MD Gov. Hogan Gets COVID-19, Blasts School District’s Decision To Go Fully Remote

Prince George’s County Public Schools begun testing random groups of students for the coronavirus around October, whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Upper Marlboro – (Reform Sasscer); Prince George’s County Public Schools will move fully to remote learning through Jan. 18, and recently, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan made it known: He’s not for it.

Hogan, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, said it’s a “big deal and terrible mistake and something that we’re very opposed to,” according to NBC Washington.

“We all want to keep our kids safe but we’ve got protocols in place. There’s a hundred cases in Prince George’s County out of 131,000 students.”

PGCPS started closing all buildings starting yesterday Dec. 20 and will move to virtual learning for three days ahead of their winter break which will start on Dec. 23 due to multiple fights by students running uncontrollably throughout the district.

Schools will remain in virtual learning through Jan. 14. They will return in person on Jan. 18, following Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Students in the K-6 Virtual Learning Program will return Monday, January 31.

“Over the past few days, I have remained in daily contact with the Prince George’s County Health Department regarding appropriate steps for maintaining safe environments across more than 200 school communities.” Said Monica Goldson, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer of PGCPS who was selected under a cloud of public corruption.

Last week PGCPS saw a high of 155 cases of COVID-19 reported in a single day among students and staff even though there has been a growing movement among the students and staff to take a break due to these many fights which have gone amok.

It becomes the largest school district in the country to go close all of its schools and turn to remote learning due to the pandemic and other issues combined.

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