‘Educators are human,’ union says after PGCPS teacher charged in major brawl


A PGCPS teacher was arrested after video surfaced of a fight between a staff member and at least one student Friday morning at Largo High School in Prince George’s County – major brawl has been seen worldwide.

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer ) — A violent brawl between a teacher and a student at Largo High School last week is a “horrific symptom” of many many other problems plaguing the Prince George’s County school system, including overcrowded classrooms, lack of fair representation, public corruption and a lack of mental health services for both students and teachers. Part of this was confirmed by the beleaguered Prince George’s County teachers union President Theresa Dudley through a letter shared on social media.

Vivian Noirie, of Clinton, Maryland, has been charged with physical child abuse and second-degree assault in what police have called an “extraordinarily violent” encounter that was partly captured on video, which was then uploaded online for all to see.

Vivian Noirie, 36, was arrested Friday after the assault at Largo High School on an unidentified 17-year-old student, who appeared to knock into the teacher from behind in the middle of the packed classroom, according to footage obtained by the press.

Prince George’s County police said the student was upset that Noirie had contacted her parents the night before and confronted her, stepping on the teacher’s foot before bumping into her with her shoulder. That caused Noirie to erupt, sending the educator into a frenzy as she repeatedly hits the student from behind, video shows.

After a hearing Monday November 18, a Prince George’s County judge released 36-year-old Vivian Noirie on the conditions she stay away from any witnesses, Largo High School and children, other than her own child.

The 36-year-old appeared in a Prince George’s County courtroom via video to be arraigned on charges of 2nd degree assault and physical child abuse.

Several teachers and county citizens came in person to show their support, including Noirie’s husband and the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association President, Theresa Mitchell Dudley who faced pressure online.

Police have said they’re also seeking to charge the teen girl through the juvenile court system.

Mitchell Dudley who was pushed to help the teacher through social media by colleagues now believes Noirie did not get the support she needed and told reporters Noirie had called for help with this 17-year-old student before the fight erupted.

Mitchell Dudley released this statement earlier:

Noirie’s attorney told a judge on Monday that before this fight, Noirie lived a “sterling life. He also brought attention to possible issues on the job.”

Attorney Alex Leikus claimed the 36-year-old informed a friend about being or feeling threatened.

He claimed she had been assaulted on the job three times before.

When asked, a spokesperson for the Prince George’s County Public Schools told the press  they will “conduct a thorough review once the criminal issues are resolved.”

In a statement Monday, beleaguered Prince George’s County Educators’ Association President Theresa Dudley said she’s following the case closely. “Verbal and physical assaults on educators are too common,” Dudley said in the statement. “There is a sense that, as an educator, we should continue to keep taking abuse, threats and assaults from students, parents and administrators because we are the adults in the room.”

“Educators are human and need the same emotional and mental supports as students to ensure that situations are appropriately addressed,” Dudley said.

The statement also criticized what it called a “‘Jerry Springer’ culture” that “condones violence, publicizes it as a virtue and accepts it as a norm, must cease.”

She also told the press a GoFundMe page was created to help pay for the teacher’s legal fees. However, many teachers do not trust her managing the account. One teacher stated…”I don’t trust them with my money..” Several staff have suggested Theresa Dudley recuse herself from managing the GoFundMe page due to conflicts of interest.

In charging documents, Prince George’s County police said the teen told detectives she came to Noirie’s classroom about 10:15 a.m. Friday and approached the teacher about an email the teacher had sent to the student’s mother the night before about the teen’s behavior.

At first, Noirie refused to talk with the student without a third party present, because the student was being hostile, the teen told police.

The student told detectives she followed the teacher around the classroom “to force the (teacher) to talk with her,” police wrote in charging documents.

The student told police at one point she “accidentally” stepped on the teacher’s foot and ignored her teacher several times when she was told to sit down because she wanted answers.

The student told police she “pushed past” the teacher to leave the classroom and “bumped into her,” when the teacher became enraged and struck the student in the back of the head several times with her fist, kicked her and threw her to the ground, police said in charging documents.

School employees stepped in and separated the teacher and student.

But, once they were separated, the student grabbed the teacher from behind and repeatedly struck her, before once again being separated, police said.

Neither the teacher nor the student were seriously hurt.

Last week, police said about 30 students and eight administrators were being interviewed as witnesses in the case.

Part of the altercation was captured on cellphone video that was subsequently posted on social media. The teachers union said the posting of the video violated students’ privacy and is a violation of school policy.

