Maryland Attorney general should not wield unaccountable power – A fourth branch of government is Public Corruption

Changes in state law in 2017 gave Maryland’s Democratic attorney general the right to file any lawsuit of his choosing against the federal government.

He does not need the approval of the governor nor the General Assembly. The law does not have any checks and balances. He is not accountable to me, you, other elected officials, no one.

This gave Brian Frosh unlimited power, a fourth branch of government. To date, Mr. Frosh has filed more than 20 lawsuits against the federal government. This includes lawsuits against Congress for passing the tax cuts, the travel ban and other executive orders. He has also joined both New York and California in other lawsuits.

Only a handful have been litigated, and Mr. Frosh has yet to post a win. So who are the real losers? We, the taxpayers.

I have contacted Mr. Frosh’s office three times asking these questions: How many lawsuits have been filed? What is the general subject of each? What impact does the lawsuit have on Marylanders? How many have been won or lost? Most important, what is the cost to Maryland taxpayers?

Not only has Mr. Frosh not responded to my request, but I also asked a delegate and state senator to help get answers to my question. They, too, were met with a wall of silence from the attorney general’s office.

So, we as voters have a decision to make. We can continue to sign a blank check for unfettered power or we can say no. It is time that “we the people” provide the checks and balances.

This is why I am voting for Republican Craig Wolf for attorney general. I am hopeful he will not abuse this extended power, not spend taxpayer money like it is “chump change.” I feel I have nothing to lose with a conservative choice.

At the very least, Craig Wolf will be more responsive to citizens concerns and the call for transparency. He possesses integrity, the sense and qualities of a public servant that includes accountability — unlike our current attorney general.

Via The Enterprise




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