m a honorary Prince Georgian and a single mother of two daughters. We moved to PG from North Carolina because it’s marketed to be one of the wealthiest counties for African Americans to progress. We don’t have any blood family. The only village my daughters have is a make up of PGCPS teachers, administration, security guards, janitors etc.”

For over 6 years I’ve worked with everyone from Dr. Goldson, PGCPS Board members, PGCPS Building Services to do walk throughs and clear up safety concerns pre-COVID 19.

Those buildings were unsafe before the pandemic, they definitely aren’t safe now! If Central Office and the students can stay home, why can’t admin and teachers not do the same?

“If I have to tell my daughters one of their honorary family members have contracted this deadly virus, it’s going to break my heart and theirs. In the middle of the holidays we are creating unwarranted anxiety and depression, that’s an emotional distress and it is illegal! I won’t stop until they fix this.”

DeBerry’s Petition went viral in less than 48 hours with over 19,000 views and over 500 shares. See below for the link to support the staff of PGCPS during this scary time:




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