Edward Burroughs submits resignation from PGCPS school board after pressure.

Edward Burroughs III, seated at center, poses outside of the Prince George’s County administration center in November 2018 with other members of the county school board. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

By Washington Post

Prince George’s County school board member Edward Burroughs III (District 8), who nearly a month ago launched his campaign for County Council, said he resigned his seat on Monday then officially filed paperwork to run in the special election to replace Monique Anderson-Walker (D-District 8).

According to Washington post, Some residents and politicians had criticized Burroughs, who was elected to the board at 18, for campaigning while still technically on the school board. Maryland law says a school board member “may not be a candidate for a public office other than a position on the county board.” Burroughs said his interpretation of the law was that he had to resign only once he officially filed to run.

A letter from Burroughs, dated Dec. 6 and addressed to members of the board, said his resignation was effective immediately. Burroughs said in an interview that he delivered the letter to the Prince George’s Sasscer Administration Building, then went to officially file his candidacy with the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections could not immediately confirm that Burroughs had filed.

Burroughs, 29, has for years been a vocal critic of the county’s Democratic establishment on the board. The liberal bloc of members of which he is a leader last year gained a majority on the board after years in the minority, which Burroughs, an energetic campaigner, has cited as one of his accomplishments.

The special election — which will mostly be conducted by mail — will have a primary Jan. 4 and final vote Feb. 1. Other candidates who have filed to run include former County Council member Tony Knotts, Jerry Mathis, Sidney Gibson and Vernon Wade. The registration deadline is Tuesday.

Anderson-Walker, a first-term council member, resigned last month after being tapped as Peter Franchot’s running mate in the governor’s race.

School board member Belinda Queen (D-District 6) has also faced criticism for campaigning for council while on the school board.

Queen, who said she plans to run for the District 6 seat in 2022, said she also believes she is legally allowed to remain on the school board until she files paperwork that makes her run official. She added that she has consulted with the Board of Elections about the issue.

“I want to finish my commitment,” said Queen, who has until Feb. 22 to file. “I made a vow to my constituents.”

Via Washington Post


In ordinary language, especially in the media, it is often stated that politics is dynamic, referring mostly to the decisions of some leaders regarding political transfuguism as a phenomenon. There must be compelling reasons forcing it to be in feverish and incessant activity which made Mr. Burroughs to resign under pressure. We probably going to hear more as the theoretical construction and practice evolve in the next few weeks. For those who are not aware, Mr. Edward Burroughs III took advantage of the Unions representing workers in the county. However, he kept their shenanigans under the table as they oiled his campaigns over the years. This oversight damaged many employees and caused untold suffering to many Mr. Edward Burroughs III might never know in life. It was the union shenanigan which led to the current ethic violation which the PGCPS Board has refused to make public among other things. In this case, Change is good for the entire county.

In addition, Mr. Burroughs used well connected employees, some political leaders and our expose in this blog to advance his political career and only chose which parts to expose to the media. This left major scandals in the closets which did not anchor well with many in the community who knew the issues including several key issues highlighted in this blog. The worst case on his part was to mislead some employees, fellow board members and other unethical drama as highlighted elsewhere. All in all, he did somethings well and others very poorly. We forgive him as he resigns from the county school system. The rest of the young board members who remain in the PGCPS school board, must learn from his failings and adjust accordingly. It’s the young people in society who lead the change without fear or favor and can—and often do—make a serious impact on the world. Youth is the spear of the nation everywhere in the face of the earth.

As Mr. Burroughs III engages to run for county council seat in District 8, let us say a firm NO to these kinds of retrogressive thoughts and behaviors. Healthy relationships (between men and women as well between human beings of all gender, age and ethnicities) should be FOUNDED and BUILT on TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY. Not deception. When a man who has lived his life hiding his properties from his spouse dies suddenly without a will, and/or the will is fraudulently altered by another person, his children that he might have been hiding the properties for are the ones who suffer. Live your lives HONESTLY. I’m a genuine Pan-African revolutionary. I do not believe in dishonesty, deception and conmanship. I believe in the liberation of EVERYONE including that of women.

Teachers and administrators in Prince George’s county and elsewhere must stay engaged and run for various political seats if they can and hopefully make a difference in their communities.



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