Dr. Monica Goldson’s letter and a response concerning the out of control fights in PGCPS

Sasscer signHere is Dr. Monica Goldson’s letter and a response concerning the out of control fights within the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).  The letter follows our expose following these articles we published recently and NBC4.

However, Goldson’s letter does not address all issues as raised. Furthermore, the letter does highlight some of the challenges and complexities of running a school system in today’s uncertain environment. While avoiding the facile bashing of the School Principals who appear to have been sleeping on their jobs so common these days, it nonetheless casts a hard light on the flaws that have recently been exposed in the School system and the failing management model of the county schools as we know it. The latest fight reported to us on video happened at Dr. Henry Wise High School on Friday November 2nd, 2018. Even though Monica Goldson fails to address all issues as highlighted to her attention and even fails to take the blame,  We hope that you find it an illuminating, and bracing, read. Here is Goldson’s letter:   45340081_10215340353556778_8466666999085268992_n.jpg



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  1. How can pgcps acknowledge teachers day and forget the national s chool nurses day today, when these are the ones who look after your sick kids daily. How can you not convey some sort of appreciation to them. Are you sos? Stuck on Stupid.


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