Outrage after Interim CEO covers up for an Employee involved in a misconduct says the system can’t fire employee in racial slur video


Interin CEO Monica Goldson

In a major fiasco in the county never seen before, Interim CEO Monica Goldson say the system can’t fire an employee caught on video admitting she used a racial slur because the woman is a union employee.

Monica Goldson, interim school CEO, said in a statement released Friday that she is “disappointed and deeply disturbed” by the employee’s behavior.

“While there have been calls for me to take disciplinary action, current negotiated agreements with our the union representing this employee limit my ability to address this situation directly,” Goldson said in the statement. “Additionally, there are other legal considerations. This employee, like all of us, is entitled to due process.”

Goldson said the employee, who has not been identified, has been reassigned.

A viral video posted on Facebook Nov. 12 by a Maryland woman named Dawn Tolson-Hightower showed part of an encounter in a La Plata Walmart parking lot that began after she said the woman didn’t like the way her husband pulled out of a parking space.

“Did you just call my husband the N-word,” Tolson-Hightower asks the woman in the video.

“Yeah, I did,” the woman says.

In a message to the school community, Goldson said: “Any employee who does not recognize, value and celebrate the value of our diversity has no place in our community of schools. Students of color comprise the overwhelming majority of our enrollment. We educate more students of color, send more students of color to college and employ more people of color than any other school system in Maryland. Diversity is the strength of Prince George’s County Public Schools”.

Goldson said she hoped the “unfortunate situation” could be used to “engage in meaningful dialogue to enhance our civility, respect and empathy.”


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  1. That’s nothing of a story! I sit here as a science teacher at Laurel High School haven’t been transferred from Bowie High School and the only reason that the principal of Bowie High indicated at the loudermill hearing for my transfer was that I was a pedophile and was manufacturing child pronography at the high school.

    the principal who said this at the laudermill hearing was Robin Prince. The person who ran the loudermill hearing was Angela Joyner.

    I have begged for the reason of loudermill hearing, which has been constantly denied me. I have begged for why they transferred me even though they violated the negotiated agreement with a union in order to do the transfer illegally.

    So the only thing that I know of was this charge of producing child pronography at Bowie High during the school day.

    I contacted all of the law enforcement agencies all the way up to the federal one and the school system never made a complaint of any type or even a report.

    it seems it all comes back to an event at Bowie High when are AP biology teacher had all four of his tires slashed in the teacher parking lot only to discover that the cameras on the outside of the building do not cover the parking lot but rather are turn towards and always covered the doors of the building.

    I suggested in a posting on a union website that we set up our own cameras from inside of our cars, I have one of those dash cams that have a parking feature in case your car gets hit it automatically saves the last 30 seconds and the next few minutes so that you can identify who hit your car.

    From that posting principle Prince said that she had teachers coming to her about me being a pedophile. Principal Prince also said she had teachers coming to her complaining that I was a child pornographer.

    but no one in Upper Marlboro will tell me why we had the laudermill hearing. Nobody and Upper Marlboro will tell me why I was put on administrative leave. Nobody and Upper Marlboro will tell me why I was transferred.

    And yet they put me back on duty with your children at Laurel High School.

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  2. I completely disagree with you on this one. This teacher is covered under the PGCPS contract and therefore is entitled to a full investigation before she is fired.

    I’m sure the investigation will be short, given the video evidence, but while I am not a fan of our PGCPS administration, their hands are tied in this case. They must follow the procedures outlined in the PGCEA contract. Those procedures are actually in place to protect GOOD teachers from consequences without an investigation…unfortunately, this means bad teachers are entitled to the same protections.


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