Alsobrooks appoints Paul Monteiro to serve in the PGCPS Board of Education


Paul Monteiro

According to press release, Angela Alsobrooks is appointing Paul Monteiro to the Prince George’s County Board of Education. Monteiro ran against Alsobrooks for County Exec and is a former Obama White House aide. Monteiro is a product of Prince George’s County public schools, he graduated from High Point High School. He’s filling 1 of 2 open board seats.

“He inspires confidence, and he’s also respected,” Alsobrooks said of Monteiro. “He’s going to be a good colleague on the school board.” Through his Facebook account, Monteiro said, “Honored that our County Executive-elect has asked me to serve on the PGCPS Board of Education. I look forward to giving back to a public school system that gave me so much.”

Monteiro comes to the Board following an exposé involving University of Maryland College Park and the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) which has continued to be a cash cow for some in an organized version, Chairman Segun Eubanks has announced plans to finally resign. According to a letter sent to the entire board and later shared with the press, the letter details Eubanks’ plans to leave his post by either January 1 or whenever Prince George’s County Executive-Elect Angela Alsobrooks decides to appoint his replacement.

Since 2016, Prince George’s has reeled amid controversies. The PGCPS personnel and other parties tied to illegal activities in the county should resign on their own terms before its too late.

To Paul Monteiro, do what is right and don’t tolerate a culture of cover ups and embezzlement. The duty of the youth is to challenge the corruption in the society. Everyone is watching you!


Prince George’s County executive-elect Angela Alsobrooks





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