Everyone on the run as Arun Puracken goes after Corruption heads on – Here is the latest!


Arun Puracken (seen here) is running against incumbent Sonya Williams in District 9

It appears the Prince George’s County and Maryland machinery led by Rushern Baker III is scared of Arun Puracken in as far as going out of the way to organize a scheme to stop his candidacy for the Board of Education. The latest comes after he was sued Friday by a woman alleging that he resides outside the district he is running to represent and has falsely claimed he lives in a Brandywine property that she owns.

Rhonda Pugh, a Clinton resident, said Puracken listed his address as a house she owns when he filed for candidacy, even though she has “never received any payment” from him and they have no “relationship, business or personal,” according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Prince George’s Circuit Court.

In her lawsuit, Pugh notes that in its initial campaign finance report, Puracken’s campaign cited an address in Bowie, outside the district, when reporting a loan he made to the campaign.

She is asking the court to prevent Puracken from identifying her property as his residence and remove him from the ballot in November.

Puracken, who is running against incumbent Sonya Williams in District 9, wrote in an email that he has never met Pugh but has “been paying monthly and have a room at the home that I would use.”

He called the lawsuit a “politically motivated way of sabotaging my campaign” and said he has lived in Pugh’s property at 12025 Cross Road Trail for the past year. He said he pays rent to Russell Bogle, whose mother has rented the property from Pugh since 2013.

As in anything else in a campaign, there are reports Arun Puracken’s opponent Sonya Williams is said to be very scared and nervous. There are reports she is on the run avoiding the media altogether after the latest episode touching on District 9.  This incident comes after Sydney Harrison found himself in a major water after disrespecting a female volunteer at Gwynn Park High School during back to school night.

In a swift rebuttal since the lawsuit was filed, Arun Puracken has denied the allegations through social media and stated the following:

“I am a resident of District 9 in Brandywine. I have lived in Brandywine since October 2017. I have paid rent monthly for my home in Brandywine since October 2017 and I have the records to prove this. My Drivers License was changed to my Brandywine address in October of 2017. I live in Brandywine and have done so since I filed my candidacy for the Board of Education last year in October of 2017. As I am writing this Facebook message, I am doing so from my home in Brandywine at the address in question. I also have a yard sign with my name on the property – just in case you were confused as to which home it was.

Please understand that this lawsuit was completely unexpected and shocking as the allegations against me are unfounded and untrue. I have never received a notice from the Prince George’s County or Maryland State Board of Elections investigating my residency status. Rest assured that my team of litigators will respond appropriately in due time.

The fear is real. The enemy is busy. I’m a teacher in this County. But now I see our campaign’s true power in shaking up the politics which plagues our system. I love Prince George’s County Public Schools. I attended PGCPS from K-12. I am grateful to serve as an educator here,”Arun Puracken wrote on facebook.

The members of the public were supportive and reactions swift on Facebook. Here is a sample of part of the reactions:

  •  Elizabeth Rodgers Masterson I am praying that the truth will come to light. You know you’re on the right track when the enemy comes at you full force. He’s running scared! Stay focused on the mission!
  • Kendrick Jackson You’re close to victory. You will prevail.
  • Maurice Kindle If PGCPS misses this opportunity to sit this man on the BoE of PGCPS, you, in my opinion, will be making a grave mistake.
  • Shayla Mitchell Shead Agree! Our kids cannot go through another 4 years with the current LACK of leadership!
  • Maurice Kindle Hang in there, Arun. As one person posted, You WILL prevail. Politics can sometimes drag people in the mud. Only the strongest survive.
  • Regina Bracey Keep pressing young man. What the enemy doesnt realize is that to make those of us angry only drives us to action. Same ole politics, no more. We want action! #VotePuracken
  • Tonya Wingfield Arun I’ve known you since you were in the 4th grade and knew immediately these were baseless allegations conspired by the establishment to maintain their control over the school system and kickbacks in contracts many members of the current board and some unions turn a blind eye to for their benefits. Sonya Williams has been ineffective as as a representative for children and must be replaced.
  • Shayla Mitchell Shead Yes she has ignored multiple invites to our PTO meetings. She works for us but only shows up during election time. Lying to voters about building new schools and how the Tanger outlet has brought in resources; not true and it’s Unacceptable!!!!! Vote Arun Puracken
  • Tonya Wilson Jackson Stay strong! You are an excellent educator! You have done so much for my daughter and the students of Accokeek Academy! We support you! Our school System needs you! #iamwitharun
  • Donna Dillard My God Arun Puracken the enemy must flee NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Do not allow this to blimish Your Character or Dignity stay focused on what God has for you when He open a door no one can close it . You are the chosen one! Father in the name of Jesuswe decree and declare that the enemy will be exposed keep Arun focused on you. You said in your Word that no weapon formed against him will Prosper so I ask you now to remove the spirit of confusion, from his assignment. In the all powerful Name of Jesus. Amen and IT IS SO.
  • Mayor Eugene W. Grant Stand tall and strong Arun Puracken! The fight for justice, equity and inclusion comes with a price. The devil fears the thought of the presence of truth. You are the Truth , whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. God is with you and so am I. #GlobalMan
  • Mikki Tompkins The devil is busy..this shall pass. God got you, family and team.
  • Ade Meadow Jagz Bro! keep your one track mind.. dont let them shake you
  • Tia Hinds Like you said the Devil is busy but always remember what he meant for evil God can and he WILL turn it around for good. They want you out because you are a threat to the way things are ran in this county and especially this district and we are ready for change. Your yard sign is proudly placed in my front yard. Keep your head raised to the sky as he who is watching over you will never leave you nor forsake you.
  • Rob Anthony Keep pushing brother. The establishment is afraid of you. Don’t let the dirty politricks get you down.
  • Gwynn Roberson Wow, the devil is busy! We are still behind you 100% and praying this distraction doesn’t deter you from your mission to help our school system.
  • Yawnee McCollum This is crazy!!!!! I literally registered just for you bro. Stay strong and steadfast!!!! This is God’s plan!!! You will make your mark on this world!
  • Doris Reed Your opponent must be very nervous to pull such an obvious dirty trick. Hang tough.
  • Shukoor Ahmed Keep up the good work Arun and it looks you are doing well and the opposition is nervous
  • Meghan Sharkey Stowell District 9 resident here, and I am voting for you! We need teacher’s voices on our school board and I am grateful to have the opportunity to vote for you!!
  • Joe Jones I’ve been friends with your dad for almost 14 years now and I know you would never be on the wrong end of something like this
    The corruption of PG politics of the old timers is sickening
  • Deanie Anyangwe Praying for your peace of mind & your ability to persevere and come out strong at the end of all of this. So proud of you, kee doing God’s work 🙏🏾
  • Juanita Miller Stay focused! Keep your eyes 👁 👁 on the prize!!!

    incumbent Sonya Williams in District 9 (seen here) is said to be very scared and nervous. She is said to be on the run with the machine after many events occurred in her district. She has not yet released a statement concerning what she knows.



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