In the meantime, ever since Dr. Monica Goldson was appointed CEO, there is widespread interference of Federal and State laws to suit her illegal agenda. The unions Executives currently in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) starting with Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA), Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 have been compromised. This interference might be having an impact on teachers, students and other staff in Prince George’s County.

In other words, the role of the Unions in Prince George’s County has become meaningless due to personal greed, as reported earlier. It’s a timely reminder that in Monica Goldson’s vision, public service is an amorphous concept. What matters, from the CEO’s perspective, is service to her. Loyalty to the county, state, nation and the rule of law are nice ideas, but CEO Monica Goldson expects and demands fealty to her and her own interests – above all other considerations. The entire school district is a very hostile work environment due to all cover ups going on. Many teachers and administrators are gearing for mass transfers in addition to taking legal actions to protect themselves due  the effect of the corrupt unions.

Furthermore, the union corruption which is well known in this county and facilitated by senior administrators such as President Charlene Dukes of Prince George’s County Community college and others connected to her is not helping with matters. In addition, of course, corrupt union officials, whether or not connected to organized crime figures, engage in “ordinary” organizational corruption, such as misappropriation of funds. The most distinctive form of corruption by union officials is taking employers’ bribes to ignore violations of the collective bargaining contract as happens in PGCPS in many cases, or even to allow employer to operate nonunion. This must end ASAP and the racist management of Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) must be reformed to include minorities in Maryland.

Many Schools in the Prince George’s County and around the country are dangerous places now due to mass shootings, gang fights, teachers fighting students, students fighting teachers, sexual assaults, public corruptions advanced by connected friends of lawmakers and judges and more. Things have changed greatly from the days that many baby boomers sat in school rooms. This is clearly very sad. We have to get back to civility, respect, calmness, and valuing the lives of others. Let’s let schools be cathedrals of learning. Educate to elevate! Read to lead! Learn to earn! God please provide safety for all at the schools!

It starts at home and teachers are supposed to be educators and not parents or baby sitters to young people who are completely out of control at home and in school who threaten to kill them like what we saw at Largo. Modern day parenting produced the millennials and post millennials, many of whom are now in the classrooms. For baby boomers and Generation X, parents have become pals with their children so there is no boundary for fear of losing a relationship with pal who just happens to also be your son or daughter. We are not at all surprised as to what happens in a classroom anymore, according to concerned parents in Prince George’s County.


86% of the Prince county residents believe the student should be charged… But there are others watching to make sure diversion is in effect.


Here are some of the reactions concerning President Theresa Dudley statement above:

One teacher stated the following…..“Blah blah blah. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??? I got zero help from her or the union when a kid and his family (who, by the way, is the best friend of the younger brother of the student in this Largo video…..) lied about me on several occasions, saying I put my hands on the kid and I was out on administrative leave for 3 months! The union did NOTHING for me! They didn’t call me or email me. I had no clue what was happening. My principal is the one who got me back to work, not the union!”

Another teacher stated the following ….”That email was ridiculous! Interesting how she made it about her (the worst thing she’s seen in her time! Which has been a blink!). Also, she won’t let this ONE incident (blah blah blah). ONE INCIDENT?!! WTF?! Some of us have or had those types of incidents daily! I was so pissed when I read that email!! What did you think?”

Another staff member stated the following ….”daaaaayum she referenced jerry springer! what a throwback 🤣”

Another staff member stated the following …..”Every teacher need to have a family attorney. A student grab my arm and I told the school I was gonna press charges. I left work and file charges with the magistrate. The kid was removed from my classes and was told to stay away from me. Once the school did there part I drop the charges. I believe in the court system…. I’m not gonna stoop to there level. Parents don’t want the real heat. They can’t afford no court case… I’m not the one… I got a good attorney how about you😊”

Another staff member stated the following…….“its about to get uglier in here thanks to latest email”


Mr. Christian Rhodes who is the current Chief of Staff for PGCPS is involved in numerous conflicts of interests involving PGCEA where he was an officer and other unions facilitating criminal activities and he is one of the despots. He makes more than $215,000 a year #DespotsMustFall


Dr. Alvin Thornton seen here with Theresa Dudley of PGCEA are  facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. Both needs to resign at the earliest opportunity due to conflicts of interests #DespotsMustFall


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years! Since the exposure of her illegal activities, Goldson has no clue of what she is doing. #DespotsMustFall



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  1. She is worried about a student posting the video and privacy. WRONG!! I am glad the student posted this video to show what is going on in the schools and administration not doing anything about it. Teachers are not lapdogs or doormats for students and parents to disrespect. PG County Schools have gotten worse and it needs a total detox starting with administration. PG is failing our kids and teachers!

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