A Case of Systemic Corruption in Maryland: A True Story – How deception and cover-ups are destroying the state


There are many people (including children) in Maryland who live in fear due to circumstances over which they have no control and because the color of their skin, their accent, religion, disability, and so on are used against them.  Governor Hogan (pictured above) has failed for too long to address key issues head-on. He still has a chance to address them. 

This week the U.S. Supreme Court will be reviewing five cases (5) which involve the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA), Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP), California Casualty Indemnity Exchange, various law firms including Thatcher Law Firm, O’Neal Law Firm and others who engaged in bribery schemes of judicial officers to “get away with murder” in Maryland—specifically in Prince George’s County.  There has been widespread misconduct and fraud involving unions in Maryland which have facilitated criminal and unethical behavior that does not serve the best interests of the community.

Petitioner, Mr. Joseph Mua, wrote to the Maryland governor regarding misconduct and discrimination on various dates in the past. On July 30th, 2018, the Governor wrote the attached letter expressing that he was currently limited in his ability to intervene. (See attached letter from Govern Larry Hogan).  Maybe the governor had good intentions by replying, however, he did NOT address issues head-on.  Key issues we have tried to bring attention to are:

  1. CORRUPTION involving public agencies and representatives exists in Maryland.
  2. There has been evidence of peddling influenced by SELF-INTEREST GROUPS and persons who should be representing public interests.
  3. Some JUDGES (appointed by the state) have “allegedly” been COMPROMISED.
  4. There are Maryland LAWYERS ‘allegedly” involved in various SCHEMES to DEFRAUD both the state and their customers.
  5. There has been a failure to investigate uncontrolled corruption for years.

All we want from Governor Hogan and/or his successor (as well as Atty. Angela Alsobrooks) is to deviate from the past–stop the corruption. We cannot get fairness through a justice (and education) system where appointed lawyers, judges and politicians in the state of Maryland have ties to questionable groups and are influenced by them.

The Maryland Governor and other officials must always be reminded that they were elected to serve the interest of the common man and not the whims of the rich and powerful.  Regular, “surprise” investigations or checks and balances should be of the people, by the people and for the people.

Recently, Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order establishing a new state office to hold local school districts accountable. With this office in place now, we hope the governor revisits the issues pronto, seriously examines Mr. Mua’s concerns and orders meaningful action to help address the grievances. After all, many of these violations occurred under the staff hired by Maryland State Education Association. (See attached below)

The Maryland governor should also note that Mr. Mua has spent more than $1,000,000 trying to seek justice in Maryland.  He should be reimbursed for doing his civic duty—the job that public representatives are elected to do, paid to do and should have been doing all along.

The true measure of a MAN is his WORD…If your actions do not support your words, you are not to be TRUSTED. Information has been given to Governor Hogan and his team (including the office of the State’s Attorney/newly elected County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks) to end JIMCROW in Prince George’s County.

Along with The NAACP, our officials have a moral and ethical obligation to the BLACK community as well as the entire community. Our community is dying as they lock up our YOUTH across the County and in Maryland without due process and nothing effective is done about the education system (not the teachers but the problematic leadership) that fails them. The Police are permitted to commit “legal MURDER’ and go uncharged while continuing to be paid in many places in Maryland. The Maryland Attorney General has “allegedly” been part of the scheme to assist in discrimination and retaliation—to maintain the Prince George’s County plantation. This is unacceptable!

The current Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, has failed. Maryland needs an Attorney General who is focused on the problems facing our state–NOT on Washington politics. Crime, drugs, corruption – those are not partisan issues. But they are exactly the issues on which the Attorney General should be focused.

To add insult to injury, while such officials do not hold themselves accountable, they hold our people (people of color) to an unjust standard of the LAW known as “black codes” and Jim Crow. Many of us have seen Jailhouse diaries showing names, dates and the injustices inmates deal with every day. A F James MacArthur is currently sitting in jail because he stood up against Corruption in Baltimore City Hall and against the murder and death permeating our streets.

The NAACP needs to have honest, fearless leadership who gives an HONEST commitment to the Betterment of our Community. Let us start here in Prince George’s County–in the Courts and the offices of Angela Alsobrooks and Rushern Baker before both depart their current positions.

