Major PG Parents Protest Potential Closure of PGCPS County Elementary Schools

Woodmore ES PTO started this petition to Prince George’s county board of education.

“Why would you want to close down a school that’s got smaller class sizes, better testing scores? It just kind of didn’t really make sense to me or any of the other members on the PTO,” one mother said. Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins reports above.

Largo, Md. (Reform Sasscer)

The official description was underutilized and/or too old to repair….. Closing schools is ridiculous. In the future Prince George’s County residents will need to shift boundaries to fill them but every school around the county is at 110% capacity or higher and loaded with temporary buildings. The population has grown not decreased. There is something which does not seem to pass the mastery and pure thuggery may be going on in many ways in our view. You don’t close schools in the midst of population boom. There is something else prevailing. Let us have transparent investigation concerning the original issues we raised. The younger progressives need to figure out what is happening and then lodge a public protest without fear. Everyone knows that, DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) is a hot real estate market and without a strong or proper oversight with the raising population, corruption might have played a major role to sell off some of the schools. There Is Very Limited Inventory and Lots of Buyers. The top reason why the housing market is so high right now has to do with limited inventory, or supply. It’s one of those fundamental concepts even a child can comprehend. … Sure, home prices were significantly lower, but inventory wasn’t all that great.

As mentioned, when it comes to existing homes, supply is small. The COVID-19 pandemic hit just as the 2020 spring selling season was about to kick off — and the coronavirus situation prompted some homeowners to hit the pause button, creating a shortage of existing homes. This trend is going to continue on for a while.

 There is already a petition started recently to protest the closure of one school. It reads:

“The Prince George’s County Public Schools Board contracted a Vendor to evaluate over crowding and under crowding in PG County public schools. The Vendor evaluated 184 schools based on the age of the school, renovations and enrollment to determine which facilities need to be closed, renovated or rezoned. The vendor produced a report providing 3 scenarios to address the Boards concerns. 

If adopted, and under the third and most aggressive scenario, Woodmore Elementary would be permanently closed. 

There are several material concerns with the study. Primarily, the study did not take into consideration the new construction on Church Rd, future growth or the school performance. Closing a successfully functioning school and rezoning the students to an under performing school is wanton.

Woodmore Elementary School is a higher performing school than its surrounding schools. The only schools that rank higher than Woodmore Elementary School are PGCPS Specialty Program Schools that receive additional funding and operate in much better facilities. 

Woodmore Elementary School is ranked #12 in the county and #248 in the state.  The schools that are currently in the proposal to move students to, if Woodmore Elementary School is closed, are Kingsford Elementary School and Northview Elementary School.

Kingsford Elementary School is currently ranked #53 in the county and #532 in the state.

Northview Elementary School is ranked #105-#140 in the county and #640-853 in the state (essentially not ranked).

If Woodmore Elementary School is closed, students would be re-zoned into schools that are performing at a substantially lower level, despite the fact that residents living in the 20720 and 20721 zip codes pay a disproportionately higher share of county property taxes.

The Prince George’s County Public Schools owes its community a better solution. Please sign our petition to the County School Board to let them know we want to keep our local community school open.” (See here)

Call your elected officials now and the law enforcement community to stop this advanced public corruption emanating from Prince George’s County and affecting the entire state of Maryland. Don’t take it lightly.


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