New leadership on PGCPS Board must sacrifice and fight to “change the rules” in ongoing scandals


Mr. Edward Burroughs III is pictured in Annapolis Maryland highlighting public corruption to the Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and other officials. He wrote that, “So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit. It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.” Don’t Quit- Author Unknown — in Maryland State House.

By Reform Sasscer Staff

Last Thursday, Mr. Edward Burroughs III, whom we have covered extensively throughout this blog was elected as the Vice Chairman of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Board of Education. Mr. Burroughs has been a mentor to many of us and has installed in us morals of strength and purpose, pursuant to our consistent patriotic ideals. Our understanding of democracy, justice, fairness, transparency and accountability is all thanks to Mr. Edward Burroughs III. Dissent doesn’t mean we’re metamorphosing into rebels,  it means that we augur rational mindsets because, we do not all think the same. The millennial school board member’s future success is not just dependent on hard work — they must make sacrifices and fight to “change the rules.”

As of today, an employee wrongfully terminated in PGCPS or others forced to retire due to retaliation should not been forced to deal with compromised attorneys, corrupt union executives or compromised judicial system due to obvious public corruption for more than ten years. Someone is benefiting unjustly at the expense of the public. The new board must find ways to create proper and just rules and regulations on the local level and make it a model for the rest of the society to follow. This should be part of the public discourse in fighting discrimination and retaliation as they restore civility in PGCPS.

To remove the negative narrative of our school system, and its governing processes, as the new leadership settles down to work,  the new Board leadership should push sooner rather than later for a hearing and vindication of those who were wrongfully terminated, including the mistreatment of Mr. Josephat Mua (an IT Technician II and a certified teacher who had tenure before being malicious terminated after exposing myriad of issues to the authorities). Please examine these facts independently, and “not made up facts” by PGCPS system. Please take the time to review the role of the Unions in advancing public corruption in the county schools as well as examine the misconduct of the Office of legal counsel, Human Resources and in particular the role of Monica Goldson and Christian Rhodes.

There are apparent clear cases of fraud within the judicial system which is a problem. There is documented evidence on this illegal activity which is ongoing and includes paying off of attorneys and other parties in a position of major authority. Mr. Burroughs is a victim of judicial system himself after his case against Mr. Eubanks (former Board Chairman) was dropped in a questionable circumstances. Mr. Eubanks was later quoted as “evaluating options to seek redress and reparations for this wholly unnecessary ordeal.”

The list of those undermining justice in Maryland includes some highlighted in the past as shown here.  If there is no justice, there cannot be peace. Dr. Alvin Thornton said it well in the attached video clip (below). There should be “Justice under the law and not justice under politics.”

Later on on Saturday evening, Dr. Alvin Thornton issued the following statement on Facebook response post concerning the Washington Post article reprinted below…..”The Post announcement is premature. The Board of Education has recommended Mr. Edward Burroughs III to our County Executive for appointment as Vice-Chair of the Board. The County Executive will make the final decision. Mr. Burroughs would be an excellent Vice Chair of the Board and I look forward to working with him following the County Executive’s decision. Our initial activities as the county’s newly constituted Board of Education have been very successful. The on-boarding and swearing-in of new members of the Board with the County Executive; and our participation in the major gubernatorial announcement, at our historic Highland Park elementary School, regarding school construction, regarding the use of Lock Box funds and plans for funding and implementing recommendation from the Commission on Innovation and Excellence (the Kirwan Commission) were high points for the Board of Education. 

I am encouraged by the way the community and our elected official colleagues received the newly constituted Board of Education. I am confident that we will have a great year and achieve the broad goals that we have for our school system: academic excellence for all categories of students; a high performing and supported workforce; a safe and supported workforce; enhanced family and community engagement; and a high level of organizational effectiveness.

Mr. Edward Burroughs also issued his own statement on Facebook as follows:

“In a sign of a major political shift in Prince George’s County, the outspoken leader of a minority bloc on the Board of Education was chosen Thursday night as vice chairman.”

I wasn’t going to say anything until Monday’s announcement. However, this article was published and now everyone knows  I am so thankful to my family, friends, school system advocates, school system employees for making me who I am today. I will work everyday with this amazing group of people to make this system all that it can be! Special Thank you to the AMAZING Accountability Solutions Caucus Raaheela Ahmed David Murray — you both are amazing, thoughtful and courageous public servants (and my family)!! Joshua M. Thomas Welcome to the board my brother! And a very special thank you to the Belinda Queen– the Queen nominated me to serve in this role- and I won’t let you down! I look forward to working with my new brother Paul Monteiro on issues around childhood hunger and the achievement of minority males and my brother Curtis Valentine on fixing our lowest performing Schools! Our Board is under the leadership of THE Alvin Thornton– and I am so honored to be led by this dynamic leader. We have the student board member Amanya Paige – who held a much need mental health event today! I look forward to working with Pamela Boozer-Strother on special education reform — K.A. Wallace and Sonya Perry Williams on south county issues.
The race isn’t given to the swift!

We reprint the entire report by Washington Post below – More new leadership on Prince George’s school board in aftermath of scandals


Millennial school board members — from left, Raaheela Ahmed, Edward Burroughs III, David Murray and Joshua Thomas — in front of the Prince George’s County administration center, on Nov. 21, in Upper Marlboro. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

By Donna St. George

In a sign of a major political shift in Prince George’s County, the outspoken leader of a minority bloc on the Board of Education was chosen Thursday night as vice chairman.

The move came as a striking change for a 14-member board reshaped by the elections in November.

Edward Burroughs III, 26, the board’s longest-serving member, was selected by board colleagues Thursday night in a decision confirmed by several district officials Friday. A formal announcement is expected Monday.

The move marks a new chapter for the board, where Burroughs was known as a vocal critic of the school system’s previous chief executive during a string of scandals. He was part of a bloc that drew attention to inflated graduation rateslarge pay raises to executive staff and a nearly $800,000 contract payout to outgoing CEO Kevin M. Maxwell.

Now, Burroughs takes a leadership role beside Alvin Thornton, 70, a longtime college professor and education expert recently named board chairman by County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks (D). Alsobrooks had said that she would let the board select its own vice chairman.

In an interview last week, Burroughs praised Thornton, whom he described as a voice of integrity and experience and “someone we would be honored to learn from and partner with in this work.” Burroughs declined to comment Friday evening, pending an official announcement.

David Murray, a close ally of Burroughs’s on the board, called the new vice chairman “the dean of the board” for his long tenure, having started when he was a 15-year-old student member. Burroughs has served more than a decade and has been elected as an adult three times.

“He’s been here the longest, and he’s dedicated his adult life to the board, really,” Murray said.

Burroughs, who works as coordinator of a juvenile diversion program for the state’s attorney’s office, and Murray are among five elected board members from the millennial generation. All are recent college graduates who attended county schools and say they are deeply connected to the system they grew up in.

Murray said Burroughs’s role will make a difference on issues ahead, including working to boost the district’s lowest-performing schools.

“It’s definitely validating for us as millennials, and for our caucus, and for all of our constituents who were probably feeling voiceless,” Murray said. “It puts us in a position to deliver results.”

Via Washington Post

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Edward Burroughs III is one of the millennials now making up a majority of elected members of the Prince George’s County Board of Education. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)



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