Regarding Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), many constituents and employees want to know where is the transparency and accountability when Monica Goldson (Interim CEO) fires her critics including the Ombudsman office that was trying to ensure accountability/checks and balances, promotes incompetent candidates with questionable pasts and associations? Why is she getting a pass when she forces an elected Board member to remove social media posts she does not like? What about the employees she fired unjustly and then interfered with their court cases in order to stay in power? What makes her any different than the slave owners and their overseers of yesterday? The historical term “house Negroes” has meaning in today’s systems when you have such people who are used to keep a form of slavery in place. The community has been bamboozled once again.

There is evidence that Monica Goldson, Christian Rhodes, and the current County Executive, Rushern Baker, are working closely with Doris Reed (Executive Director ASASP) and others to undermine justice in the county. If the President of the United States can be sued, and his case proceed to discovery, why are cases involving executives/leaders in Prince George’s County with ties to Public Corruption getting a pass?

For years Governor Hogan has failed to check corruption even after President Obama referred Mr. Mua to him. This week alone, it has come to attention, three county employees known to Mr. Mua have had heart attacks due to the ongoing shenanigans in Prince George’s County.  People are dying and losing everything due to corruption.  Mr. Hogan gives very carefully crafted responses but do his actions match his words and bring positive results for common Marylanders including county employees?  This is what voters need ask themselves. Why are we voting the same people into the same offices to do the same things?

If Governor Hogan and Mr. Brian Frosh are serious on their fight against public corruption in Maryland, they should challenge Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous to reign on Union corruption beginning with MSEA which is supporting his candidacy, AFSCME and others in order to create proper reforms within the state. After all, MSEA just recently sued the Maryland Governor for using “their” apple logo.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’ –Albert Einstein..

Has Governor Hogan ‘Changed Maryland’ for the good of the entire community? Furthermore, isn’t it time he has an Attorney General who will work WITH him – not AGAINST him to make Maryland safer and prosperous for the people who live and pay taxes here?

Thus far, there is not an apparent attempt to seriously, fearlessly, transparently and fairly address the issues raised by Mr. Mua on several occasions during Mr. Hogan’s tenure.  Voters need to acknowledge this and create a ‘Changed Maryland’ themselves.

Mr. Hogan must work hard to earn our votes. Some of us who campaigned for him now have serious concerns and reservations about his approach or lack of action regarding these years of allegations of corruption and retaliation.

These concerns are not just issues affecting Mr. Mua but are issues affecting employees and residents in all of Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland as a whole.

“We Deserve the Leaders We Elect…”  If we vote for empty promises, we should expect empty actions. If we vote out of anger, we will find ourselves with angry politicians who are cold and uncaring. If we expect little from government, then we should not be surprised to get a rotten government with rotten politicians who do little to help the people, but instead simply help themselves.

Friends, we need help to demand investigations concerning the above. The stakes continue to be incredibly high.


Use callyourrep.co. Simply enter in your Zip Code and get your representatives’ phone numbers.

Call your House Member and Senators. Tell them to demand an investigation concerning various criminal activities currently in progress in Maryland. Call Governor Larry Hogan as well at (410) 974-3901, 410-974-3901, 1-800-811-8336, MD Relay 1-800-735-2258.

Call your Senators and tell them to demand Josephat Mua get a fair hearing and support after Attorneys and Court Personnel were bribed to change facts once Mr. Mua won his administrative appeal. Request Federal Case No. Case No. 8:11-cv-01198-PJM Josephat Mua vs. Board of Education of Prince George’s County) be re-opened in the best interest of the public.  More to come!


Rushern Baker (seen here) there is evidence that Mr. Baker is working with  Monica Goldson (Interim CEO), Christian Rhodes, and Doris Reed (Executive Director ASASP) and others to undermine justice in the county as part of an ongoing scheme to “manage” things before he leaves office.


Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks is running for county executive. She was given incredible evidence at the beginning of her tenure as state Attorney and she failed to address major crimes and became part of the “cover up” through silence.

There is evidence that Doris Reed (Executive Director ASASP) is working with  Monica Goldson (Interim CEO), Christian Rhodes, and the current County Executive, Rushern Baker and others to undermine justice in the county as part of an ongoing scheme to keep things under wraps.

Dr. Monica Goldson (the interim CEO) initiated many of the problems seen in the Prince George’s county schools after many years of cover ups. There is evidence she tried to cover up for ousted Principal Simpson Marcus at Largo High School before Ms. Marcus got convicted by the Federal court in a high profile case.


Mr. Rhodes is the Chief of Staff for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) and reports directly to Dr. Monica Goldson (the interim CEO).


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