ENHi-ABW4AEZ62a.jpgHappy New Year 2020!

A clean, competent, caring, accountable, inclusive and honest local government.

That is what Prince George’s County have missed these past several years.

It is what we must aspire for in 2020 and close our dangerous dance with the Angela Alsobrooks regime.

We open 2020 with excitement brought by the changes at the Board of Education for Prince George’s County in which young leaders were selected to join forces with the young leaders elected by the citizenry in 2016 to help shape the county forward.

The new team at PGCPS Board deserve praise for restoring some hope and credibility of the local Board Elections. However, much remains to be seen as some of the young leaders within the PGCPS Board have gone silent for unknown reasons.

Over the years, new team at PGCPS Board have given us something to smile about in a year dominated by gloom.

As stated before in the past, the success with the local Board elections here in the county underscores one important point: public officers who fail credibility test must be removed from office no matter who benefits from their stay.

Other than the local Board election, it is difficult to pinpoint 2019 successes with real impact on Prince George’s County citizenry. In 2020, we must address the issues with HB 1107 Law which created the hybrid board of Education.

Corruption commandeered our county in 2019 in a way we never imagined led by some of board members themselves spearheaded by Dr. Monica Goldson, Board Chairman Dr. Alvin Thornton and Union Executives who chose to benefit unjustly under the table.

Top county local government officials enjoying the patronage of the County Executive joined ranks with elites in big business to plunder public resources for the schools in complete disregard of the long-term interests of our County here in Prince George’s County. CE Angela Alsobrooks chose to ignore issues of organized schemes and facilitated the worst misconduct in the history of Prince George’s County. We have never seen the kind of cover ups advanced by the county and state officials working in together to defeat justice.

This conspiracy produced a tiny wealthy class in just a few years whose members can buy the latest model of anything at any price anywhere around the world and contribute anything anywhere while the rest of the population struggle to get basic resources. This list included the Union Executives led by Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA) President Theresa Dudley, Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) Executive Director Doris Reed, the Executives at the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA), Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland attorney general and others tied to them.

From this corruption, all misfortunes flowed.

Community activists got excluded from the local government because they were viewed as enemies who would disrupt the eating. On Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 Goldson was tapped as the system’s official leader of PGCPS amidst the opposition by Josephat Mua as the press and elected officials in the room watched and ignored his concerns. However, nothing was done to launch investigations of the allegations he raised.  Court personnel in Maryland were bribed to make unfavorable rulings which continues to this day with the epic center being court of special appeals for Maryland. Several attorneys and law firms starting with the Thatcher Law Firm, PK Law, Bryan Chapman, The O’Neal Law Firm, Raouf Abdullah and others were bribed to mislead the courts willfully.  If this circle of corruption is not broken, it will continue for many years and cause untold suffering in Maryland and United States.

There are public officers who have lived years with being viewed as Opposition spies because of their race or background.

Those officers have had to forego promotion, got shuffled around, others fired and missed other entitlements.

The cost of living went up because businesses have to factor in bribes and incompetence in the management of the county.

Jobs have disappeared and families relocated to other counties as firms closed shop or retrenched because of a hostile business environment which continues.

Corruption especially at procurement is certainly a factor in these high costs in the county. One whistleblower Donna Young who among others witnessed Dr. Monica Goldson Shenanigans in the procurement Division of PGCPS was fired unjustly to keep everything under the table.  Shirley Adams former President of ACE AFSCME Local 2250 has since been forced into retirement unjustly after she blew the whistle on child misconduct in the school bus.

To enable the eating to proceed smoothly, institutions like the Ethics and Anti-Corruption offices got crippled largely through appointment of user-friendly top brass. Other corrupt officers from the Rushern Baker III administration have been allowed to stay.

Caring is something a local government cannot fake.

No competent, caring and accountable government can proceed on holiday when citizens are suffering, as is the case now because the county schools are not working as they should due to union corruption and the senior management misconduct which is well known starting with Dr. Monica Goldson.

This is the time the county leadership is expected to burn the midnight oil for a solution instead of cover ups.

There is a glaring absence of well thought-out policy interventions to deal with emerging issues. Several students have been killed or participated in crimes and their stories washed under the table to paint the county as progressing properly.

people want to build the Prince George’s county for the better. What stands between us and our dreams is the corrupt local government led now by Ms. Angela Alsobrooks.

The Prince George’s County local government wants to run our lives instead of enabling us to run our own lives.

It is our appeal to the people of Prince George’s County that we dedicate 2020 and the next decade to the realization of a clean, honest, competent, inclusive and caring government which does not interfere with the local judiciary for personal gain.

We need to be aware that Angela Alsobrooks regime will use the money it has stolen through various dubious activities to corrupt the judicial system and electoral process as they did this past year, buy support and steal elections thereby creating a vicious cycle of a corrupt regime, stolen elections and another corrupt regime which bribes local judges for personal gain.

We must stand up against the corrupt local regime which has no shame and is driven by a personal and malicious agenda. We must engage locally with leaders who mean well for the future and encourage them to help address these local issues from the state level without fear or favor to those engaged in corrupt activities to the detriment of many. Afterall, our governor ran on a platform to fight corruption.

Finally, May 2020 also usher in greater harmony and greater peace around the world: When communities unite and act together, we can imagine, inspire, shape, and make our world a better place for our children today and their sustainable futures tomorrow, and help bring our humanity and planet back into balance.

We can achieve it in the next election and elect good leaders. Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2020 to all and as always, may your worst years be behind you.

May the new year bring you new hope, many blessings, joy and happiness.

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