Bedbugs discovered in PGCPS, Officials Play it down as pest specialist engage.

BN-GF705_randd_P_20141231140823CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. — A licensed pest control specialist will be brought into Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, Maryland, after bedbugs were found in a classroom roaming freely. Authorities in Prince George’s County notified the parents that bed bugs have been discovered at the Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, according to a letter from Principal Erin V. Cribbs.

Prince George’s County School officials are describing the situation as an “annoyance,” not a health hazard.

In a letter to parents the principal and the county’s chief school nurse said: “finding a bed bug does not mean our entire school is infested.”

“It is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools,” the letter said.

Officials say professional exterminators are being called in to treat and monitor the results for at least a month.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency: “While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their presence may cause distress and health issues for many people.”

The agency’s website notes bites are itchy, can become infected and could cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Because bedbugs are described as an “annoyance” and not a disease threat, “students with suspected bed bugs are not to be excluded from school,” according the the letter sent home to parents.

According to the US EPA, bedbugs can hide in wall cracks and behind wallpaper and are most likely to bite at night while a person is sleeping.

Parents with concerns may call the Office of School Healthy Police, Services and Innovation at 301-749-4556 or 301-749-4722.


Principal Erin V. Cribbs send letter to parents.



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