Maryland Democratic Party’s Response to Gov. Larry Hogan’s Proposed school funding bill for construction


Maryland Democratic Party Boss Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

By Reform Sasscer Staff

Maryland Democratic Party Boss Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings has issued a statement following a shocking proposed funding bill for school construction. The proposal by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan left much needed instructional and human resources improvements.

On Friday December 14th, we highlighted some of the fears in the community based on the timing of the announcement, with some concerned citizens stating that, “Hogan is making an early declaration in order to undermine the Thornton/Kirwan Commission final mandate,” stated a concerned citizen on social media.  There are reports that, the state of Maryland might be owing some jurisdictions in Maryland billions of dollars based on the Thornton formula after the state ignored the modus operandi for many years.

There are many in the community who are stating that, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan should bring more transparency — and less partisanship — to the process of supporting schools.

The message from the Chair is highlighted below.

48393854_10157108321833714_2663416530007490560_nCounty citizenry on social media had varying responses to Governor Larry Hogan’s proposal. A sample of their reports are reprinted below:

  • One stated …“This is laughable to me because–no, we’re over here laughing…smh. I’m a realist, not easily bamboozled…more $ but who will be accountable for it? These same people who’ve been overseeing our systems for years? How many times have we seen & heard this? MGM $, superintendents/CEOs legally and illegally stealing $ along with other leaders? No accountability? Are students and their teachers directly benefitting?…we will see if it gets to the teachers and students…I’m not impressed by words and grandstanding…and “we” just eat it up.”
  • Another stated …… “Hogan is making an early declaration in order to undermine the Thornton/Kirwan Commission before they issue their final mandate. Otherwise, how else can you explain this. There is a body which reviews public schools expenditures at state level not Hogan alone. Where is the accountability mechanism for all this money? This is the worst joke I have listened in many years.”
  • Another read……. “This is definitely a step in the right direction! So instrumental to the economic growth of Prince George’s County. Well done!”
  • Another stated ……“No what is going to do with our HBCU like Bowie, Morgan, Coppin and UMES…”
  • Another read…..“that what lying Larry do, take money from here and move it there…. Then act like he’s doing something fiscally responsible….”
  • Another stated……”Happy that as a state we won question 1 on the ballot. Great to know that we now will have money to improve or remodel our school buildings in our county and across our state. Happy to hear that this 5 year plan will create over 27,000 jobs. Any construction in our county hopefully Prince George’s county contractors as well as minority construction companies are highly considered and sort after. #greatnews
  • Another stated ………. “He said he plans to announce additional details soon about plans to increase accountability measures in the school system to avoid waste and corruption as spending increases.” At last: An Annapolis politician wants our public schools to account to the taxpayers what they do with that money. And I assume the teachers union will fight it tooth and nail.”
  • Another read…….“Raise teachers salaries! Provide more support to teachers in addition to modernizing the schools, which many are in very bad condition!”
  • Another stated….. “It will be spent on more high level administrative positions.”
  • Another read…….“Let’s hope that the Democrats approve any proposal to create an IG’s office at the state and local levels.”
  • Another stated …….“It’s an absolutely ridiculous that the laws that enabled these big time casinos in Maryland did not include language mandating all funds collected by the state be devoted solely to education. This is a long overdue move.”
  • Another read ……..“Why did he speak at Highland Park ES? The school, while nearly 20 years old, plays in comparison to District Heights ES which was closed for mold issues, or many other schools built in the 1960s.”
  • Another stated…… “impeach Hogan at your earliest and teach him a lesson. He pretends to help Maryland while lining his pockets in real estate shenanigans.”
  • Another read …..” Maryland don’t take advice from GOP partisans and trolls on this issue. You already made a mistake in re-electing Hogan. He’s already taunting you about how a Republican is going to run the schools and draw up your new maps.
    Now that he doesn’t need your votes anymore you’ll see what he really thinks of you. At least you had senses enough to elect a Democratic legislature. Tell them to stand firm to check his schemes and override them as necessary!!”

Read more >>> Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Proposes new school funding bill for construction as worst fears set in.

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