Shocked Board member Belinda Queen argues County Residents to demand better after witnessing abuse.


Board member Belinda Queen (center) in dotted dress.

By Reform Sasscer Staff:

One of the newly elected Board of Education member Belinda Queen has hit the ground running and is demanding answers after discovering corruption at High Point High School in Prince George’s County public Schools (PGCPS).  First question which the public should be asking: What took anyone in the Board so long?

Some outrage would be welcome at long last after the board of education failed over the years to protect the youth in this school. Other facilities have similar problems and serving contaminated water.

Question 2: Where was the fraud unit or PGCPS internal audit and why did it take a newly elected board member from another district to get this case made?

Question 3: Given overt partisanship, Can elected officials in the Prince George’s County council wide office be credible leaders of a review of legislative corruption?

We recommend Hon. Belinda for speaking out and exposing an issue affecting hundreds of students in Prince George’s County.

She writes:

“I prayed hard on this and HE knows I gotta express my concerns. I’m a Public Elected Official who speaks my mind and who believes in Educating, Engaging and Empowering the people.

I need your help…PGC Residents
“Speak Out! Speak Up & Demand Better!”

We need to put pressure on our Elected Leaders in the State and the County to vote on the funding of the Kirwan Commission and to invest more money into these old schools and distasteful trailers and the schools with major Maintenance issues.

We had our Public Budget Hearing at High Point HS last week (not a really old school😂 right just like Central HS )and it has been bothering me ever since… you’ll know me w/ my camera 👀😤 at these Disgusting Bathroom our kids have to use. How Nasty!

What makes me more upset is our Delegation wants to mandate laws without funding the mandates. We already seem to have major maintenance backlog. Where’s the Money?? If we are $600 Million Dollars short already why would you even think about mandates without funding? We gotta replace these 🤬 people who are not putting our Kids First. Let this mess be in their homes. 🥺

Reach out to your Elected Leaders and “Demand Better” in our Public Schools.

PS: I am human and wasn’t elected as a perfect person so please forgive any typo’s or incorrect English in advance.”


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    • The money to fix this problem is withheld by people who are already familiar with the problems over the years. The raises given out in the central office at Sasscer while children suffer is what makes it criminal and culture of corruption.


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