Fiasco after Cell Phone Starts Backpack Fire At PGCPS Potomac High School

WTTG-PRINCE-GEORGE'S-FIRE-POTOMAC-HIGH-SCHOOL_1549990254888_6752166_ver1.0_640_360.jpgFT. WASHINGTON, Md.  — Prince George’s County fire crews responded to Potomac High School in Ft. Washington for a reported backpack on fire Tuesday morning.

Prince George’s County Public school officials say the small fire at Potomac High School in Glassmanor originated in the ninth grade wing.

At around 9:30 a.m., a cell phone, the model not known,  apparently overheated in a student’s backpack which generated heat and smoke.

The school was evacuated and a security officer was transported out of the school for a smoke-related illness.

The backpack was handled quickly and the fire did not extend past the area.

Some students did experience irritation from the residual odor and were evaluated by medics, but not transported.

Students and staff were able to resume classes in other sections of the building.


Potomac High School in Ft. Washington (past photo)


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